François Legault is writing the PQ’s future for them

Francois Legault

New year, new signs of internal strife with our dear friends in the PQ.

One of these sources of strife I knew was keen to bust out sooner rather than later. 

Former PQ leadership hopeful and self-appointed party hippie, Martine Ouellet, put down her patchouli bong down just long enough to engage  PKP in a fight over the environment.

Jesus…who would’ve thought a dude who built his empire by cutting millions of trees might not get along with a tree-hugger? And I thought the doubters were just being pessimists. 

Anyhow, this sentiment of bad blood has now been exacerbated by the party faithful demanding that their Supreme Overlord ditch his vice-Supreme Overlord, Pierre Duchesne. Full details on this cafeteria food fight ici.

What I’m loving most in all this is that François Legault is playing this up like a friggin’ champ.

Exhibit #1:  Des députés péquistes songent à rejoindre la CAQ, selon Legault

Now, let’s just remember for a second that the last time a PQ mutiny resulted in seeing some of its caucus jump to the CAQ didn’t turn out so well. François Rebello was dumped by his electorate in his first test under the CAQ colours.

Daniel Ratthé was preemptively dumped by the PQ over rumors he was thinking of joining the CAQ. He sat as an independent until the prophecy became self-fulfilling and he did join the CAQ…until the CAQ dumped him over legal troubles.

In that time, the PQ lost 7 members in quick succession. 

The CAQ isn’t as hot today as it was then (ghost polls at the time showed them winning the NA with an avalanche). However, Legault sees that with the PQ polling like it is, the CAQ is quickly becoming a defacto hotter option.

Which is why he followed the jab in exhibit #1 with this nasty uppercut:

Legault écarte toute fusion entre la CAQ et le PQ

Talk about firing a shot across the bow!

Legault is making it clear that if anyone in the PQ really wants to join him to beat the Liberals it shall be under the terms of adhesion to the CAQ and NOT by way of a coalition.

I know you’re not surprised, but we’re on the cusp of a tectonic shift and Legault can already feel the tremors.

When Mathematics Are Actually Fun!

Coming back to Martine Ouellet – the rift between her and the Supreme Overlord were inevitable and her future is better suited by QS than with her present party.

That would be one péquiste gone from the ranks, the PQ down by one.

Rumors are swirling that Chicoutimi, left vacant by Stéphane Bédard in October might not be the PQ stronghold its been known to be since 1973. That appears to be all the more reason by tensions are mounting in the party.

Given that Chicoutimi is so ardently separatist, there is a strong likelihood, it could fall into the CAQ’s hands.

CAQ goes up by one.

The PQ would now find itself with 28 seats to the CAQ’s 21.

Dangerous territory.

If Legault could sway only four MNAs away from the PQ, he would form the official opposition.

Know who else realizes this? That’s right – every single member of the PQ.

At the rate that he’s playing up the strife in the PQ right now, Legault could very well find himself in a position that would assure him his best election results to date in the next election.


2 thoughts on “François Legault is writing the PQ’s future for them

  1. Nous devons nous separer de ces sauvages anglais. Ou au moins les civiliser un peu. Ils n’ont meme pas de loi civile. Non , juste la loi commune, pauvres blokes.


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