Wendy Ramsey (AKA Cutie) March 3, 1942 – November 4, 2015

Since the days of No Dogs or Anglophones, I have been in communication with one of the blog’s most prolific commenters, Wendy Ramsey, better known under the handle Cutie. She was going by the handle Brodie when commenting on this blog.

Unfortunately, Wendy had been diagnosed with cancer last year.

She managed to fight the disease off for a lot longer than expected. Since we emailed each other semi-frequently, I noticed that the last email I had sent her had not been responded to.

Finally, after three weeks, I feared the worst and decided to check.

Some people both on No Dogs and here would come down on Wendy for being so terse in her stance. Had they gotten to know her better, they would have seen that this stance stems from very strong convictions.

She was ardently opposed to the separatist movement for the very fact that it was designed to breed resentment and suspicion of ‘les autres’.  She was a remarkably sweet woman who held her family close to her heart.

Wendy Ramsey  – March 3, 1942 – November 4, 2015