Checkmate – Innu Chief Plays the Parti Quebecois

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Confession: When Innu leader Ghislain Picard declared himself to be an “Innu and a sovereignist” at a meeting with 350 PQ delegates, and the crowd was almost instantly inebriated by the words, I thought we had another political opportunist on our hands.

I know this crowd very well, so it is no with the slightest hint of arrogance that I paraphrase the collective thought in their heads:

“Aaawww shiiit. We have a prominent Indian among us.




Oh yes…it was awesome…for about 10 seconds.

That’s when Picard reached for the hot water knob and turned the separatist shower circle-jerk into a very cold one. “What I meant was, I’m an Innu sovereignist.”


From what was reported, Picard invited himself to the delegates meeting.

Very apparent that no one took the time to do any foreshadowing into what exactly Picard’s agenda might be.

With typical PQ arrogance, they assumed that Picard was seeking an alliance of sorts and this would help his “tribe” score points with a community that has long ignored the Francophone sovereignist movement.

While Picard’s disruption of the PQ meetup might not be the type of news to rattle a province, it still rattles a cage most sovereignists wish would be left forgotten by the public.

If Canada is divisible, why not Quebec?

That’s where the fun part comes in.

PFK, Martine Ouellet and Bernard Drainville, did their very best to circumvent the big question that has long plagued their movement, but were eggshell-careful NOT to offend or antagonize the one minority that commands more sensitivity than their own movement.

Who’s Behind This?

This kind of antagonism is just too sweet and perfect to pass up to chance.

I mean, this is the absolute most damning counter-argument to the separatist argument that “we were here first and we just want to preserve our way of life”. 

For the PQ to justify their “Quebec is indivisible” argument to the Native community is like a drunken frat-boy trying to justify a rape joke at a women’s shelter.

The First Nations are exactly what their name implies – they precede all European colonizers, be they English or French. How can the PQ keep their possible preserve their divisible Canada POV, while defending their indivisible Quebec ideal in the balance?

Truth of course is they can’t.

To oppose Native autonomy within their borders would be the greatest of infractions against their movement, the ultimate suicide.

Yet, to not oppose it, lends legitimacy to Anglos and Allophones seeking to declare Montreal and its suburbs as a separate, divisible interest in the event that Quebec separates from Canada.

I can’t help but think that the Couillard government put Picard and his crew up to this. Or, for that matter, maybe Justin Trudeau had a playbook left to him from his father and this was one of the top ten in the agenda.

Either way, Picard gave federalist Canada one of the sweetest gifts it could ever ask for.

Whatever the case, I’m relishing the Schadenfreude.

PS – Why the picture of the toilet? It’s a reminder. See, lots of arrogant self-important separatists like to think Quebec was built on love and civility and that’s why “they’re so different”. Truth is all colonialism is based on bloodshed. That latrine you see in the picture is a reminder of French troops deliberately building their latrines over Native burial grounds as a means to establish dominance. (yes, they did indeed do this, but seppies don’t like you bringing it up).