Je Me Souviens

1995 quebec referendum

It was a night I won’t ever forget.

It was the first time I’d ever been in a bar that was solidly packed with people (who of course were imbibing the nectar of the Gods)…yet you could hear a pin drop.

Even through the commercial breaks that occasionally interrupted the coverage of the referendum, nary a word was spoken.

From what Jean-François Lisée described in his new book, the atmosphere was much the same in the hotel room Parizeau and his cohorts rented for the evening.

“Jamais deux sans trois”

As a federalist, you’re likely tempted to gloat and rejoice over the present state of the separatist movement.

This is why I’ve posted that picture in today’s post.

While the YES side presently has about 36% of the vote these days and 7 out of 10 youths oppose sovereignty, that doesn’t mean it’s over.

The only time the threat would truly be over is if the separatist threat were ruled an action of sedition and formally outlawed, but this will never happen as it’s a violation of the constitution.

While I find that the best the sovereignist movement could come up with to commemorate the 1995 referendum is laughable, doesn’t mean they’re not working on other designs.


Let’s not forget what the ADQ pulled off in 2007 with the ‘accommodement raisonnable’ movement. It struck such a chord with the Quebecois that the PQ campaigned on it in the last election several years afterward…

…and it led to the ridiculous covered-faces movement in the recent federal elections.

It’s been almost a decade since Mario Dumont first pushed this vile idea forward and the open resentment and seething contempt of others  it helped breed remains as hot today is it did the day the JdM ran pieces on Muslims demanding swimming pools free of female presence.

While the federalist side celebrates a victory and enjoys a comfortable lead on their opponents on this 20th anniversary of the referendum, just remember to stay frosty.

Remember there are men and women in the backrooms whose entire jobs consist of manufacturing tension, resentment and intolerance as a means to sways public “opinion” to their side.


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