2015 Live Election Coverage

2015 federal election

Ready for the pajama jams to end all other pajama jams?

I’ll be at the trusty ‘puter to follow the elections in live time after polling closes... 🙂

  • Got my beer ready and can’t wait – 45 minutes to go.
  • If the Poll Tracker is anything to go by (usually is) – The Bloc could see as many as 7 seats by night’s end.
  • Polls have closed in Newfoundland – first taste of next parliament jsut minutes away.
  • Damn! Libs leading in 3 NFLD ridings already.
  • 1st seat of the night goes to the Libs
  • Judy Foote clinches the 2nd Liberal seat of the night
  • Quebec votes are now being tallied
  • 5 Seat lead for the Libs
  • 10 Seats for the Libs and we might just be looking at a Red Wave
  • I’m excited – We’re still not done in the Maritimes and we’ve seen a LOT of change so far…can’t wait until counting begins in Kwe-bec
  • Really feeling for P.E.I MP Gail O’Shea – loved for her work and devotion, but dumped for the greater good. #CollateralDamage
  • Will Quebec turn the tide? To tell you the truth, I’d have more worries for the NDP than the Bloc at this point…
  • Really wanted to call CTV out for arrogance, but they have it covered. Cons only just elected their first MP now, after the Libs are already 31 deep.
  • Bloc has 8 leads – can they hold on?
  • Louis Plamondon, the Bloc’s resident career politician retains his (lonely) seat
  • It’s official – Justin Trudeau is our new prime minister
  • With only one seat, the BQ is OFFICIALLY DEAD 🙂 

2 thoughts on “2015 Live Election Coverage

    • Funny how reality is subjective that way.

      Funny how no one in that herd appears to acknowledge that the leader did not win his seat. Duceppe can play coy all he wants, but in my estimation, come Thursday he will indeed announce his resignation from the party.

      The heir apparent to the throne is, of course, Beaulieu and we all saw that his leadership style has a way of clashing and could cause defections.

      Other points cleverly omitted from their reality: Yes, they gained 6 more seats, but lost 5% of their voting base (25% of votes in 2011 / 20% in 2015).

      They continue to operate without official party status, which is crippling to say the least.

      But hey…who are we to piss on their parade with all these FACTS? Facts are just so boring.

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