Will Monday Prove A Historic End?

canada federal leaders

This morning, I was running through various Canadian media outlets and got to thinking about how this ONE election stands to mark such a substantial wave of change in Canadian politics.

I’m talking about the leaders.

I think we stand to lose more of them this election than any other.

Justin Trudeau is the only one who’ll still be standing, peut importe the outcome. Much as I dislike the guy, I have to give credit where it’s due: we all set the bar so low for the Fabio of politics that rising to the occasion was a cake-walk.

Look, let’s all be honest here – it seems pretty clear at this point that the Libs are going to put it away, albeit as a minority. However, even if he secure the Big Job I still believe the Libs would have kept him around for another run, understanding that with a little more age, he might come into his own by 2019.

Harper’s a total goner. Let’s face it, even if he pulls off a last-minute upset and holds on to power, he’ll be doing so with a minority government. You cannot render a control-freak impotent and expect a favorable outcome.

Whether he forms a minority government  or official opposition, Harper will see his lack of a majority victory as a sign that his time in politics has reached its best-by date. Actually, given that he’s been hanging out with Canada’s most infamous crackhead in a bid for last-minute votes, I think Harper already knows how Tuesday morning will begin.

Mulclair is no Jack Layton.

Technically, even Jack Layton wasn’t really Jack Layton – he was just an elevated former Toronto city Councillor who managed to strike upon the right formula at the right time to turn momentum in his party’s favor and worked it to maximum effect.

Even if Mulclair had discovered a similar formula, he just doesn’t have the charm to pull it off. He’s also severely lacking in the integrity department and  I truly believe this  is what tanked him. Sure, some argue its his rigid defense of the niqab (I do actually give the man points for that one). Others claim it was his aggressive debating style which made even Harper appear more amiable a person.

Personally, I believe that once you burn your integrity in politics, you are done and you can count on Mulclair calling it a career on Monday night. You just simply cannot justify blowing a lead as huge as the NDP had in the early going of the election.

So that’s two leaders you won’t be seeing in the house of commons anymore in a couple of days.

Gilles Duceppe…should never have come back.

Ever had that morbid urge to go on Youtube to watch a video depicting a Boeing nosediving into the tarmac and bursting into flames? That’s the BQ in 2011.

It’s as if Duceppe decided to hit the playback button on that video so that he could experience the sensation of having the hull of his aircraft rupture one more time and feel his political career once again get engulfed in flames.

The man is almost 70, so count on this being the last hurrah. Polls are showing that he’s trailing in his own riding, so I can’t see his outcome being anything more than a repeat of 4 years ago.

3 down…next:

Elizabeth May. Ugh. [shaking head while writing].

I may not have a friend like Doc Emmett Brown, but I can tell you this – if I got into a flying DeLorean and visited the year 2155…you know what Id’ see?

The Green Party of Canada would still not be in power! In fact, do you know how many seats they’ll have in the year 2155?

Three seats – c’est tout.

Yup, at the rate they’re going, count on this upstart collective of patchouli addicts to grow by one seat every generation. But here’s the thing – nothing will dislodge Elizabeth May.

This woman has few prospects waiting for her in the private sector. When she still had not made it into the House of Commons after her first bid, May tried to Cheez Whiz her way in with a senate appointment.

Even if she loses her seat, count on May to talk her party into keeping her in place a little longer so that she can draw a salary from the party purse.

Can you indulge me just one more little prediction? SVP?

OK – here goes. Trudeau wins a minority. Harper quits. His replacement sucks dog balls. Trudeau seizes on the opportunity, calls an early election and secures an easy majority.


One thought on “Will Monday Prove A Historic End?

  1. The only party with the funds for another election is the Con. Can’t see another election for at least 6 months and by then there will be new leaders all over the place and you’re right, it will be a cakewalk for the nice hair guy. Hate it but we’re in big trouble within the next 6 months. Will be glad to see the end of Mulcair but Harper was growing on me = don’t quote me.

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