Rumors of this blog’s demise have been greatly exaggerated

I know, I know…my consistency has been nothing short of shit over the past couple of months.

First there was the summer break, which I thought was just fine, because there really was little going on in the political arena.

Then summer ended and…not a whole lot happened when the assembly re-convened.

It’s just been so silent.

Sure, I could be talking up the federal election, but honestly, it really has failed to engage me.

Can I be perfectly honest?

Every single candidate this time around is a total asshole.

All of them.

Harper’s still the pickle-butt control freak he’s always been (BTW, for those of you who aren’t in the know, he’s actually a robot known as Conservatron).

Trudeau is a vapid pretty boy D-Bag who doesn’t hold a candle to his father’s legacy.

Mulclair is a Machiavellian piece of shit. While I can say I don’t trust any of these men, Mulclair  is the least trustworthy and got nailed hard on one of his longest-standing lies (the Mont Orford story). I truly believe he would have joined the Conservatives if they offered him a better deal.

As for Duceppe, well, what do you want me to say? Not only will the Bloc fumble even harder this election than the last, it looks like Gilles won’t even win his riding – two consecutive humiliations.

This whole flame-out with Duceppe and the Bloc also explains why I’ve been absent – the PQ seems to have gone radio-silent in its support of Duceppe and PKP has slinked away into the shadows.

He did however, come out into the light to introduce a candidate for his own for the coming provincial by-elections. Oh, and while PKP was out in the light, he profited from the occasion to deliver this little nugget to his news agency.

So can you understand why I’ve been dragging the ol’ heels? 

Added Notes:

During the PQ leadership race, I made predictions about seeing a few MNAs cutting out on the party, with the leading reason being that PKP is an insufferable tyrant.

So far, two have left, one for health reasons, the other for reasons I can’t even remember.

I have a feeling that my long-standing prediction that JF Lisee will be the next man out.

He just released a book in which he poo-poos the last referendum and talks up where the effort went wrong (funny how separatists are only realizing this 20 years later).

So far, the book has enraged Parizeau’s widow, Lisette Lapointe, who publicly lashed out at Lisee and it’s worth pointing out that PKP is only mentioned once in the whole thing, which is quite odd.

I have to admit that Lisee does intrigue me. He’s proven me right in my assertion that he is a total sociopath. I mean the guy is heavily disliked within his own party, got no support from any members during his leadership run and yet, he continues to stick around.

This is why the one change I’m making to my prediction is that I no longer see him quitting, but being ousted for being so douchey, not even a gang of separatists can tolerate him.

While we’re on the topic of assholes, let’s touch down on the French.

By now everyone’s heard of their reputation as smarmy snobs with attitudes, but I always thought it’d be different for me given that I’m from Quebec. Not so.

Thanks to The Cat for sharing  this link in which you can see what the French truly think of their western cousins



3 thoughts on “Rumors of this blog’s demise have been greatly exaggerated

  1. Glad to see you are well- Was wondering where you had gotten to. There should be a lot more to say after the 19th. I’m not sure which idiot will be in power but you can bet we are in for a lot more trouble than we already have if it’s another francosupremacist that gains power in Canada. Of course Mulcair is the worst of the lot but then we have incompetent Trudeau just waiting in the wings. God save us all.

      • Me too – so glad to see traitor Mulcair sink in the polls – what a jerk – Canada could not be worse off than if he won the top job. Monday night I don’t think any of us will be sleeping much.

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