No, really…everything’s fine, just fine!

hitler youth quebec

Fall session at the National Assembly finally begins today, but we’ve already been getting a deluge of political candy. I almost don’t know where to begin.

Well, since school is starting up, let’s talk about education. With the OUI option continuing to dwindle to its lowest point since gaining momentum in the late 60s, the separatists have decided it may be time to switch from preaching sovereignty…to teaching it.

This is not a new idea.

An attempt was made 10 years ago with a school book that drew nothing but ire from all directions. More recently, Marie Malavoy tried to pitch a formal sovereignist curriculum in public schools. That didn’t fly either.

This of course, will not deter Quebec’s own Richie Rich, monsieur PFK, from trying to launch a separatist school. 

This seppie school news also happens to be coupled with another event, namely a book launch, Le livre qui fait dire oui.

The irony of it all?

Yet, if you ask any hardcore separatist what’s up with the state of their movement and they’ll swear up-and-down that everything is peachy-keen and that “freedom” but is a couple of years away.

They’ll swear that most Quebeckers truly want to separate and deep down inside, they know what’s to be gained.

Then why do we need a research institute on sovereignty (this is another of PFK’s plans), a separatist school and that new book from Option Nationale?

Very weird.


Things are going so well for the sovereignist movement that not only has Mario Beaulieu called on Gilles Duceppe to step in and take over the BQ ranks to help preserve hope for the dying political party, but this phenomenon is extending itself to the provincial level.

Sol Zanetti might have been smiling brightly for the cameras during the launch of his new book, but if things are going so well, why is he offering to pull a Mario and transfer leadership of Option Nationale back to his predecessor, Jean-Martin Aussant? 

I mean, take a look at how things went for the Bloc after Gilles reprised his role. We saw a momentary uptick in the polls, and then, in the time it takes throw back a pint of Boreale on a hot summer day, the Bloc went right back down to the basement.

Aussant is no Duceppe, so if Gilles can’t resurrect the BQ, Aussant will not accomplish much in breathing life into a political party that has never really had what we can call true life.

At least Sol had his book launch so he could feel important for a couple of hours.


You might think my using a picture of the Hitler Youth to contrast what PFK’s separatist schools are reminiscent of to be harsh, but in case you do, take a look at this design used by the makers of a sovereignist beer:

biere souvrainiste


6 thoughts on “No, really…everything’s fine, just fine!

  1. I don’t know if this is intentional on your part, but when I see the letters “PFK”, I think of the French acronym for “KFC” which I saw first-hand when I visited Montreal in 2011.

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