Those who do not remember the past…join the Parti Quebecois


And we are back from the summer holidays.

I decided to take a step back for summer and time my hiatus to Jean LaPierre’s vacation and it seems like that was the right move to make, as it’s only now, as we approach the fall session (which kicks off in less than 3 weeks), that some noteworthy newsbites are emerging.

Now, let me pour a little bit of oil on my joints before I take my first swing.

OK, ready – swing and…the first hit is on PFK Gilles Duceppe.

I’ll admit it – when tomato-face announced that he was taking over the very party he led into bloody defeat, I was shocked. I personally never would have thought it possible that Duceppe would return and even my father, a hardcore cynic, was caught off guard.

Truth be told however, it paints a vivid picture of the purs-et-durs set, which Duceppe belongs to. At 70+, they know that they stand little chance of seeing Quebec become a sovereign state before their lights go out.

I guess the passing of Jacques Parizeau had a profound effect on Duceppe and made him realize that he had one final chance to try and accomplish what Parizeau will now never be able to do.

Turns out that Harper, Trudeau and Mulclair didn’t have to do anything to take care of Duceppe as a potential threat – Father Fate dealt the ol’ Silverfox a 16% marketshare only a few short weeks after reprising his role as the leader of the BQ.

We’re still two months away from the federal elections and Duceppe is already realizing that he will be joining Parizeau in the Good ‘Ol Separatist Boys Club in the Sky before he’ll ever see Quebec being coloured blue on world maps.

Can’t say I feel sorry for him.


cf18 parti quebecois

Watching their federal counterparts driving hard towards the proverbial iceberg hasn’t been easy for the Parti Quebecois.

Seriously, not only has the separatist option been in steady decline for several years now, but with each passing week the Bloc Quebecois is steadily losing points. Kind of feels like by the time we get to October, the ship will have sunk beneath the waters before they even make it to the iceberg.

This would explain why the Parti Quebecois’ pre-fall session caucus meeting was entirely devoted to developing strategies to help prevent the BQ from being erased from the political map in just a few weeks… instead of planning around issues such as health care, the economy, education, continued negotiations with public sector workers, energy development and all those other boring little things that make up every day REAL life.

Why should the Parti Quebecois focus on real life?

Real life is sooooooo boring.

Talking about how many imaginary military jets the non-existent country of Quebec should have is so much more fun.

Tell you the truth, I’m a little dismayed. Gilles Duceppe forgot the past, so he re-joined the BQ and now we definitely know what’s going to happen. (Talk about a spoiler!)

And now PFK is tearing a page out of Pauline Marois’ (losing) playbook and talking about all the assets the imaginary country of Quebec will claim after asserting its sovereignty.

Man, now I know how the makers of Suicide Squad felt when all that footage got leaked long before the release of the movie’s first trailer.

While I never want to see another PQ government in power again…I still want the chill of knowing there’s a chance they might score the victory. Instead, I’ve been cheated – the ending to the movie that is the 2018 provincial election has already been spoiled.