Happy Holy Separatist Day!

I was hoping to take this week kind of easy.

The summer heat’s been F’N up my sleep and I’ve gotten my ass hopelessly addicted to binge-watching season 3 of Orange Is The New Black.

But this of course, is St. Jean Baptiste week and what would this week be if we didn’t have the ire of chest-thumping nationalism showing us just how retrograde and what little the “OUI” vote has to offer Quebec society.

Where to begin?

Oh yeah… I’m not going to get into this one. You’ll just have to read it and make what you will from it.

I WANT you to do drugs…

Don’t know about you, but I’ve done lots of drugs in my lifetime.

Started pretty early too.

You know what’s really ironic?

My parents always told me: “Don’t you ever do drugs!”

My school principal would always tell us: “Don’t you ever do drugs!”

The police visiting our school would also say: “Don’t you ever do drugs!”

That just made me even more curious and it was inevitable that I would eventually get my first taste.

Anyone who understands anything about psychology knows that coercion very often leads to the exact outcome you were hoping to suppress.

You’d figure that Longueil mayor Carole St. Hilaire, a mother of four, if I’m not mistaken would understand this premise.

Clearly she does not.

That’s why she published the following outburst on Face de Bouk regarding a Longueil councillor’s insistence on delivering his discourses in both languages:

“C’est pourtant simplement une question de bon sens et de respect: 96 % de la population de Longueuil comprend le français, il n’a donc pas besoin de traduire systématiquement tous ses propos en anglais, chaque fois qu’il prend la parole, sous prétexte qu’il veut être compris par l’ensemble de la population. Nous sommes au Québec et les délibérations au conseil de ville DOIVENT se dérouler en français”

She was met with criticism for her remarks.

St. Hilaire doesn’t like being questioned on her political leanings, so she called the criticism “intimidation”, “threats” and “insults”.

Well, I do have some good news for St. Hilaire – this fading underwear stain of a dead movement is not alone in her struggle to accept the reality of modern Quebec. Full story can be read here, courtesy of PKP Media.

Fuck L’Anglais, Tabarnak!

Sophie Durocher must have forgotten what shit tastes like.

Sure didn’t take her long.

Feels like just yesterday that she penned a petty, biased diatribe against Jay Baruchel where she generally pissed on his name for having the ‘audacity’ to move to Toronto.

Maybe Sophie couldn’t find a date for Holy Separatist Day and her resulting frustration inspired her to lash out at the English community yet again.

What I love best is that our dear Sophie admits she frequents the businesses she names in her ‘column’ and yet feels a need to slander them in the same breath.

While St. Jean Baptiste was meant to inspire pride and celebration, it now flames the rage that plagues the dying breed that is the Pur-et-Dur.

This is all the more reason to believe the movement is finished – it’s core promoters aren’t even trying to look civil anymore.

Happy St. Jean, Sophie!

If I see you on July 1st (you know, that day we celebrate a REAL country), I’ll buy you a hotdog and a Pepsi. Totally NSA 🙂


9 thoughts on “Happy Holy Separatist Day!

  1. Axedumad is a satirical website (like The Onion). Still, it reveals a lot about the state of craziness that now surrounds language zealots in Quebec that a lot of people could believe it.

    Remember the story on CBC’s satirical show “This is That” a couple years ago about a proposed Montreal bylaw requiring dogs in public parks to understand bilingual commands? Lots of people fell for that one too.

    • I’d never heard of Axedumad beforehand. As I started reading the article, I was fuming, until I got halfway through and told myself “There’s just no way – this is just too fucking stupid to be true”.

  2. BTW, I have an idea. Maybe I should forward this idea to the nearest PQ or SSJB office. The idea is about the amendment of Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, particularly Chapter I, Article 3. Bold part is the proposed amendment.

    Toute personne est titulaire des libertés fondamentales telles la liberté de conscience, la liberté de religion, la liberté d’opinion, la liberté d’expression, la liberté de réunion pacifique et la liberté d’association, tant que ces libertés sont déroulées en français.

    In English:

    Every person is the possessor of the fundamental freedoms, including freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association, as long as those freedoms are conducted in French.

  3. What is not satirical but rather quite depressing is reading the comments by our fellow Quebec citizens on former BQ candidate and current Longueuil Mayor Caroline St-Hilaire’s controversial FB post, which is currently approaching 1000 comments. (I’d suggest making some popcorn before delving into it.)

    It’s depressing to see seppies who have a permanent chip on their shoulder and who love living in the past, still talking about “mettre ses culottes” and “se mettre debout”, as if they weren’t living in modern-day Canada in 2015 but rather back in the 18th century.

    Some of them wail about oppression, yet actually pride themselves on being even more oppressive regarding whatever slights they were complaining about in the first place.

    We are evidently far, far from Nelson Mandela territory here. Unlike his example, rather than demonstrating how they think they ought to have been treated (even in spite of Mandela’s genuinely awful mistreatment), the comments show how bitter Quebec separatists are all about wanting to get revenge on “les maudits anglais” (as if French-Canadians in every other province and territory were less important than those who happen to live in Quebec).

    The separatist mantra is always about “colonialism” and “imperialism” (conveniently, they always neglect to mention the attempts at French colonialism and imperialism that were defeated) and characteristically, they have a very peculiar and unhealthy obsession with the Queen (someone who hardly anybody else other than Quebec separatists ever talks about… not even the British!). Of course, all other world royalty is regularly neglected in their diatribes against monarchy, which is aimed solely at Britain.

    I swear, this mantra sounds just like a modern-day religious incantation that is repeated by rote and ad nauseam.

    Madame La Mairesse, la politesse et le respect sont des voies à deux sens.

    Politeness and respect are two-way streets.

  4. Please tell me the Axedumad story is an amusing parody! I suspect it is but this being Quebec truth is often much stranger than fiction, remember Pastagate.

    Insofar as Carole St-Hilaire is concerned, I believe this is just the latest attempt by Quebec Nationalist forces (PFKs cronies) to manufacture yet another humiliation to the francophone majority. Hopefully, and I suspect, it will not work. The whole affair was conveniently timed to coinside with the St-Jean Baptiste holiday!

    I monitor the francophone written media very closely, especially PFK owned media outlets and have noticed a trend. You will often read articles from professional political commentators and even letters supposedly written by private citizens that state that since the election of PFK (that’s my name for PKP) Quebec has entered a new political cycle.
    (BTW, my comment “supposedly written by private citizens”, alludes to the fact that political parties use communications strategies that consist of planting stories and commentaries in the media; letters to the editor, blog posts etc., in other words deliberate disinformation – Sadly this is political communications strategy 101 in the 21st century.)
    PFKs communications people have crafted this strategy in order to frame a message and build the political cred of PKP. They realize that his credibility is, to put it mildly, vulnerable. If you want to understand their strategy simply do yourself a favour and read Noam Chomsky’s book, Manufacturing Consent. In summary what I am trying to say is that their strategy is to say something often enough and people will eventually believe it. With Quebecor’s 50% Francophone media penetration in Quebec this is probably sound, even if unethical, strategy. That said, even with PFKs dominant position is the Quebec media and artistic industries, in the modern age of communication with all the sources of information available at the click of a button it is difficult to monopolize information in the 21st century. PFK and the Parti Quebecois are counting on Quebec’s Francophone unilingual Ghetto factor to control the message. Unfortunately for them, most urban Francophones have a working knowledge of English and I doubt very much this class of Francophone rely solely on JdM and Le Devoir and TVA as their sources of information, much the same way as Anglophones do not rely exclusively on the CBC and the Montreal Gazette. I hypothesize that the PQs current strategy will only resonate with older old stock, rural, Francophones who basically vote for the PQ anyway.

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