Today Has Been Cancelled

Folks, a year ago today, something quite eventful came to pass and I was hoping to celebrate it.

I had every intention of paying an homage to this event, but the key person this all hinged on was just too arrogant to even bother answering my email regarding this anniversary with a simple “no”. I would imagine that cavorting with the community is perhaps less fun than governing over it.


With that said, screw the homage, we’ll just carry on with the task at hand of making sure the pests are kept at bay.

We’ll leave sentimentality to the separatists given their peculiar talent for living in the past.

I’m preparing for a long-weekend, but will leave you with this for your coffee talk.


4 thoughts on “Today Has Been Cancelled

  1. To be fair to him, maybe he just has enough with the blogging and commenting and does not want to do anything with it anymore. As well, we also do not know what kind of effect the blog had/has on him and his family and friends since he came out with his real name. Finally, who knows. Maybe he simply just does not check that particular e-mail address anymore.

    • I do agree with you about the effects it may have had on him. He did close the blog down soon after revealing his identity.

      I know first-hand how ravenous some separatists can be and he no doubt got a few phone calls since outting himself.

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