Only in Quebec: “PKP gagne sa première bataille!!”


Last night the Liberals held on to Jean-Talon and stole Chauveau away from the CAQ.

The latter a big surprise that not many had expected, the former, not so much.

Know what’s an even bigger surprise than the Libs capturing Chauveau?

The PQ declaring a victory (of sorts).


Here…let me get the PQ fan-boys/girls to explain it to you:

La victoire du à Qbec est énorme compte tenu couverture médiatique du #JdeQC_Soleil_radios poubelles qui lui était nettement défavorable

Pour un parti que les merdias croyaient fini, la remontée du est le prélude des prochaines victoires.

Qc:Bcp de positif le est est allé chercher un gros % de la qui se morcelle. Prochaines élections majoritaire

And of course, PKP’s servants aren’t shy about getting in on the act themselves. This is where our little friends got the idea that a rainbow is waiting for them in 2018.

Overall, bad news for the CAQ, great steal for the Libs and for any Pequistes reading…the Parti Conservateur du Quebec made larger gains in Chauveau than the PQ did, so don’t get too excited. 🙂


Gilles Duceppe is back!!

Honestly, I love it. Say what you will about Gilly, but he is a character and a half.

I simply CANNOT wait to see his face go tomato-red in the coming elections…which is always ravishingly contrasted by that white mane.

Quick little open-note to Gilles:

My dear sir,

You are no Robert Bourassa. I’m sorry, but you just aren’t.

Bou-bou is in a league of his own.

I would also advise you against dreaming too big or over-estimate your name-power.

See, PKP is the PQ’s freshly-minted leader and despite that, the PQ gained no ground in yesterday’s two by-elections. Sure, you might want to argue that a gain of 5% is something to write home about, but let’s square up and call it like it is – if  higher-profile player like PKP can’t elevate the PQ’s clout by at least 20%, what can you honestly bring to the Bloc?


6 thoughts on “Only in Quebec: “PKP gagne sa première bataille!!”

  1. It really is hard to believe how they try to turn everything into a victory – some of the comments are interesting and the people are not that easily fooled. The jerk did not pull it off even with his Queen in tow and that must have been a major defeat for both of them. Gave me my smile of the day!

  2. This is the start of the long sand winding road for PFK (sorry I meant PKP). With every little “faux pas” and setback PFK uses up the goodwill and patience of the PQ base. Eventually the PQ base will run out of patience, like the’ve done with every other PQ party leader in the past. Sure he will use his local media empire and his financial resources to propagand his way out of a few tight corners but eventually he will have to deal with “les pur et dur”, AND THEY SIMPLY CAN’T BE BOUGHT.

  3. RE: Gilles Duceppe’s comeback

    Please someone pinch me and wake me up, I must be dreaming! Why would the BQ go back to an old war-horse like Gilles Duceppe. The Quebec people have seen this movie before, “change de casette” as the saying goes. This sounds like PFK took Mario Beaulieu aside and read him the riot act by basically telling him that a bad showing by the BQ in the October Federal elections will be bad for him (him being PFK and the PQ). Agreed, drafting Gilles Duceppe will probably mean that the BQ can keep a few more seats. Any gain, however modest, and PFK will claim he (and sovereignty/seperation) will have the wind in their sails – see previous comment. Gilles Duceppe is probably PFKs safest choice, he (Gilles Duceppe) will not make trouble or challenge PFK for the leadership of the PQ at a later date. In other words in PFKs mind Gilles Duceppe is an easy and cheap date!

    A better choice but ultimately this person will not bow down to PFK, and we all know this excludes being in PFKs entourage, Lisette Lapointe. As Jacques Parizeau’s widow she would get a certain sympathy factor. Fortunately for us, Lisette Lapointe, is her own woman and would never be one of PFP sycophants

    • Lisette Lapointe is one very disturbed woman. I’ve heard some shit about her and it’s unbelievable.

      At the same time, there’s a lot to be said that some humans wear their true selves in their physiognomy. That is the face of an angry, evil woman.

      • Can’t argue with you analysis of Lisette Lapointe. I just think the more wingnuts the seperatist get elected the better it is for federalism in the long run

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