Separatist Roundup of the Week

Swear to God, it’s almost impossible to have a boring time in Quebec politics (whether or not the Assembly is in session).

Of course, we’ve all heard by now that separatist movement’s Vito Corleone has passed on to the big Referendum in the sky and the state will be picking up the tab for his funeral. Know what the average cost of a funeral happens to be?

Anywhere between $6K to $10K for regular. Not exactly chump change. With a price tag like that, it’d be little wonder to hear people wish the state would pick up the tab for their funerals when the big sleep arrives.

Wanna how much a state funeral costs? Put it to you this way: Jack Layton’s state funeral cost taxpayers $370K.


Speaking of Parizeau, I once watched a documentary on his political life (not sure what it’s called) and it painted a portrait of a man who embodied the very mentality that fuels the separatist mentality.

While the documentary was balanced, Parizeau’s faults were laid clear:

  • Socially inept
  • Obsessive
  • Contradictory
  • Under-handed

When you put the more hardcore separatists under the microscope, you’ll find these traits in spades.

Need an example?

So glad you asked because here we go…


“Un artiste ne peut pas s’exprimer à moins que ce soit pour supporter l’indépendance du Québec”

Montreal-born/raised actor/director Jay Baruchel was recently interviewed about his move to Toronto, which came  as a shock to some since Jay was known as a die-hard hometown Montreal guy. PS…he’s an ANGLOPHONE 😦

He was known to fly the Quebec colours at international events and always paid hommage to his home province, which endeared him to the Francophone side.

So when news broke out that he had “abandoned” and “betrayed” the motherland, it resulted in pretty much the same raging furor we saw regarding the Sugar Sammy billboard story.

It only took ___ Journal de Montreal “columnists” to cover this scandal

Sylvie Durocher (no wonder Gab Roy wanted to beat this woman up)

Mathieu Bock-Côté (would it be a party if he didn’t show up?)

Tania Longpré (Sorry, but I cannot take the opinion of someone with so little self-control seriously)

Even Lise Ravary got into the act for fuck’s sake. However, I have to say that I have lost respect for her and no longer trust her journalistic integrity after she deleted a column she wrote against PKP just two hours after publishing it.

Lise even went so far as to sign off with “Jay Baruchel doit des excuses à bien du monde.”

Before reading any further, why don’t you take a few seconds to read the comments section of one (or all) of those columns.

Read a few comments?

OK, now how can we apply the traits we mentioned characterize the typical separatist to the writers of those columns and the bloodthirsty jackals trolling up the comment boards?

  • Socially inept – just take a good look at the way the separatists lash out at their critics or debate opponents. To call it rabid is to be kind. 
  • Obsessive – this goes without saying, but it’s too much fun to point out. Some of these people are clearly wishing Baruchel dead for his decision.
  • Contradictory – These people were totally cool when Baruchel was still feeling good about life in Quebec, but rather than look at why he feelings have changed, its easier to judge than examine.

Bottom line on Baruchel: No Mme Ravary, Jay doesn’t owe apologies to anyone.

Unlike all of the JdM writers who slandered him and the hordes of losers who joined in their chorus of disdain, Baruchel is successful. 

This young man went and built the life he wanted. He’s the Quebec success story that these Francophone journalist and trolls wished they could have been.

This legion of haters banded together to do what they do best – burn the “individualiste” (that’s French for someone who makes shit happen) at the stake for being able to accomplish great things they’ll never be able to do because their destiny hinges on collectivism.


This of course brings us to our ever lovely gentleman, PKP.

Unfortunately, no one in Quebec will launch an investigation into his dealings with his media assets since getting into politics. 

Should such an investigation take place, it would find that PKP did indeed call on his JdM writers to all scribble up that garbage about Jay Baruchel.

They would also find him red-palm guilty of ordering this trash piece the day after Parizeau’s passing.

The man is totally at the helm of the information coming out of that rag and anyone with at least two watts knows it.

Of course, for the time being, the PQ has bought itself some time by stating  it has no confidence in the National Assembly’s jurisconsulte, which makes the possibility of the investigation I wish for even more remote.


I’ve made it perfectly clear that I in no way fear PKP or what he (won’t) bring to the sovereignist movement.

However, now that Vito Corleone is gone and PKP is fighting harder than ever to keep hold of his media empire and remain a political leader at the same time, you can expect an uptick in extremism.

What we’ve just seen with BaruchelGate is an example of how PKP will be using his clout to turn the movement’s lunatic fringe into drones that can be operated like robots.

Don’t think for a second that this kind of C-grade journalism will win anyone over to the YES camp – it won’t.

What it will help to do is galvanize the angry, lifeless losers who have nothing else in life, but the singular obsession with sovereignty to adopt the salesman’s rule of 7.

The rule of 7 is this: if you sincerely apply yourself to 100 pitches, you’re almost guaranteed at least 7 sales.

The logic being that if he can get at least 10,000 hardcore nutbags to pitch the Parti Quebecois/Sovereignty to at least 100 each, and get 7 people on board that’ll give the movement a boost of 70K new members/supporters…

…and that’s why the separatist movement should never be counted out before it’s official – especially with a media baron who knows a thing or two about viral marketing at the helm.


7 thoughts on “Separatist Roundup of the Week

  1. Terrible how jealous and miserable these people are with anyone that leaves here because of the horrible politics of the place. If I had the fame and money I would so “out” these separatists to the whole world because people listen to these movie stars – if you’re just an ordinary Joe I’m afraid no one cares. They sure cut his throat in all those articles. They justify each other I guess.

    • It’s the crabs in a bucket thing at play.

      Anyone can accomplish anything…that’s why normal men like Guy Laliberte and Jay Baruchel have made great strides in their lives.

      Those who criticize them are the unaccomplished.

      They never succeeded because:

      1) They don’t believe in themselves (which might have been caused by shitty parents)
      2) They’re lazy and can’t be bothered to try something new (that includes hobbies)
      3) They believe (religious indoctrination) that the meek will inherit the Earth, so there is no reason to work hard

      Quebec’s separatist movement is the ideal incubator for this defeatist mentality.

    • Firstly, who is Jay Baruchel and what has he done? Secondly, if you are an anglophone artist on the fringes then there is no better way to get popular than to declare yourself a Quebec seperatist. There is nothing seppies love more than an anglo seppie mainly because they believe this increases their credibility. Insofar as Jacques Parizeau is concerned, he did help create some goog instutions but unfortunately his stupid drunken rantings, there are more than a few, eclipse his modest accomplishments.

  2. To be big, one needs to think big too. No funeral is too expensive for a great leader. Look at the funeral of Ronald Reagan, for example. It costed U.S. taxpayers $400 million. Why so high? it included the closing of stock markets and day off given to federal employees.

    Therefore, if U.S. population is 318.9 million and Quebec population is 8.2 million, Parizeau’s funeral is still acceptable if its cost is kept below USD 10M or CAD 12.5 million.

    This post is done in sarcasm, of course.

  3. Speaking of PKP and his control over Quebecor and its subsidiaries, did you not know that it is actually for the benefits of all Quebecers – not just for the separatists, mind you – that PKP maintains that ownership and control while sitting as an MNA? Sure, this good journalist from JdeM said so, then I guess it is true. As well, I trust his integrity is assured without any conflict of interest or pressure from anyone or anywhere.

    • God damn it Troy, I had totally avoided that article when it first surfaced and you just suckered me into reading that trash.

      I swear to God, the movie Thank You For Smoking must have been the training material for the PQ’s spin doctors.

      Absurd. Simply absurd.

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