Return of the Separatist Cow – Josée Legault Still Doesn’t Get It

The description of Josée Legault in the title of this piece is that of Jacques Hébert, but I do agree with his choice of words.

When word got out that Robert Libman secured the Conservative candidacy for the riding Mont-Royal, two Journal de Montreal lifers, Josée Legault and Mathieu Bock-Côté were quick to jump on the subject.

Honestly, I expected vitriolic brimstone and fire from Bock-Côté, but to my surprise, it was Legault that allowed the seething resentment to bubble odiously to the surface . She launched a series of personal attacks against Libman, his opponent Andrew Housefather, Anglos, Jews,  Conservatives and Canadians alike in a piece that merited the attention of the National Post and Globe & Mail.

As the French saying goes, Josée avait une méchante crotte sur le coeur and passed it on to the public by way of a frustration-filled digital enema.

Legault is almost 50 years old, and yet, much like PKP, she suffers from a severe case of arrested development.

How bad is her case?

Let me put it to you this way – PKP at least has the excuse of being a spoiled little rich kid who was never in a position where he had to fight his own battles or take any ownership for his actions.

So for your reading pleasure, let’s tear her writing apart like a roasted drumstick, shall we?

“Pour Stephen Harper, la perte de Pascale Déry – une candidate connue chez les francophones, mais nettement moins chez les anglophones […] n’est sûrement pas une bonne nouvelle”.

Hmmm…we’re talking about Mount-Royal here – I don’t think he’s too worried.

“Or, au début des années 90, M. Libman, alors chef du Parti égalité était surtout un militant anglophone anti-loi 101 et anti-nationaliste acharné.”

“Anthony Housefather est certes un être fort sympathique et souriant, mais il est aussi connu pour ses positions radicalement antinationalistes et farouchement anti loi-101.”

At least Libman and Housefather had a LEGITIMATE gripe from which to oppose Bill 101. 

For some sovereignists, being opposed to Bill 101 is a form of discrimination (yes, you did read that correctly). Imagine if Canada had its own Bill 101 (in favor of the Queen’s tongue).

And for Libman’s anti-nationalist stance? I’ll let my main man Albert Einstein field that one: Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”

“Sous la mairie de M. Libman à Côte-Saint-Luc, l’adoption au début des années 2000 d’une résolution pro-partition du Québec en vue d’un hypothétique prochain référendum […]”

I still can’t grasp this one – if Francophones can aspire to nationhood and have a territory all their own and this desire is considered ‘legitimate’ in their circles, why isn’t partition equally as legitimate?

“Tout comme Robert Libman, M. Housefather faisait lui aussi partie de ce qu’on appelait à l’époque les «Angryphones» – ces leaders anglo-montréalais dont plusieurs étaient partitionnistes et surtout, en colère constante. En colère contre la loi 101, contre le PQ, contre l’option souverainiste, contre le nationalisme, contre la mollesse du PLQ, contre Ottawa qui ne  les «protégeait» pas assez, etc.”

Hmmm… as opposed to the colère constante of Canada-haters, Anglo-haters, immigrant-baiters and let’s not forget the intellectual twerps who run down fellow Francophones as cowards, slaves, retards and what have you for being opposed to the separatist movement?

BTW, in this quote, Legault tries to demonize Anglos by pointing to extreme examples of what constitutes an “Angryphone”. While I agree with her that books like “How to wipe-out the Franco Ontarian Language & Cultureare clearly fucked in the head, she may want to hold off on throwing stones. After all, she is the former proud employee of Michel Brûlé, author of the book “Anglaid” – an anti-English manifesto like none I’d ever seen before it.

“À quelques nuances près, se positionnant en victimes éternelles de la loi 101 et du nationalisme québécois, ce duel Libman-Housefather dans Mont-Royal réveille ainsi de nombreux fantômes politiques peu sympathiques.”

Ah yes, let’s talk about ‘eternal victims’ shall we? Personally, I really love the “victimes éternelles de la loi 101” part. Kinda reminds me how separatists are  des victimes éternelles of a conflict that ended over 250 years ago.

I also love “journalists” who’ve made a “career” of whining about how Canada is just so evil and having to live within its oppressive confines is just so unfair, don’t you, Josee-poo?

“Même récemment, en 2013, M. Housefather promettait le «chaos» si le gouvernement Marois adoptait son projet de loi 14 proposant «que des municipalités dont la population anglophone serait en-dessous de 50 % puissent perdre, suivant certains critères, leur statut de ville bilingue»”

“Nous sommes assez pour faire de la merde” – Pauline Marois, 2003

Go read the whole article for yourself.

You’ll hardly believe what you read and further still, you’ll be left scratching your head in wonder at how someone can be so utterly disconnected with reality.


4 thoughts on “Return of the Separatist Cow – Josée Legault Still Doesn’t Get It

  1. Just like heartburn these old separatists keep returning time and time again. Hated the witch when she was on the political shows on TV years ago and still hate the woman. How are these separatists going to earn their living when they don’t have the feds and Canada to blame everything on? You can bet that their nest eggs are built pretty high by now – they’ve had enough years to use this issue to stack away loads of money at the expense of the citizens of Quebec and just don’t give a damn about the heap of trouble all this bring down on the heads of the average Quebec citizen. I wish people would stop giving them space to air their stupid bigoted views and, even more so, stop paying them to do it.

  2. A friend of mine once went out for drinks at a pub on Mont-Royal street and Legault was there having a drink with Pierre Falardeau. She told me it was like sitting next to a kkk rally and said that they seriously spent the whole time they were there just talking total shit against their political opponenets. No talking about good food or planning a trip or anything like that. Nutzo.

    • Well these guys know what side their bread is buttered on that’s for sure. I wish someone would pay me to shit disturb all day on the computer because I do anyway but I don’t get a cheque for it. I’ll bet the Editor of this blog would like a payday for this also. All I remember about her was how much I disliked her and I called the TV show and asked what else the separatists wanted because no one stopped them from doing what they liked anyway. This was just before the 1995 referendum and the angst was high her in my area. She made a face on the TV that was unbelievable – she looked like I had highly insulted her but she couldn’t tell me what more the idiots wanted. I know I’m glad that I don’t have to look at her fat face any more and I hope she goes broke quickly when she has nothing to complain about and this place falls flat on it’s ass.

  3. I know this sounds utterly classless, what can I say I’m a blue colar Half anglophone/francophone from Ville St. Pierre, bit Jose Legailt will be joining Parizeau soon enough when the cancer ahe is fighting finally gets her. What a bitch 😃

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