Elvis Has Left The Building, Accompanied By Common Sense

Tomorrow, it’ll be a fait accompli.

PFK will finally be the leader of the PQ and the charade that was “leadership race” will finally come to an end.

While it won’t be officially announced until tomorrow, I wanted to present the giddy little PFK groupies with an inside look at the man who will be presiding over their dreams.

Twitter user @Stingers96 published the following link: The Angry Son (of a bitch)

This isn’t just some rinky-dink rag we’re talking about here, this is the venerable Forbes magazine doing an expose on Quebec most (un)beloved village idiot.

The piece was published pretty much exactly 16 years to the day (off by about a month).

What surprises me is what little difference there is between Peladeau at 37 years old and PFK version 53. You’ll see what I mean when you read the article and size it up to his recent behaviour.

Read it for yourself to see how PFK hasn’t matured in over a decade and a half.


Then again, it’s not like PFK is in strange company.

His brethren is equally as fickle…case in point, the very man who’ll be giving up his job to Pierrot, Stéphane Bédard.

Unlike the #PQ, the rest of us can remember further back than a year’s time. 

We can remember how it was the very man they’re hanging their hopes on right now that sank their battleship.

We can also remember how during the Scottish referendum, the likes of Bédard and co. were cheering on the “underdog” Scots and talking mad shit against the evil empire that is England…

…the very evil empire that spawned the chain wielding Goliath who has mercilessly enslaved the hapless Francophones by way of Ottawa.

Well, we remember anyhow.

Bédard has already forgotten about the hatred he bears for the Queen and her kingdom and praised David Cameron’s victory.

No, I shit you not – he really, really did.

You can read it yourself here.

Read it yet? If not, here’s the spoiler alert: Stephie gets it all wrong (again).

His inability to discern the differences between Scotland and Quebec was an issue in itself (but very expected).

However, the fact that he clearly does not understand the difference between the U.K.’s desire to leave the European union and the Quebec separatist movement’s aspirations to leave Canada is mind-boggling to say the least.

Anyhow, here’s me raising a glass to what will be three years of the most absurd peak in Quebec politics that you’ll see in a long time.


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