Final PQ Leadership Debate

There was never any doubt in my mind that PKP is the sure winner of the PQ leadership race.

However, if anyone thought they could cling to some hope that he might get bested by one of the other hopefuls, they only had to watch this final go-round to hear PKP’s separation-lusting groupies cheering him on like if he were the LeBron James of the sovereignist movement.

This final debate was little more than a circle-jerk session in which all four candidates seemed to agree with each other on just about everything (which makes you kind of wonder what the point of this shindig was all about).

However, here are a few low-lights:

Cloutier: Alex veered away from being the voice of sensibility and simultaneously praising immigrants (you should have heard him pronounce the name Nguyễn –“N-goo-wee-N”), yet slamming “The Canadian model of multiculturalism, which is not the model of integration for us”.

He also tired to attack Couillard by bringing up his English-language speech in Iceland last year, which pretty much sets the tone for how fickle the course of the evening’s debates will be.

Must admit that I love how Alex suddenly lobs a grenade PKP’s way by asking him if the implementation of the Charter of Values should have been more consensual. Odd how both he and PKP feel the need to verbally felate Bernard Landry in this conversation.

PKP: To kick things off, Pierrot points out that no members of the Liberal party were present for the inauguration of a comemorative bust of Camille Laurin. (No shit, Pete).

Damn man, even with a coach helping him along, Peladeau just sucks at public speaking. It truly is horrible how all those years at the head of a large enterprise did nothing for him.

Throughout the evening, PKP repeated two things very often; the first being the word “emasculation”. The second thing was that “it’s Ottawa’s/Couillard’s fault” whenever he couldn’t think of a proper solution to a proposed problem.

I couldn’t help but shake my head whenever PKP would use the “it’s Ottawa’s fault” stinger for cheap pops and got a resounding chorus of cheers each time from his trained herd of separatist Quijadists.

Céré: This Pierre was the only voice of reason as far as immigration goes, telling the PQ it focused too much on political strategy instead of authentic bridge-building with new arrivals.

He spoke the line no other separatist dareth utter: “Nous gangnerons les coeurs, ou ont ne gagnera pas” [We either win their hearts or we don’t win].

Pierre totally called the other #PQ candidates out on their hypocrisy over excluding all religions save for the Catholic religion. That query only served to start the candidates on circle jerking each other (again) in calling for the institution of the charter.

This is the last you’ll see of Céré. Don’t count on his nomination for a riding as a PQ candidate in any future elections. Many have been thinking out loud that Céré would have his place in QS. Guess time will tell.

Ouellet summarized in one go: shrill bird-voice, and just banging out the rhetoric what with the absence of any ideas: “In Quebec, we do things in French”, “The way to protect Montreal’s integrity is with independence”, and of course, “…we send billions to Ottawa each year, time wee took it back”. Martine is a hippy bimbo living in a rose-coloured un-reality and doesn’t possess the mental faculties to be a simple minister, nevermind leader of a province or country.

Now that we’ve got all this out of the way, I am very much looking forward to PKP shoving Stéphane Bédard out of his seat and getting his ass torn to shreds by the likes of Couillard, Moreau, Fournier, Leitão, Coiteux and the many other PLQ ministers that supercede his level of maturity and intellect.

May the games begin! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Final PQ Leadership Debate

  1. See he’s having a party this afternoon – probably free booze – no other reason to attend. This province can be bought so easily – the separatists are more the fools for picking this offensive individual to represent them but I really hope he makes a total fool of himself as he seems to do very frequently.

  2. Yep – send in the clowns; don’t bother they’re here. Actually, it’s kind of fun to pick up the newspaper every morning and see how ridiculous things are for the PQ. QS wants the whole province to run on air, not oil, and there are unicorns ahead for everyone. I guess if I didn’t live here, I would find more humour in the disaster. I just want to croak before I’m ever left to their mercy.

  3. On a different note:

    Bombardier, the second largest corporation based in Quebec, announced that it will cut 1000 jobs from Montreal area. No joke, one thousand people will get unemployed in June.

    Yet, if one tune into separatists’ frequency, what one hears is support for PKP, how Graham Fraser, Thomas Mulcair and J.-M. Fournier are against French language, how demo anti-bilingualism in New Brunswick is racist (while the ones in Quebec are noble) and how Canadiens games were not available in French on-air free.

    Priority, anybody?

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