It’s kinda like Star Wars, except it ends like Empire Strikes Back


I will always remember the scene in the Star Wars movies where the Emperor announces that he is stripping the republic of its democratic liberties for the sake of its own well-being and his proclamation is met with a thunderous applause.

For months now, we’ve seen immature outbursts, racists innuendos, bullying, falsification of facts and many other transgressions on the part of PKP that would have annihilated the chances of success for any other politician, but the one constant saving grace for this man is the separatist cult that is willing to prop him up, no matter what.

PKP is already well-known for butting heads with employees, what with his 14 lock-outs constantly being brought up by his “opponents”, but he is also known for casting out any of his own journalist/reporters who dare oppose his will and/or views.

If you look at the picture above, it signals what direction Quebec would head in, were it ever helmed by this man.

Lise Ravary, a federalist columnist at the JdM, penned a piece in which she criticized her boss.

By early afternoon, the piece was gone form the JdM and the Internet almost scrubbed clean of its traces.

You can read the CACHED version here

So much for PKP’s media interests remaining impartial, huh?

Here’s what’s even more dour – right after Ravary’s piece was yanked, PKP had Gilles Duceppe pen a scathing piece against Gaetan Barrette.


I have absolutely no fear PKP will become leader of Quebec.

His mass-appeal is fading by the day.

What troubles me with PKP is the lemming-like devotion on the part of the separatists.

It truly gives Quebec that weird, disturbing stigma that is shared by Alabama and its piss-poor race-relations track record as well as being a KKK heartland.

Anyone from Alabama who has no issues with non-whites and is opposed to the KKK can only shake their heads in shame over calling the same state home.

The situation I see is one where the more the lunatic fringe that is the separatist movement continues to shrink, the more batshit-crazy its remaining players become and I do see some trouble coming from them in the future.

A return to FLQ terror tactics?

Who knows?

But I can assure you, a dying animal is always more vicious when it knows it’s on it’s way out.



Ravery has published earlier today, a follow up to this soty in which she claims to have yanked the piece simply out of a feeling that it was a “bad piece”.

If it really was that “bad” when then did it make it to light in the first place?

You can read the answer to that question here.

Bust out your Google Translator, boys and girls, because JdM reader Marc Charland said all there is to be said about the situation in one Mayweather-quality shot:

Le journal de Montréal ne sera jamais plus le même. Les journalistes marchent sur des œufs. Sans avoir de mots d’ordre, veux veux pas les journalistes sont inquiet. Comment parler de telle ou telle chose correctement sans faire mal a son patron? Le métier de journaliste chez Le Journal de Montréal devient de moins en moins intéressant et beaucoup moins intéressant a lire. Le journal devrait changer de fonction, faire un journal d’artistes.


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