“Mon Tabarnak”

We’ve already established that separatists are fanatical as the very Islamic radical they fear.

Throughout PKP’s campaign we’ve seen everyone from the unions, artists and socialists piss on their so-called convictions and principles all the hope that they can have their precious little country.

This weekend, the case against Peladeau went up not one notch, but SEVERAL notches in one fell swoop.

In case you missed it, read up on it here.

These allegations, which have yet to be officially refuted by PKP or those close to him, are a very damaging portrait of PKP’s (lack of) character…and yet, despite it all – you guessed it – the seppies just keep excusing his actions away. 🙂


4 thoughts on ““Mon Tabarnak”

  1. How sad that this uncivilized, rich, media magnate is unable to sustain a normal relationship with anyone in his family or his girlfriend but is idolized by the silly faction of our society in Quebec. I hope these people really give their heads a shake when voting for anyone in the PQ party let alone the God they have chosen to be their leader. If they think they have trouble now, they ain’t seen nothing yet! (Makes me smile just a little must admit).

    • I don’t know how much social media you follow, but there is definitely some head-scratching over what to do about PKP.

      He’s almost at the finish line and it’s at this point that the air is really coming out of his tires.

  2. I have this anecdotal story, on a much smaller extent. Imperatif-francais complains that there is no NHL playoff game available free on-air. I try to explain that TVA owns those rights and it is TVA that decides whether to air the games on cable (on TVA Sports) or on air (on TVA). Groupe TVA is owned by Quebecor which is owned in majority by PKP. See the reaction here.

    • Congratulations, Troy! It appears that you have upset an uptight, hardcore seppie navel-gazer who makes unsubstantiated allegations with regards to your post. The blinkers are strong on this one. Nevertheless, you appear to be fixated on publicizing this extreme, fringe, minuscule group that represents almost nobody in Quebec.

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