Can the Quebecois Titanic be steered away from the Corruption Iceberg?


That’s all I can say right now.

I’m completely flabbergasted by the news recently revealed by the Quebec media  concerning Jean Charest and Pauline Marois.

Turns out that after Marois defeated Charest in the 2012 election, they put together a plan…and not just any plan – we’re talking about one of them movie-plot quality hooks that made this plan a very nefarious one.

The deal was this: Charest would open the door to (excessively) generous post-office funding to former premiers. Marois was more than happy to oblige.

End result: These two career-politicians tried to pull one over on tax-payers and damn-near got away with it (but they were not the only ones – keep reading).

It all started when the JdM was trying to get more information on why Dominique Payette (Parizeau’s step-daughter) snagged a $24K research contract from Pauline Marois.

Right now, you’re probably telling yourself, “meh, no surprise there, just a politician using her clout to help out her friend”

Kind of.

You see, while that does indeed happen all the time, there was something very fishy about this Payette’s research contract — it was issued to her by Marois AFTER the PQ had been defeated and removed from office.

And YOU paid for it. 🙂


And you thought the Charbonneau commission was going to clean all that shit up too, didn’t you?

Ah, and now, you’re probably telling yourself, “Couillard will clean this up and put an end to it.”

If this were any other province, peutêtre…but this is Quebec y’all, the land that logic and common sense had long ago forsaken.

See, shortly after leaving office, Parizeau was up to the same shenanigans. He was constantly shuttling back and force between his private vineyard in France and Quebec on the taxpayer’s dime.

Lucien Bouchard, who had just taken the helm and was trying to clean up the state’s finances, disagreed with Parizeau’s lavish lifestyle and cut it off and supposedly “sealed off the valves”.

Apparently, Bouchard had weak wrists, because it didn’t take much twisting for not only Charest and Marois to reward themselves with a filthy lucre, but there is another former premier involved (coming up in a sec…).

So far, Jean Charest has billed taxpayers close to $370K since leaving office. Oui, since leaving office.

These “transitional” expenses are supposed to cover moving, the rental of an office, “transitional staff” as well as a security driver for three years.

What I’m about to tell you is really going to piss you off (you know, if you work for a living and that kinda shit…):

Just the office furniture and phone bill (less than three years of use) come out to $42K.

What really leaves me scratching my head however is this: why is the taxpayer paying for Charest’s office rent when he’s a partner at a private law firm?

Which brings us to that the third former-premier I told you about who got to use tax payers money to live it up rock-star style: Bernard Landry.

There’s a limit I can say about Charest and Marois – I don’t know them and don’t spend any time with them.

Different story with Bernie.

I used to work in the same law firm as Bernard Landry.

While all the other lawyers and paralegals in the firm were constantly fluttering about, getting documents processed and expedited, meeting with partners and clients alike all throughout out the day…

…Landry would spend his day reading magazines.

Sometimes, as I’d pass his office, his feet (I’m not shitting you here) were kicked up on his desk — at an internationally-recognized law firm.

I ran this by a lawyer in my family and he told me that a lot of former politicians with legal pedigrees were hired by firms post-office, just for show.

That’s it. They were picked up merely for name brand points, nothing more.

So I looked into it and sure as hell, in the time Landry was in political office, his membership in the bar had expired and he could no longer legally practice law – he really was there only for show and…YOU were paying for this show.

Landry got many of the same perks as Charest and Marois and in total had gotten the state to cover almost $140K of his post-political expenses. I should also note that around the same time that Landry was at the law firm, he was also doing work for Concordia, so the old man wasn’t exactly struggling for cash.

What I’m also poking at here is, and it would take someone to confirm this for me, for all we know Charest might not even be a member of the bar any more…making his lucre even more scandalous.

Bi-Partisan Banditry

As you can see, this is a problem that transcends the separatist/federalist divide.

The common populace is so blinded by the Canada/Quebec debate that this kind of corruption can carry on almost unchecked.

In a future post, I will explain why, in greater detail, corruption is so ingrained in Quebec’s culture and why, even if you were to see the separatist movement crash and burn in spectacular fashion in the next election, this will not change for a very long time.

For now however, I will say I’m very happy Quebec’s journalists got their hands on this information and broke it to the public.


Return of the Separatist Cow – Josée Legault Still Doesn’t Get It

The description of Josée Legault in the title of this piece is that of Jacques Hébert, but I do agree with his choice of words.

When word got out that Robert Libman secured the Conservative candidacy for the riding Mont-Royal, two Journal de Montreal lifers, Josée Legault and Mathieu Bock-Côté were quick to jump on the subject.

Honestly, I expected vitriolic brimstone and fire from Bock-Côté, but to my surprise, it was Legault that allowed the seething resentment to bubble odiously to the surface . She launched a series of personal attacks against Libman, his opponent Andrew Housefather, Anglos, Jews,  Conservatives and Canadians alike in a piece that merited the attention of the National Post and Globe & Mail.

As the French saying goes, Josée avait une méchante crotte sur le coeur and passed it on to the public by way of a frustration-filled digital enema.

Legault is almost 50 years old, and yet, much like PKP, she suffers from a severe case of arrested development.

How bad is her case?

Let me put it to you this way – PKP at least has the excuse of being a spoiled little rich kid who was never in a position where he had to fight his own battles or take any ownership for his actions.

So for your reading pleasure, let’s tear her writing apart like a roasted drumstick, shall we?

“Pour Stephen Harper, la perte de Pascale Déry – une candidate connue chez les francophones, mais nettement moins chez les anglophones […] n’est sûrement pas une bonne nouvelle”.

Hmmm…we’re talking about Mount-Royal here – I don’t think he’s too worried.

“Or, au début des années 90, M. Libman, alors chef du Parti égalité était surtout un militant anglophone anti-loi 101 et anti-nationaliste acharné.”

“Anthony Housefather est certes un être fort sympathique et souriant, mais il est aussi connu pour ses positions radicalement antinationalistes et farouchement anti loi-101.”

At least Libman and Housefather had a LEGITIMATE gripe from which to oppose Bill 101. 

For some sovereignists, being opposed to Bill 101 is a form of discrimination (yes, you did read that correctly). Imagine if Canada had its own Bill 101 (in favor of the Queen’s tongue).

And for Libman’s anti-nationalist stance? I’ll let my main man Albert Einstein field that one: Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”

“Sous la mairie de M. Libman à Côte-Saint-Luc, l’adoption au début des années 2000 d’une résolution pro-partition du Québec en vue d’un hypothétique prochain référendum […]”

I still can’t grasp this one – if Francophones can aspire to nationhood and have a territory all their own and this desire is considered ‘legitimate’ in their circles, why isn’t partition equally as legitimate?

“Tout comme Robert Libman, M. Housefather faisait lui aussi partie de ce qu’on appelait à l’époque les «Angryphones» – ces leaders anglo-montréalais dont plusieurs étaient partitionnistes et surtout, en colère constante. En colère contre la loi 101, contre le PQ, contre l’option souverainiste, contre le nationalisme, contre la mollesse du PLQ, contre Ottawa qui ne  les «protégeait» pas assez, etc.”

Hmmm… as opposed to the colère constante of Canada-haters, Anglo-haters, immigrant-baiters and let’s not forget the intellectual twerps who run down fellow Francophones as cowards, slaves, retards and what have you for being opposed to the separatist movement?

BTW, in this quote, Legault tries to demonize Anglos by pointing to extreme examples of what constitutes an “Angryphone”. While I agree with her that books like “How to wipe-out the Franco Ontarian Language & Cultureare clearly fucked in the head, she may want to hold off on throwing stones. After all, she is the former proud employee of Michel Brûlé, author of the book “Anglaid” – an anti-English manifesto like none I’d ever seen before it.

“À quelques nuances près, se positionnant en victimes éternelles de la loi 101 et du nationalisme québécois, ce duel Libman-Housefather dans Mont-Royal réveille ainsi de nombreux fantômes politiques peu sympathiques.”

Ah yes, let’s talk about ‘eternal victims’ shall we? Personally, I really love the “victimes éternelles de la loi 101” part. Kinda reminds me how separatists are  des victimes éternelles of a conflict that ended over 250 years ago.

I also love “journalists” who’ve made a “career” of whining about how Canada is just so evil and having to live within its oppressive confines is just so unfair, don’t you, Josee-poo?

“Même récemment, en 2013, M. Housefather promettait le «chaos» si le gouvernement Marois adoptait son projet de loi 14 proposant «que des municipalités dont la population anglophone serait en-dessous de 50 % puissent perdre, suivant certains critères, leur statut de ville bilingue»”

“Nous sommes assez pour faire de la merde” – Pauline Marois, 2003

Go read the whole article for yourself.

You’ll hardly believe what you read and further still, you’ll be left scratching your head in wonder at how someone can be so utterly disconnected with reality.

Elvis Has Left The Building, Accompanied By Common Sense

Tomorrow, it’ll be a fait accompli.

PFK will finally be the leader of the PQ and the charade that was “leadership race” will finally come to an end.

While it won’t be officially announced until tomorrow, I wanted to present the giddy little PFK groupies with an inside look at the man who will be presiding over their dreams.

Twitter user @Stingers96 published the following link: The Angry Son (of a bitch)

This isn’t just some rinky-dink rag we’re talking about here, this is the venerable Forbes magazine doing an expose on Quebec most (un)beloved village idiot.

The piece was published pretty much exactly 16 years to the day (off by about a month).

What surprises me is what little difference there is between Peladeau at 37 years old and PFK version 53. You’ll see what I mean when you read the article and size it up to his recent behaviour.

Read it for yourself to see how PFK hasn’t matured in over a decade and a half.


Then again, it’s not like PFK is in strange company.

His brethren is equally as fickle…case in point, the very man who’ll be giving up his job to Pierrot, Stéphane Bédard.

Unlike the #PQ, the rest of us can remember further back than a year’s time. 

We can remember how it was the very man they’re hanging their hopes on right now that sank their battleship.

We can also remember how during the Scottish referendum, the likes of Bédard and co. were cheering on the “underdog” Scots and talking mad shit against the evil empire that is England…

…the very evil empire that spawned the chain wielding Goliath who has mercilessly enslaved the hapless Francophones by way of Ottawa.

Well, we remember anyhow.

Bédard has already forgotten about the hatred he bears for the Queen and her kingdom and praised David Cameron’s victory.

No, I shit you not – he really, really did.

You can read it yourself here.

Read it yet? If not, here’s the spoiler alert: Stephie gets it all wrong (again).

His inability to discern the differences between Scotland and Quebec was an issue in itself (but very expected).

However, the fact that he clearly does not understand the difference between the U.K.’s desire to leave the European union and the Quebec separatist movement’s aspirations to leave Canada is mind-boggling to say the least.

Anyhow, here’s me raising a glass to what will be three years of the most absurd peak in Quebec politics that you’ll see in a long time.

Final PQ Leadership Debate

There was never any doubt in my mind that PKP is the sure winner of the PQ leadership race.

However, if anyone thought they could cling to some hope that he might get bested by one of the other hopefuls, they only had to watch this final go-round to hear PKP’s separation-lusting groupies cheering him on like if he were the LeBron James of the sovereignist movement.

This final debate was little more than a circle-jerk session in which all four candidates seemed to agree with each other on just about everything (which makes you kind of wonder what the point of this shindig was all about).

However, here are a few low-lights:

Cloutier: Alex veered away from being the voice of sensibility and simultaneously praising immigrants (you should have heard him pronounce the name Nguyễn –“N-goo-wee-N”), yet slamming “The Canadian model of multiculturalism, which is not the model of integration for us”.

He also tired to attack Couillard by bringing up his English-language speech in Iceland last year, which pretty much sets the tone for how fickle the course of the evening’s debates will be.

Must admit that I love how Alex suddenly lobs a grenade PKP’s way by asking him if the implementation of the Charter of Values should have been more consensual. Odd how both he and PKP feel the need to verbally felate Bernard Landry in this conversation.

PKP: To kick things off, Pierrot points out that no members of the Liberal party were present for the inauguration of a comemorative bust of Camille Laurin. (No shit, Pete).

Damn man, even with a coach helping him along, Peladeau just sucks at public speaking. It truly is horrible how all those years at the head of a large enterprise did nothing for him.

Throughout the evening, PKP repeated two things very often; the first being the word “emasculation”. The second thing was that “it’s Ottawa’s/Couillard’s fault” whenever he couldn’t think of a proper solution to a proposed problem.

I couldn’t help but shake my head whenever PKP would use the “it’s Ottawa’s fault” stinger for cheap pops and got a resounding chorus of cheers each time from his trained herd of separatist Quijadists.

Céré: This Pierre was the only voice of reason as far as immigration goes, telling the PQ it focused too much on political strategy instead of authentic bridge-building with new arrivals.

He spoke the line no other separatist dareth utter: “Nous gangnerons les coeurs, ou ont ne gagnera pas” [We either win their hearts or we don’t win].

Pierre totally called the other #PQ candidates out on their hypocrisy over excluding all religions save for the Catholic religion. That query only served to start the candidates on circle jerking each other (again) in calling for the institution of the charter.

This is the last you’ll see of Céré. Don’t count on his nomination for a riding as a PQ candidate in any future elections. Many have been thinking out loud that Céré would have his place in QS. Guess time will tell.

Ouellet summarized in one go: shrill bird-voice, and just banging out the rhetoric what with the absence of any ideas: “In Quebec, we do things in French”, “The way to protect Montreal’s integrity is with independence”, and of course, “…we send billions to Ottawa each year, time wee took it back”. Martine is a hippy bimbo living in a rose-coloured un-reality and doesn’t possess the mental faculties to be a simple minister, nevermind leader of a province or country.

Now that we’ve got all this out of the way, I am very much looking forward to PKP shoving Stéphane Bédard out of his seat and getting his ass torn to shreds by the likes of Couillard, Moreau, Fournier, Leitão, Coiteux and the many other PLQ ministers that supercede his level of maturity and intellect.

May the games begin! 🙂

It’s kinda like Star Wars, except it ends like Empire Strikes Back


I will always remember the scene in the Star Wars movies where the Emperor announces that he is stripping the republic of its democratic liberties for the sake of its own well-being and his proclamation is met with a thunderous applause.

For months now, we’ve seen immature outbursts, racists innuendos, bullying, falsification of facts and many other transgressions on the part of PKP that would have annihilated the chances of success for any other politician, but the one constant saving grace for this man is the separatist cult that is willing to prop him up, no matter what.

PKP is already well-known for butting heads with employees, what with his 14 lock-outs constantly being brought up by his “opponents”, but he is also known for casting out any of his own journalist/reporters who dare oppose his will and/or views.

If you look at the picture above, it signals what direction Quebec would head in, were it ever helmed by this man.

Lise Ravary, a federalist columnist at the JdM, penned a piece in which she criticized her boss.

By early afternoon, the piece was gone form the JdM and the Internet almost scrubbed clean of its traces.

You can read the CACHED version here

So much for PKP’s media interests remaining impartial, huh?

Here’s what’s even more dour – right after Ravary’s piece was yanked, PKP had Gilles Duceppe pen a scathing piece against Gaetan Barrette.


I have absolutely no fear PKP will become leader of Quebec.

His mass-appeal is fading by the day.

What troubles me with PKP is the lemming-like devotion on the part of the separatists.

It truly gives Quebec that weird, disturbing stigma that is shared by Alabama and its piss-poor race-relations track record as well as being a KKK heartland.

Anyone from Alabama who has no issues with non-whites and is opposed to the KKK can only shake their heads in shame over calling the same state home.

The situation I see is one where the more the lunatic fringe that is the separatist movement continues to shrink, the more batshit-crazy its remaining players become and I do see some trouble coming from them in the future.

A return to FLQ terror tactics?

Who knows?

But I can assure you, a dying animal is always more vicious when it knows it’s on it’s way out.



Ravery has published earlier today, a follow up to this soty in which she claims to have yanked the piece simply out of a feeling that it was a “bad piece”.

If it really was that “bad” when then did it make it to light in the first place?

You can read the answer to that question here.

Bust out your Google Translator, boys and girls, because JdM reader Marc Charland said all there is to be said about the situation in one Mayweather-quality shot:

Le journal de Montréal ne sera jamais plus le même. Les journalistes marchent sur des œufs. Sans avoir de mots d’ordre, veux veux pas les journalistes sont inquiet. Comment parler de telle ou telle chose correctement sans faire mal a son patron? Le métier de journaliste chez Le Journal de Montréal devient de moins en moins intéressant et beaucoup moins intéressant a lire. Le journal devrait changer de fonction, faire un journal d’artistes.

“Mon Tabarnak”

We’ve already established that separatists are fanatical as the very Islamic radical they fear.

Throughout PKP’s campaign we’ve seen everyone from the unions, artists and socialists piss on their so-called convictions and principles all the hope that they can have their precious little country.

This weekend, the case against Peladeau went up not one notch, but SEVERAL notches in one fell swoop.

In case you missed it, read up on it here.

These allegations, which have yet to be officially refuted by PKP or those close to him, are a very damaging portrait of PKP’s (lack of) character…and yet, despite it all – you guessed it – the seppies just keep excusing his actions away. 🙂