Bernard Drainville: It’s A Swerve, But It’s Still The End

bernard drainville

In this post, I predicted that Bernard Drainville would soon quit after PKP’s coronation as the PQ’s Lord & Saviour.

This morning of course, we’ve all seen that instead of the very expected outcome, Bernie swerved us – bit time.

You may not think it, but I still believe my prediction will hold true. Drainville will still quit sometime after PKP’s coronation, it’s only the circumstances that have changed.

Know what my big question is?

Who did Drainville have supper with a couple of days ago?

Whoever it was, Bernie probably poured his heart out to this person, confiding that he was frustrated as hell with the fact that he should’ve been a shoe-in for the PQ leadership and “damn that PKP for parachuting in and stealing it from me”.

He’s right to be frustrated.

Know what April 25th is?

It’s Bernie’s 8th year in political office – he’s been working on this goal for 8 whole years, while PKP on the other hand, threw himself into the leadership race after mere months in office.

“I can’t wait to just quit and be done with all this. I just want to move on.” He probably confessed.

The person Drainville had supper with likely recommended that he refrain from quitting after the leadership race because it could make him look like a sore loser.

And that’s where the seed for this sudden move was planted.

Who knows? The supper mate might even have been PKP himself.

Pierrot might have had a very intriguing deal for Drainville – “I know you want out if you don’t win – you won’t want to wait another eight years or more for a crack at the leadership, so this is effectively the end of your political career. So I have a proposition for you. Drop out of the race, give me your endorsement and in turn, I will provide you with a six-figure job in Quebecor.”


4 thoughts on “Bernard Drainville: It’s A Swerve, But It’s Still The End

  1. A deal made for sure – when you have enough money in this province you don’t need ethics or principles. Money in socks is good enough. He will just keep buying off any of his opponents that he thinks will make him look even worse than he makes himself look if that’s even possible.

  2. Just listened to Jean Lapierre’s pm show and he echoed some of what’s in this blog post. He brought up Raymond Bachand as an example of a leadership candidate who quite politics like 3 months after losing. So maybe that’s about all we can expect from from Drainville, 3 months.

    • God that would be wonderful. He’s an ass anyway = one of the worst PQ’s and that’s saying a lot. I hope they all disappear like Marois; just fade away.
      This province would be so much better off if we had a party in opposition that did not promote separation with their hand out every day. They have bankrupt us and made us look like fools all over the world. Time to go.

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