Ultimate Exposure: Pierre Karl Péladeau’s Lack of Character

I’ve labored over the past year to chronicle as much of PKP’s ridiculous misadventures in politics while also pointing out his litany of contradictions here on the blog, but today, all glory goes to Joanne Marcotte, former writer for the Journal de Montreal.

I’ve been following Joanne’s work for a little while now, and I have to say that the piece she just wrote on PKP is nothing short of a show-stopper.

Now THIS is labor in journalism – in one fell swoop, Joanne points out the many (and you’re about to see for yourself just how many) times PKP has contradicted himself, while also showing why the very man the separatists consider to be the Messiah who’ll lead them to their own country, is in fact their worst nightmare.

Read Joanne’s Piece Here


3 thoughts on “Ultimate Exposure: Pierre Karl Péladeau’s Lack of Character

  1. Seems my comments on English on her blog were removed = this freedom of speech legal nonsense is further removed from the truth in the province. They do not even allow English comments on Journal de Montreal but they do allow the Francophones full access to the comments of the Gazette. This is the kind of shit that has to stop if this province is not to end on it’s knees. God, I hate this place.

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