Let The Bloodshed Begin!!

I have a confession to make – when the PQ leadership debates kicked off, I had every intention to watch each one. After all, I’m a hopeless political junkie.

But what can I say? So far in, it’s been snoozeville and I simply couldn’t be bothered. In the initial rounds, it was something akin to butt-sniffing circle jerk, which made my stomach turn (especially since we all knew what was coming).

That all changed early yesterday when the PR teams for Drainville, Cloutier and Ouellet reached out to the media, urging them to tune in to the debates as there was a promise of bloodletting, with the number one target of course being PKP.

They didn’t disappoint.

Here are some snippets of the trademark PQ inter-hate that boiled to the surface last night:

Alexandre Cloutier: «Bernard, tu as changé d’idée trois fois sur la souveraineté.»

Bernard Drainville: «Tu refuses de répondre à la question, Pierre Karl […], personne n’a le droit de demander un chèque en blanc.»

[NOTE: what I love about Bernie’s comment is that he’s right – PKP has been dodging tough questions consistently throughout the debates, yet the separatists, who supposedly desire a political system that operates with transparency don’t care worth a damn. If their Lord & Saviour doesn’t want to give a straight answer, it’s his God-given right].

Bernard Drainville: « On a cette tentation de s’accrocher à l’idée de l’homme providentiel, a-t-il affirmé, une allusion évidente à M. Péladeau. Moi je pense que c’est un mirage. »

Drainville’s Fate Is Already Written

Regarding Drainville: His hopes of political greatness are washing down the drain and no one knows it better than him. Must be frustrating for a man who gave up his career in journalism to realize that his career in politics hasn’t nudged him up the corporate ladder one iota.

He’s in familiar company though. Jean-François Lisée was forced to concede that being the leader of a political formation was not his to have. Must have stung considering that when he was elected to the assembly for the first time, many saw him as an heir apparent to Marois upon her exit.

I still predict that Lisée will be making his own outro soon after the next PQ enthronement ceremony is complete. Given that I correctly predicted that the PQ leadership race would result in much strife for Lisée, I think the second prediction will prove accurate as well.

Lisée won’t be alone in jumping ship, however.

With the attacks Drainville levelled at PKP, and given Péladeau’s well-document nature of vindictive behaviour, Bernie will be persona non grata in the PQ ranks in very short time. There’s that and the fact that Drainville’s failure to capture the PQ leadership pretty much signals he likely never will.

Sure there are exceptions to the rule, such as Bernard Landry and Pauline Marois who’d failed in the past, only to gain leadership eventually, but both of those politicians had very marginal (at best) runs at the helm.

Now that Bernie finds himself north of 50, he’ll likely be facing some big decisions sooner than later.

Godwin’s Law or…

Seps always get a laugh out of me when they latch on to an idea, expression or factoid and an regurgitate it to death upon command.

The Godwin Points argument frequently comes up because the separatist movement is often likened to the Nazi movement (and with good reason).

OK, then you tell me if this is Nazi-like behaviour or not: last night PKP pledged to levy hefty fines against any businesses that “attempt to interfere or sabotage” the separatist movement, citing insurance giant SunLife’s move to Toronto after the election of René Lévesque’s election.

The fact that this statement came from the PQ’s resident “business man” speaks volumes about the party’s disturbing lack of knowledge in the way of economics and the constitution.

It’s not bad enough that the PQ wants to control language, religion and immigration – now they want to control a company’s ability to operate in the way that is most sensible and profitable.


2 thoughts on “Let The Bloodshed Begin!!

  1. Really, you have to wonder about the intelligence of this man and the people who would vote for him. We don’t have enough businesses that want out of here but no one to buy them and then we promise to have a law that won’t let them out if they are a separate country. If he had a brain it would rattle and there is not a business in the world that would re-locate to a place with such laws in place. How sad this province has come to it’s own destruction along with the poor Canadians that are caught in the same web. We must partition this province and let those idiots go on their own way!

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