The Separatist Spin on Where Immigrants Should Go

After publishing THIS post, I received comments from Michel Patrice citing that Quebec’s immigrants would be better served by being directed to Quebec City rather than seeking out the company of their own communities in Montreal.

Two of Michel’s principal arguments for Quebec City being a better choice for immigrants were;

A) There’s a lower rate of unemployment

B) Housing is more affordable

After reading the comments Troy had left, I dug a little deeper to take a look at why Quebec City is not the best idea for immigrants (or even native Quebeckers/Canadians for that matter).

First, the employment issue (or lack of it, as Troy pointed out):

Let me give you my two cents based on my life experience.

I, along with my wife and son, do not care if the place we live in does not have people from the our home country’s community. That was why we were comfortable with Montreal. Otherwise, we would have no other choice in the first place than Toronto or Vancouver.

With my preference like that, I can say categorically that Quebec City region is not a good place for me to find a job. Even if I mastered French 100%. The jobs are simply not there. If one is looking for a white-collar, knowledge-based, good-pay, private-sector jobs, in Quebec those jobs are concentrated in Montreal and nowhere else.

While Quebec City’s unemployment rate is lower than Montreal’s at surface level, we of course need to take into account that Montreal has a population of 1.621M people while Quebec City has 765,706 chicks in its nest. With Montreal having more than double the population, the higher unemployment rate is more than acceptable.

Furthermore, Troy really isn’t kidding about the lack of private-sector jobs.

To draw contrast, I decided to use, one of Canada’s most popular job-search engines to demonstrate the disparity between the two cities.

Job Title: mécanicien  Location: Ville de Quebec & Montreal

Results: 109 positions (Quebec) / 446 positions (Montreal)


Job Title: Ruby (development language)  Location: Ville de Quebec & Montreal

Results: 12 positions (Quebec) / 111 positions (Montreal)


Job Title: Analyste d’affaires  Location: Ville de Quebec & Montreal

Results: 32 positions (Quebec) / 246 positions (Montreal)


Job Title: Marketing  Location: Ville de Quebec & Montreal

Results: 412 positions (Quebec) / 3,491 positions (Montreal)

The numbers speak for themselves – the private sector clearly belongs to Montreal.

Just thought I’d also point out that three of those skilled jobs (Ruby on Rails developer, Business Analyst and Marketing) all require English…or at least they do if you want a customer base larger than fishing village in Greenland.

Regarding the home prices, I checked out the CREA website and was remarkably surprised to discover something rather disturbing: while Quebec City was indeed a lot cheaper than Montreal (you can save up to $100K on a home), the year-over-year appreciation is in the negative.


According to the CREA website, if you bought a home in Quebec’s capital in 2014 for $262,963, today your home would be worth $255,698.

Part of the point of buying one’s own home is not to simply be owner of your own abode.

It’s an investment.

Just look at how baby boomers are cashing in the homes they bought for $150K for over half a million bucks and up and using that money to live comfortably in a condo. 

This negative ROI also has a trickle-down effect to the rental market.

Take a look at Toronto for instance. Housing has gotten so expensive there that most new home owners will convert part of their new home into a separate apartment to help pay off the mortgage.

Let’s say you want to do the same in Quebec City – that separate apartment will barely make a dent.

Raw Deal

In effect, what we see here is that separatists truly do not have the immigrant community’s best interests at heart.

While I do agree with Michel that governments should promote as many different regions in their territory to new arrivals for the sake of total development of resources and the maximization of asset value, at the end of the day the separatist agenda is preoccupied with sticking it to Canada by trying to break up the spirit of multiculturalism.

They merely want immigrants to spread out to spite the made-in-Canada model…nothing more.

In doing so, they are proposing to send immigrants to city with an inferior job market that almost guarantees a sub-standard of opportunity and success, a negative ROI on real estate investment all at the additional cost of distancing themselves from the only sense of familiarity they have in their new country.


10 thoughts on “The Separatist Spin on Where Immigrants Should Go

  1. Now that you opened the discussion on Quebec City, I read somewhere that the main employers in Quebec City region are governments (all levels) and hospitality industry. And so IMO not very friendly for higher-level kind of immigrants.

    My next point is to look to Winnipeg as a comparison as Quebec City and Winnipeg are similar in size. While its location is rather isolated, Winnipeg has far more economic activities than Quebec City. As well, its demographic profile is much more diverse.

  2. One thing for damn sure, when potential immigrants read what’s going on in this province they sure as hell will not come here unless they don’t plan on staying. The separatists have made it very clear with their hateful charter and Bill 14 that no one other than their own kind are welcome. Who would pick this as a place to invest in? No one unless they have enough money to take a chance with their future and enough in the bank to get out when they want to leave unlike a lot of us.

  3. Voici l’idée essentielle de mon premier commentaire, idée que j’ai exprimée dans un premier commentaire et précisée dans un second :

    “Suggérer, comme dans le manuel, que l’immigrante mexicaine s’installe à Montréal car elle y trouverait d’autres mexicains montre une certaine sensibilité à la réalité des immigrants, un certain respect du désir légitime de se retrouver entre gens partageant une même culture, etc. Et c’est bien, je crois, dans l’esprit du multiculturalisme canadien.”

    “Or, la question du manuel et sa réponse vont justement dans ce sens et sont bien dans l’esprit du multiculturalisme canadien. Mais, je le répète, ce qui est justement dans l’esprit du multicuturalisme canadien (le respect du fait qu’une immigrante mexicaine souhaite côtoyer d’autres mexicains) vaut aux québécois des accusations de xénophobie et de discrimination.”

    Voici, une nouvelle fois, l’idée que tu t’efforces de ne pas voir, et tu argumentes au sujet de Québec et Montréal, allant même jusqu’à écrire un article à ce sujet.

    Alors, je me répète, suggérer à une immigrante mexicaine de s’installer à Montréal car elle y trouvera une communauté mexicaine, est-ce dans l’esprit du multiculturalisme canadien? Et si oui, pourquoi cette question du manuel scolaire vaut-elle aux québécois des accusations de discrimination et de xénophobie? Ayant soulevé cette question deux fois, je suppose que si tu avais quelque chose à y répondre, tu l’aurais fait.

    Jusqu’où peut-on feindre de ne pas entendre sans tomber dans le ridicule?…

    • “Suggérer à une immigrante mexicaine de s’installer à Montréal car elle y trouvera une communauté mexicaine, est-ce dans l’esprit du multiculturalisme canadien?”


      “Et si oui, pourquoi cette question du manuel scolaire vaut-elle aux québécois des accusations de discrimination et de xénophobie?”

      En effet, c’est encore une autre attaque subtile sur le multiculturalisme canadien. C’est a dire qu’il est plus facile de tarnsformer les enfants que des adultes en victimes d’endoctrinement et les faire croire que le multiculturalisme est une maladie.

  4. You know a year ago I would have said nothing about this but now I’m going to talk about all this “domination” of french over english that goes on here and in NB and Ontario. I’m sick to death of all of it and because I know that Michel Patrice speaks English as well as I do and he knows this is an anglophone blog (even though you as Editor speak French) and insists on writing his comments in French even though there are a lot of anglophones that don’t read and write French. I find it rude and know Michel has been a “reasonable” separatist on the “nodogsoranglophones” blog but you are just trying to get your blog off the ground and again I find this so pushy and miserable of these separatists. I find all separatists pushy and ignorant to everyone but those of their own ilk and decided it’s time I said so. Thank you Editor – if you remove the remark I will understand but I don’t see why you would.

    • I agree with you that Michel’s French-only commenting is very antagonistic given that we’ve seen him post extensively in English on NDOA.

      However, while he’s doing it on purpose, there are some commentors who express themselves better in French and unlike separatist media, I don’t want to deprive them the chance to say what they have to say.

      To be fair to Michel, his arguments are very fluid when expressed in his native tongue, while in the past, some of his English mistakes were brought to light and used against him.

      I will however keep true to my promise to keep trolls the likes of S.R and Student away.

      • I will try to comment mostly in english.

        This blog is just starting, but I do not think that my comments are a problem. If anything, my comments might generate more discussion which is a good thing.

  5. Thank you Michel – If I am going to participate in the blog I have to be able to understand the comments and, as I’ve told you before, you seem to be a reasonable separatist (and there are not many of them) I appreciate your efforts to make your points in English. Thank you also Editor.

  6. “…but you are just trying to get your blog off the ground…”
    Did you post about your blog on the PBTF Facebook page? They have over 30,000 followers.

    If you want to spread the word, you can tell about this blog on http://www.reddit/r/montreal. Reddit has a lot of traffic and usualy generates a good traffic if you post something interesting.

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