Hate The Game, Bitches…But Never Hate Its Better Players

How many times have we heard it now…the old discours about how Anglo-imperialists and their ilk like keep the little Francophone down and deprive him/her of the chance to flourish and rise?

Curious enough, we’re still hearing it in 2015.

Know what’s even more curious?

It’s when a Francophone does rise from the doldrums of obscurity like a phoenix and dominates in a market, only for the same weak-minded defeatists who claim Francophones are oppressed and marginalized to come out in hordes to piss all over the self-generated success of one of their own.

“OK…what is all this about?” you might be wondering.

Guy Laliberté.

By now, you’re well aware that he cashed out his chips with Cirque du Soleil.

Now that he’s made his billions (yes, the mystical “B” word), been to outer space and pumped insane amounts of cash into charity, he’s decided to buy himself a tropical island.

You can check it out here.

While you check out the pics in that article, be sure to scroll a little lower and check out some (read: MANY) of the comments.

If you detect disgust and anger in my tone, you’re not mistaken. Before this point last year, a huge swath of Quebec’s population detested PKP.

Today of course, those who identify with the separatist movement, have been able to conveniently suppress their convictions and cheer on the son of inherited wealth as he pounds the air with promises of money trees and French-speaking unicorns.

Yet, when it comes to a self-made man who’s created thousands of jobs for both his fellow Quebecois and thousands more around the world, it’s hate-city all the way.

How dare this self-made man sell off his (own) Quebec-based creation…to an American consortium?

How dare he take the wealth he generated and use it to buy an island?

The Conditional Acceptance of Wealth

Haters are easily some of the lowest life forms littering this planet.

He or she who aims for the bottom of the bucket and utter despises anyone who dares aim for the moon is the reprobate that drags societies downward.

They have no sense of self.

In having no sense of self, they have no individual purpose.

With this lack of individual purpose comes a lack of individual value.

This is why they identify so intensely with the nationalist movement.

Nationalism is that great eraser that removes all those pesky individual deficiencies people loathe in themselves and washes it over a veneer bland, indistinguishable collectivism.

When they spot a fellow like who clearly recognized his own self-worth and manifested outward to create a massive dream-come-true, they despise player who won the game they spend their entire lives losing at.

An exception to success-hate can be made for PKP because he’s presently using his (inherited) wealth to promote the sovereignist movement, a movement which includes THEM.

Cheering Laliberté on is in some ways a form of redemption for these wayward souls. They would be rooting for the little guy who showed you that quality of life doesn’t mean waiting for a political party to make things happen for you.

Laliberté never needed to implicate himself in politics to create a sovereign country.

His circus is an economy in and of itself. Within this self-contained economy there was everything one could want in a society, jobs/opportunities, an abundant art scene, and a celebration of joie de vivre.

The War That Defeated Itself

You want to know why separation truly will never be achieved?

Simply because of this low-rent hater line of thinking prevents them from taking a position.

They can’t stand being oppressed (even though said oppression exists exclusively in their minds), yet when someone ignores the obstacles and challenges that stands in their way and triumphs, they feel that the only way this accomplishment came to pass was by way of nefarious back-door dealings.

Oppression + marginalization = poetic nobility

Financial success + personal sovereignty = the fruit of coal-hearted egotism

Their day-to-day existence is dominated by defeatism, leaving them to dream of bigger things, but the moment they get a taste of those bigger things, some neo-Catholic reflex kicks in and their self-loathing forces them right back to their comfort zone (defeatism).


Bernard Drainville: It’s A Swerve, But It’s Still The End

bernard drainville

In this post, I predicted that Bernard Drainville would soon quit after PKP’s coronation as the PQ’s Lord & Saviour.

This morning of course, we’ve all seen that instead of the very expected outcome, Bernie swerved us – bit time.

You may not think it, but I still believe my prediction will hold true. Drainville will still quit sometime after PKP’s coronation, it’s only the circumstances that have changed.

Know what my big question is?

Who did Drainville have supper with a couple of days ago?

Whoever it was, Bernie probably poured his heart out to this person, confiding that he was frustrated as hell with the fact that he should’ve been a shoe-in for the PQ leadership and “damn that PKP for parachuting in and stealing it from me”.

He’s right to be frustrated.

Know what April 25th is?

It’s Bernie’s 8th year in political office – he’s been working on this goal for 8 whole years, while PKP on the other hand, threw himself into the leadership race after mere months in office.

“I can’t wait to just quit and be done with all this. I just want to move on.” He probably confessed.

The person Drainville had supper with likely recommended that he refrain from quitting after the leadership race because it could make him look like a sore loser.

And that’s where the seed for this sudden move was planted.

Who knows? The supper mate might even have been PKP himself.

Pierrot might have had a very intriguing deal for Drainville – “I know you want out if you don’t win – you won’t want to wait another eight years or more for a crack at the leadership, so this is effectively the end of your political career. So I have a proposition for you. Drop out of the race, give me your endorsement and in turn, I will provide you with a six-figure job in Quebecor.”

Ultimate Exposure: Pierre Karl Péladeau’s Lack of Character

I’ve labored over the past year to chronicle as much of PKP’s ridiculous misadventures in politics while also pointing out his litany of contradictions here on the blog, but today, all glory goes to Joanne Marcotte, former writer for the Journal de Montreal.

I’ve been following Joanne’s work for a little while now, and I have to say that the piece she just wrote on PKP is nothing short of a show-stopper.

Now THIS is labor in journalism – in one fell swoop, Joanne points out the many (and you’re about to see for yourself just how many) times PKP has contradicted himself, while also showing why the very man the separatists consider to be the Messiah who’ll lead them to their own country, is in fact their worst nightmare.

Read Joanne’s Piece Here

Let The Bloodshed Begin!!

I have a confession to make – when the PQ leadership debates kicked off, I had every intention to watch each one. After all, I’m a hopeless political junkie.

But what can I say? So far in, it’s been snoozeville and I simply couldn’t be bothered. In the initial rounds, it was something akin to butt-sniffing circle jerk, which made my stomach turn (especially since we all knew what was coming).

That all changed early yesterday when the PR teams for Drainville, Cloutier and Ouellet reached out to the media, urging them to tune in to the debates as there was a promise of bloodletting, with the number one target of course being PKP.

They didn’t disappoint.

Here are some snippets of the trademark PQ inter-hate that boiled to the surface last night:

Alexandre Cloutier: «Bernard, tu as changé d’idée trois fois sur la souveraineté.»

Bernard Drainville: «Tu refuses de répondre à la question, Pierre Karl […], personne n’a le droit de demander un chèque en blanc.»

[NOTE: what I love about Bernie’s comment is that he’s right – PKP has been dodging tough questions consistently throughout the debates, yet the separatists, who supposedly desire a political system that operates with transparency don’t care worth a damn. If their Lord & Saviour doesn’t want to give a straight answer, it’s his God-given right].

Bernard Drainville: « On a cette tentation de s’accrocher à l’idée de l’homme providentiel, a-t-il affirmé, une allusion évidente à M. Péladeau. Moi je pense que c’est un mirage. »

Drainville’s Fate Is Already Written

Regarding Drainville: His hopes of political greatness are washing down the drain and no one knows it better than him. Must be frustrating for a man who gave up his career in journalism to realize that his career in politics hasn’t nudged him up the corporate ladder one iota.

He’s in familiar company though. Jean-François Lisée was forced to concede that being the leader of a political formation was not his to have. Must have stung considering that when he was elected to the assembly for the first time, many saw him as an heir apparent to Marois upon her exit.

I still predict that Lisée will be making his own outro soon after the next PQ enthronement ceremony is complete. Given that I correctly predicted that the PQ leadership race would result in much strife for Lisée, I think the second prediction will prove accurate as well.

Lisée won’t be alone in jumping ship, however.

With the attacks Drainville levelled at PKP, and given Péladeau’s well-document nature of vindictive behaviour, Bernie will be persona non grata in the PQ ranks in very short time. There’s that and the fact that Drainville’s failure to capture the PQ leadership pretty much signals he likely never will.

Sure there are exceptions to the rule, such as Bernard Landry and Pauline Marois who’d failed in the past, only to gain leadership eventually, but both of those politicians had very marginal (at best) runs at the helm.

Now that Bernie finds himself north of 50, he’ll likely be facing some big decisions sooner than later.

Godwin’s Law or…

Seps always get a laugh out of me when they latch on to an idea, expression or factoid and an regurgitate it to death upon command.

The Godwin Points argument frequently comes up because the separatist movement is often likened to the Nazi movement (and with good reason).

OK, then you tell me if this is Nazi-like behaviour or not: last night PKP pledged to levy hefty fines against any businesses that “attempt to interfere or sabotage” the separatist movement, citing insurance giant SunLife’s move to Toronto after the election of René Lévesque’s election.

The fact that this statement came from the PQ’s resident “business man” speaks volumes about the party’s disturbing lack of knowledge in the way of economics and the constitution.

It’s not bad enough that the PQ wants to control language, religion and immigration – now they want to control a company’s ability to operate in the way that is most sensible and profitable.

The Separatist Spin on Where Immigrants Should Go

After publishing THIS post, I received comments from Michel Patrice citing that Quebec’s immigrants would be better served by being directed to Quebec City rather than seeking out the company of their own communities in Montreal.

Two of Michel’s principal arguments for Quebec City being a better choice for immigrants were;

A) There’s a lower rate of unemployment

B) Housing is more affordable

After reading the comments Troy had left, I dug a little deeper to take a look at why Quebec City is not the best idea for immigrants (or even native Quebeckers/Canadians for that matter).

First, the employment issue (or lack of it, as Troy pointed out):

Let me give you my two cents based on my life experience.

I, along with my wife and son, do not care if the place we live in does not have people from the our home country’s community. That was why we were comfortable with Montreal. Otherwise, we would have no other choice in the first place than Toronto or Vancouver.

With my preference like that, I can say categorically that Quebec City region is not a good place for me to find a job. Even if I mastered French 100%. The jobs are simply not there. If one is looking for a white-collar, knowledge-based, good-pay, private-sector jobs, in Quebec those jobs are concentrated in Montreal and nowhere else.

While Quebec City’s unemployment rate is lower than Montreal’s at surface level, we of course need to take into account that Montreal has a population of 1.621M people while Quebec City has 765,706 chicks in its nest. With Montreal having more than double the population, the higher unemployment rate is more than acceptable.

Furthermore, Troy really isn’t kidding about the lack of private-sector jobs.

To draw contrast, I decided to use Indeed.ca, one of Canada’s most popular job-search engines to demonstrate the disparity between the two cities.

Job Title: mécanicien  Location: Ville de Quebec & Montreal

Results: 109 positions (Quebec) / 446 positions (Montreal)


Job Title: Ruby (development language)  Location: Ville de Quebec & Montreal

Results: 12 positions (Quebec) / 111 positions (Montreal)


Job Title: Analyste d’affaires  Location: Ville de Quebec & Montreal

Results: 32 positions (Quebec) / 246 positions (Montreal)


Job Title: Marketing  Location: Ville de Quebec & Montreal

Results: 412 positions (Quebec) / 3,491 positions (Montreal)

The numbers speak for themselves – the private sector clearly belongs to Montreal.

Just thought I’d also point out that three of those skilled jobs (Ruby on Rails developer, Business Analyst and Marketing) all require English…or at least they do if you want a customer base larger than fishing village in Greenland.

Regarding the home prices, I checked out the CREA website and was remarkably surprised to discover something rather disturbing: while Quebec City was indeed a lot cheaper than Montreal (you can save up to $100K on a home), the year-over-year appreciation is in the negative.


According to the CREA website, if you bought a home in Quebec’s capital in 2014 for $262,963, today your home would be worth $255,698.

Part of the point of buying one’s own home is not to simply be owner of your own abode.

It’s an investment.

Just look at how baby boomers are cashing in the homes they bought for $150K for over half a million bucks and up and using that money to live comfortably in a condo. 

This negative ROI also has a trickle-down effect to the rental market.

Take a look at Toronto for instance. Housing has gotten so expensive there that most new home owners will convert part of their new home into a separate apartment to help pay off the mortgage.

Let’s say you want to do the same in Quebec City – that separate apartment will barely make a dent.

Raw Deal

In effect, what we see here is that separatists truly do not have the immigrant community’s best interests at heart.

While I do agree with Michel that governments should promote as many different regions in their territory to new arrivals for the sake of total development of resources and the maximization of asset value, at the end of the day the separatist agenda is preoccupied with sticking it to Canada by trying to break up the spirit of multiculturalism.

They merely want immigrants to spread out to spite the made-in-Canada model…nothing more.

In doing so, they are proposing to send immigrants to city with an inferior job market that almost guarantees a sub-standard of opportunity and success, a negative ROI on real estate investment all at the additional cost of distancing themselves from the only sense of familiarity they have in their new country.

Rise of the Province of the Apes II: The Battle of UQAM

Know what the hardest part of coming up in a family that has a strong military presence in it? You eventually become extremely dependent on logic.

Without cause and effect in your surroundings, you become crazy.

When the first Maple Spring took place in 2012, I thought I was going to lose my mind.

I mean, here I was already contending with the errant stupidity that the separatist movement is founded and fuelled on, as well as pyaing the highest taxes in North America due to senseless spending and bloated bureaucracies…

…and now I had to live with students who took it upon themselves to sabotage society to scrimp out of a $.69/day hike in tuition?


Yes, really.

After all, this is Quebec, the spoiled brat province with an unreality befitting of a 3rd-world dictator.

In 2012, we watched on for months on end as the dregs of society marched day and night in the streets, broke store front windows, trashed offices, blocked bridges and tunnels to prevent commuters from getting to work as well as getting home, attacked bystanders who jeered them, terrorized journalists and politicians at their homes and threatened tourists and on and on…

…only to turn and wine like victims when the cops served them up a knuckle sandwich with a side of billy club.

What’s A Good Play Without A Sequel?

Three years later, our little bandit beggars are back again.

Some of the original cast is back for this latest instalment, as they never made it to the end of their studies because they spent all their time gooning through the streets the first time around.

The only thing different this time around is that we’ve gone through two governments and now their battle looks to hit a brick wall it didn’t face when they were contending with Charest and Marois.

Couillard has shown that he has three times the nerve/poker-face that Charest ever did and unlike Marois, the life-long politician, Couillard’s a self-made man with real-world management/problem-solving skills and is no stranger to approaching contentious issues with a well-researched, pragmatic approach.

While we’re presently watching a sequel roll out before us, I see this as the final chapter in the story. There will be no trifecta.

First of all, because they had little public support beforehand. This time? Just about none. Almost everyone outside of the public employee sector is adamantly against them.

But in order to end this irritating story in two acts, we have to ask the question:

What Will It Take For It To Stop?

A new normal.

After the economic meltdown of 2008, many financial experts referred to the post-chaos financial lifestyle of Americans as the ‘new normal’.

That whole thing about getting a house with no money down? It’s over – you now have to put skin in the game. It’s the ‘new normal’.

Cutting back on visits to the bar/restaurant? Drink/eat at home, it’s the ‘new normal’.

Adaptability is one of humanity’s top traits.

If you’ve never been to the gym, pumping the iron and running that treadmill might be tough at first and you may well find yourself contesting that voice inside your head, but…over time, as you hit the gym more and more, you start feeling empty when you skip a day. It becomes a new normal.

When the #ManifEnCours Part I debuted, Charest was in power. His faux-pas? He engaged them in negotiations and allowed for revisions. No, no, no.

Dialogue With The Unelightened = NO ‘New Normal’

What Charest should have done once the “Maple Spring” began is call a massive press conference and gotten taxpayers, to take turns at the podium and deliver from-the-heart testimonials like the one that was sent to Aaron Rand over at CJAD:

” Help Wanted – Looking for Professional Protester “

I am a hard working Quebec taxpayer who pays close to 50% of my earnings to income taxes. Above the standard income tax,
I also pay higher sales tax, additional gov’t fees for most basic services, forced gov’t insurance fees, higher automobile fees to own and operate my vehicles, and the highest gasoline prices in Canada.

I also pay taxes so our Quebec students can have the lowest tuition fees in North America, and I also pay extra security costs so students can protest those same fees. And of course I also pay taxes so students from France who do NOT contribute to our system, pay reduced rates to study here.

I pay higher maintenance costs for my car due to the horrendous condition of our roads and infrastructure. And as it turns out,
I’ve also been paying, unknowingly, for the corruption perpetrated by government officials and bureaucrats who were on the take.

I pay for the lack of productivity from our bloated civil service. I pay to have a financially unsustainable public day care system, so people can send their kids to a $7.00 a day daycare while they sit at home and watch TV, instead of watching their kids.

So as you can see, I’m a bit frustrated, and I believe I have some legitimate gripes to protest. Unfortunately, by the time I get home from work every day, its already late, I’m usually pretty tired, and I need to get some rest, so I can get up the next day and go back to work to make the money to pay my taxes, and fees, and contributions, and surcharges… all of which makes it very difficult for me to find the time to protest, hence the reason for my ad seeking a professional protester who will protest for me.

I’m prepared to pay you a fair hourly wage, and as a bonus, I will share whatever gains are actually achieved through your protesting. So if your protesting saves me $1000.00 in taxes, I will pay you a 30% commission.

So let me know if you’re ready to take this on… And in case you’re wondering, I’d protest these injustices myself, but then where would our society get the money to pay for all the things I’m protesting ?

Yours truly,
Overburdened and Tired Taxpayer

We can’t expect the “students” and their supporters to understand this tax payer’s (and all others like him).

After decades of being exposed to artificial abundance, it’s to be expected that it will take decades for them to unlearn the mindset of entitlement that has taken hold of their entourage. We can’t afford to wait for them to get up to speed.

It’s squarely on the shoulders of the Couillard government to not only remain stern, but come down even harder on the hooded little runts looking to start crap.

When the student movement sees that no matter how hard they whine, they won’t get any more money while their public support base erodes as the very taxpayers who cover their tuition sees that Couillard is on their side, they will eventually get used to the new normal.

That or they’ll move elsewhere and become someone else’s problem to deal with.

The austerity measures won’t be in place forever, however, for the good of Quebec’s future, many of the programs that have been erased will never return.

Every society eventually faces the end of a cycle that brings with it a tipping point.

Couillard has to accept that he must not only finish what he started, but once he’s done, simply burying the vampire of over-spending and artificial abundance won’t do. He’ll have to drive a stake through its entitled heart and fry its parasitic corpse on the pyre.

How to Pimp Out Your Children…Separatist Style

Hey gang, I’ve been very busy the past couple of weeks, but I’m still committed to keeping the blog chugging along as much as possible with little in the way of activity gaps.

While I don’t really have time to write up a piece today, there is nonetheless an extremely alarming situation that was brought up by CJAD radio journalist, Dan Delmar.

While the separatists have never shied away from using early education as a vehicle for brainwashing children early on in their lives, this will no doubt leave you gritting your teeth with rage.

Just wait until you read the rebuttal from the school, too.

Click here to read the full story