The Emperor’s Still Naked

I recently heard a couple of people referring to PKP as PFK (the French acronym for KFC in Quebec).

Remarkably fitting, really.

Our favorite man-child has some pretty PFK-class views of the outside world, and now, after hiring a spin doctor to monitor his thoughts and run them through a filter before he opens his mouth, PKP is officially a Meat Puppet.

It’s for those two reasons that from this point forward, I will also refer to PKP as PFK.

Real Entrepreneurs VS. Fake Entrepreneur

Not sure about you, but I love listening to some of the commentary soundbites on CJAD, namely Jean LaPierre and Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary.

Since PFK hit the scene, it’s been even more intriguing hearing O’Leary’s insights given the “same differences” between he and PFK.

O’Leary is a self-made man. His massive wealth was built on a solid idea and countless hours of blood, sweat and tears.

PFK on the other hand, never had to work a real day in his life. He inherited a position he was never worthy of and as a result, has made many mistakes that have blemished his father’s legacy.

If O’Leary ever screwed up, there were consequences. If PFK shit the bed, papa would simply sweep the stool beneath the nearest carpet.

While O’Leary is no longer a Dragon (he’s now only on Shark Tank), another Dragon (QC version), Mitch Garber went after PFK’s track record and called him out as a poor leader who can’t be trusted with power.

It’s not an accusation – it’s a matter of public record.

If you don’t watch the QC version of Dragon’s Den, here’s the low-down on Garber – he’s the only Anglo Dragon on the squad and his wealth wasn’t generated by a trust fund.

So then…take a wild guess HOW the seppies reacted when this dirty Anglo bastard lambasted their sovereignist messiah.

Actually, there’s no guessing required. Just click on that link above and scroll down to the comments.

So much for those seppies who insist they really have no issues with Anglos and immigrants.

Then again, I sympathize. Must be hard when your brightest hope is the dimmest bulb in the house.

PFK — The Saddest of Final Hopes

Despite being socially awkward and displaying and displaying a lacklustre intellect and maturity level, PFK is still the leadership candidate with the most real world business experience.

The longer the  leadership race for the PQ crown stretches out, the worse all the other candidates come off,which extends as equally to their understanding of the economy as much as it does their connection to popular public sentiment regarding their little dream.

Martine Ouellet comes off as a shamelessly clueless hippie proposing Candyland tactics that sound great if you’ve been hitting the bong for several hours, but make zero sense on a balance sheet.

Brain-Drainville is positioning himself almost exclusively on the identity question.

And now you have Alexandre Cloutier declaring that the oil reserves in Anticosti…will forever remain untouched.

What this boils down to is a Mexican stand-off in that separatists.

One on hand, seppies believe themselves to be superior to all other Canadians when it comes to protecting the environment (despite statistics showing the Quebecois have the highest driving-per capita ratio in the country).

On the other hand, any seppie with a glint of intelligence knows that an independent Quebec needs to get its money from somewhere and it surely won’t be coming from Ottawa any more, so exploiting oil reserves will be a must.

Whichever direction the seppies turn their heads, there’s a cold barrel pointing their way.


One thought on “The Emperor’s Still Naked

  1. And today he stated yet again that there is no way he will sell his shares in Quebecor no matter what. Let’s see how the seppies will change the little conflict of interest problem to ensure that he is able to accept the position as leader of the PQs. They will do anything, including breaking their own laws, to get this hell hole out of Canada and the ROC will be glad, at this point, to see their asses out the door. No one can blame them anymore because it’s OK to accept dirty oil money from Alberta but no way are we to take advantage of our own natural resources. What a place = what a mess.

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