THIS is what a balanced budget looks like, kids

And so it has been done…the Liberals, true to their promise, have delivered a balanced budget.

The first in close to a  decade.

But here it is and it surely didn’t come without a great deal of turmoil.

As it stands right now, the people of Quebec remain  the most heavily taxed in North America, but they now have a very promising caveat to add to that: they’ve been overtaxed their entire lives. So then, what’s waiting another three years to finally see their taxes go down?

After all, their excessive fardeau didn’t just go up overnight.

It took many moons for the nanny state that is the present day Quebec infrastructure to swell to gargantuan proportions.

Let’s take weight loss as an example, shall we (especially since I’m kicking my ass to slim down as much as possible before summer arrives).

Weight loss, as with reigning in debt, takes sacrifice and fundamental lifestyle changes.

Anyone who’s undertaken a campaign to slim-down knows that getting accustomed to the treadmill isn’t the hard part – changing your diet is.

You can’t spend 45 minutes on the treadmill and expect to lose weight if you scarf down a lasagne with a bottle of Pepsi once you get home.

The government is already on the treadmill, burning off that fat, but taxpayers, like those trying to shed the excess weight, will have to sustain the sacrifice for a short while longer, but the ultimate payoff will be well worth it.

Sure would be sweet if governments could come in and just slash taxes away, but there has to be accountability.

Over in Ontario, the provincial Conservatives were primed to take leadership of the province. Know why they failed?

Because then-leader Tim Hudak promised to cut 100,000 public sector jobs, which is highly-appealing to those who see the public sector as a bloated entity littered with redundant positions that are responsible for millions of misspent dollars.

Great initiative but…what did Tim have planned for those 100K workers he planned to flush?

Were they all to go on welfare/EI?

Did he measure what the impact would be of suddenly flooding the job market with 100K new bodies?

There was no counter-balance to his prized measure.

Couillard on the other hand, is remarkably more pragmatic than Hudak.

All this to say, bravo to the Liberals for steering the ship back in the right direction. Sure, the destination is a little ways off, but Quebec can now finally see the horizon.

As for former PQ finance minister Nicolas Marceau criticizing the balanced budget, might I remind him:


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