When Immigrants to Quebec Actually DO Suck

Looks like I couldn’t have possibly come back at a better time to this blog – just in time for the fireworks and it just keeps on getting better.

In the last post, I did what any self-respecting individual who understands how lucky they are to be living in Canada would do:

I took a turn at crucifying PKP for his anti-immigrant comments.

This time around I (sorta) jump on his bandwagon.

OK, let me explain – to all good things, there is some bad. It’s an inevitable fact of life.

For reasons beyond human explanation, some episodes of The Walking Dead actually suck.

Once in a while the cook at your local restaurant doesn’t follow the recipe and your favorite regular meal tastes like ass.

And that pick-up line that always scores you the girl’s number? It scores you a slap across the chops instead.

This law applies to immigrants too.

When PKP made his statement, he made it abundantly clear that >>> ALL <<< immigrants are detrimental to Quebec’s ambitions for independence.

Let’s flip that around, shall we?

Howzabout right now, we take a look at the few immigrants who actually cause strife to their host nation upon arrival and have done little more than profit from our system while sticking a cold hard knife in our collective backs.

I’ve got three prime examples for you, so let’s dig right into them.

Just one thing – open this link in a separate window and size up the traits in that list with our profiled subjects.

Maka Kotto

“Dude, what happened to my acting career?”

With Kotto being on social media and all, by now someone must have pointed out the whole Uncle Tom / Django Unchained parallels to him.

Then again, maybe not since the following soundbite came from Kotto just this week in regards to PKP’s xenophobic statement:

“C’est un système qui fait que lorsqu’on vient de l’étranger, tous les symboles à travers le parcours qu’on traverse nous inculquent de façon subliminale une notion d’appartenance au Canada, pas au Québec…Les immigrants, plongés à leur arrivée dans la symbolique canadienne, entrent dans le giron fédéraliste.”

I’ve never had any love for this man.

A great deal of my anti-love for Kotto stems not just from his position as the PQ’s resident Uncle Tom, but the man’s sheer arrogance.

First of all, there could be nothing more natural for an immigrant to adhere to CANADIAN values upon arrival and to feel like he or she is a CANADIAN.

Because Canada is a country.

Quebec, Mister Kotto, is a province…that belongs to Canada, thereby making it…



…a Canadian territory.

For those of you who aren’t yet aware of it, Kotto is a failed actor. After years of trying to “make it”, he never got past supporting role status.

So he did what so many has-beens, wannabes and wash-ups do in Quebec – he turned to politics in order to secure himself a future. 

Sadly, the riding of Bourget, which Kotto represents, has been a PQ stronghold since 1994 and therefore is likely to remain with the party after the 2018 election, so we’ll have to hear this moron for a while yet. Though on the bright side, the PQ scored its lowest tally in 20 years in the last election, so there is some hope.

Next up to bat is…

This woman is about as self-righteous as they come.

Now while I sympathize with her plight (her family was put on a kill list by the Jihad in her native Algeria, forcing them to flee to France for safety).

Trouble is, once she got to Quebec, she started drawing parallels to Quebec’s geo-political landscape and that of Algeria’s.

She’s not the first to pull this shit.

I once read a piece in which a journalist questioned immigrants who voted “Yes” in the 1980 referendum why they chose to do so.

The answer that most appalled me came from a lawyer who was originally from Chile (70’s version). Wanna guess what she likened Ottawa to? That’s right – the Pinochet regime.

Through a combination of tragic backgrounds, and the unwillingness to explore the rest of the country and see it for what it really is, you can almost understand a separatist immigrant for making the following statement:

“Le multiculturalisme est un suicide collectif. Dans un pays, il nous faut une langue, des valeurs et des principes communs. C’est fondamental dans une société.”

That statement was made this week...by Benhabib.

I wonder how this multicultural mass feels Benhabib’s statements:

That’s Kensington Market in Toronto – probably the most multicultural neighbourhood in all of Canada.

Somehow…some way (it’s a cosmic fucking mystery), all those different races, cultures and skin colours get along and love the place.

And finally, we have…

Evelyne Abitbol

Abitbol is originally of Moroccan descent – and a Jew.

She’s so proud of her Hebrew heritage that when class-A wingnut Louise Mailloux was running in the 2014 election and made statements along the lines that Kosher food is used to finance genocide and that Jews are “rapists” for circumcising their children, Abitbol swooped right in to back her up.

The biggest problem with loose cannons like Mailloux is that since they’re in the public eye, they have the power to generate permission-based racism.

When the unwashed plebes see one of their own in a position of leadership spouting off garbage, they feel as though they’ve been granted a license to echo the sentiment, and once that ripple effect kicks in, that’s when we start having problems.

After the plebes indulge in their bloodthirst, it’s only a matter of time until pundits pick up on this collective sentiment and jump right in to stoke those flames for personal gain. Just read this piece from Daniel Laprès on the subject of Jews. I don’t know about you, but that piece reeks of an isolationist perspective.

The man clearly has never spoken to any members of the Jewish community and clearly views this community with suspicion. The undercurrent of resentment is quite is palpable.

That could’ve been Abitbol’s moment of truth and glory – to overstep Marois’ support of Mailloux (even at the cost of her own candidacy) and protect her community from the animosity Mailloux’s statements generated.

Instead, she Uncle Tom’ed it and posted pics of her chilling out with Mailloux on her Facebook page.

Adopting Isolationsim

The first thing I can accuse all three of these subjects of is pure laziness.

They chose to anchor down in the territory where their second tongue is spoken by the majority.

Instead of making an attempt to gain a better grasp of English and use it to explore the other parts of Canada, they, like so many native separatists who wouldn’t dare leave the confines of Hochelaga or Saguenay, talk about Canada via pure speculation.

Just as Daniel Laprès speaks of the Jewish community from the perspective of someone with 0% connection to that community, these three separatist immigrants condemn the country that embraced them from an artificial perspective.

They condemn multiculturalism, yet have never experienced it upfront and first-hand on a daily basis.

Just as the world is now taking measures to stave off the threat of Jihadist recruitment, Canada has it’s own duty to stave off the recruitment of immigrants to the separatist camp and having them indoctrinated with the idea that Quebec is already its own nation and therefore new arrivals should shun their official host nation.

In closing, I just wanted to point out a “conspiracy theory” floating around separatist circles that Ottawa is doing all it can to flood Quebec with immigrants who’ll help the federalist camp out-vote the separatist camp.

All I’m going to say is, I sincerely wish it were true – it’s a measure well worth supporting.


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