Mid-Race Review: What’s Going On With The #PQ Leadership Candidates

So there I was enjoying myself a little walk in the nice weather and thought to myself, “Wow, this is nice, that brutal icy weather actually feels like a distant memory already!”

And then it dawned on me that the passing of the winter’s brutality signals that we’re nearing the finish line in the sham that is the PQ leadership election.

Now while we all know who’s bringing it all home, don’t for a second think that there isn’t some fine juice to be squeezed from the soundbites and exploits of the PQ leadership hopefuls.

Howzabout we indulge in their lesser moments, starting specifically with the Parti Quebecois’s calling card:


1. We all saw what happened to Jean-François Lisée when he dared speak against the separatist movement’s messiah. It’s like one of those TV shows that doesn’t even bother killing off an unwanted character or even writing them out – everyone kinda pretends like they never happened.

A couple of days ago, Alexandre Cloutier revealed in an interview that he is opposed to “Weekend at” Bernie’s revamped “Charter of Values”. Uuuuhhhmmm. Just as PKP is the PQ’s messiah, the COVs is the party’s ‘last stand’ campaign ace.

We know it, they know it.

In fact, Drainville is so vividly aware of this fact that he fully admitted to Le Devoir that without the COV, the PQ could fade in history :-(. If the rest of the party shares Drainville’s thoughts, count on Cloutier getting Lisée-d. In fact, Drainville even went so far as to warn Cloutier that personal attacks could well be imminent.

2. We all know the story with PKP and his many, many, many violations of the law and conflicts of interest, but this most very enlightening piece from Don McPherson outlines how PKP’s leadership run might be doomed long before he goes toe-to-toe with Couillard, or even his fellow leadership hopefuls.  

3. Did you know PKP is very passionate about cycling? Of course you do. You probably chuckled like I did when he had to be wheeled into the National Assembly after a bike accident (heh!). You’ve probably also heard a few critics say that he hasn’t gotten a grasp of the political life yet. 

Well, bullshit , I say. Not only is PKP becoming very adept at the ways of the political life, he’s learned how to incorprate cycling backwards into his political M.O. Oopsy!

I’d talk up Martine Ouellet and Pierre Céré, but both are so totally going nowhere and just downright marginal, that they could drop 10 N-bombs on prime time TV and no one would give a shit or talk about it.

Before we finish up here, I just wanted to point out that Bernard Drainville need not fear the end of the Parti Quebecois, because it seems François Legault and the CAQ are quite adamant with picking up the mantle.

So while the CAQ might not adopt the spirit of sovereignty (merely because it’s not in public favor), it will become the equivalent of the Republican Party in Quebec. The GOPq.

Note to François Legault: If Pat Buchanan couldn’t sell himself to Americans, you will not be able to sell his brand of politics to Quebec.


3 thoughts on “Mid-Race Review: What’s Going On With The #PQ Leadership Candidates

  1. Every day brings a new foot in the mouth comment from our illustrious proposed new leader that will take us all to the land of bees and honey when he gets into power. What a fool he is and he is so obvious about it that I have to wonder if he hasn’t been paid by the federalists to take down what’s left of that fool separatist party. Nothing surprises me in the dirty politics that are quebec. I hope you can make a success of the blog = hard to create interest out there. I think a lot of people have given up on this society.

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