Return to the Planet of the Plebes

This blog centers largely around the acts, words and positions of politicians.

Today however, we will examine the deepest depths of separatist retardation among the common populace.

The exhibit in question is one Manon Lessard, who you can follow on Twitter at the following handle: @ManneLess

Let’s start things off with a picture that Manon posted on Twitter that speaks a thousand words:

retarded quebec separatist

From what you already know about the separatist mentality, what do you think is wrong in this picture?

Or, to put it another way, if YOU were a sep, which one of the things in this picture does NOT belong?

I’ll give you two seconds.


Instead of saying it, I’ll give the floor to Manon (BTW, all text from Twitter on Manon’s feed will be published directly into this site’s files so she can’t delete any embedded posts to cover up her errant stupidity):

“Pourquoi le titre de ce jeux n’est il pas traduit en français puisque vendu au Québec? Navrant, insultant

Anyone in the class want to answer the question?


Bueller? Bueller?

OK, Twitter user  @LucCG answers for us:

“Achète le pas et on aura la paix

Exactly! If you’re so hellbent for TOTAL 100% domination of the French language in Quebec, why would you buy the game in the first place?

Once again, the floor goes to our dear Guenon, oops, I meant Manon:

“Ma petite fille voulait ce jeu ! Par contre les instructions sont aussi en français. La paix et la traduction, pourquoi pas ?”

So much for integrity. Her granddaughter wanted the game, so to hell with upholding Bill 101, we’ll appease the kid and just go whining about it on Twitter.

HOWEVER, we will get an admission from Manon that all of the copy on the front and back of the box (including safety warnings) as well as the instructions are all…bilingual.

But pauvre Manon, she needs the whole damn thing to be French.

I was going to launch into a tirade about how long it takes to trademark a name and how many millions of dollars go into both building the brand of a board game’s name as well as protecting it (did you know that the counterfeit board games trade is a multi-million dollar industry?).

The fact of the matter is, the game IS available with a French title in Europe.

So then, one might argue, why can’t it in fact be available in both titles here in Quebec?

Glad you asked, major Tom.

1)  There are 90 million Francophones in Europe versus 7 million in Quebec. Creating a production run of French-only versions for the European market makes total financial sense. 

2) Canada (which includes Quebec), is an officially bilingual country. Whatever happens, the game’s manufacturers will have to print the box copy and instructions as well as any game pieces featuring text in both official languages. So then, with such a small consumer base in Quebec, what’s their incentive to go ahead with the time and effort of a title change? (The answer in point three).

3) From a common sense standpoint, there’s a mantra shared by all successful companies, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it“. After all, Manon sure is kicking up a good fuss…but she still bought the fucking game, which means she’ll buy other games! So what’s the problem?

Finally, I’ll let off with a little nugget that Manon gave us, which reveals where her true insecurity lies:

@LucMatte9 Ma petite fille est parfaitement bilingue de par sa mère anglophone et mon fils francophone, mais le Québec est francophone!

Ahhh, isn’t that sweet? Her little granddaughter is already bilingual, meaning she’s already surpassed her grandmother in terms of basic skills. And the reason she managed to do this is because Manon’s son married an Anglophone, which must burn like the most unshakeable rash on a steaming summer day.

That tweet is most telling of the angriest of separatists – no matter how dumb and/or indoctrinated they might be, they see the writing on the wall. Party’s over – sweet dreams.


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