Back & Ready to Watch The Separatist Movement Burn

OK, break time’s over and it’s time to get back on track.

When I posted the last time, announcing I needed a break, there was a very good reason for that…

…I got laid off.

It was very unexpected and I needed time to make sure my finances were in check and now that all is sailing smoothly, I want to engage readers in the present Parti Quebecois leadership race.

In my absence, I’ve allowed for some pretty choice moments to go by without the required ridicule:

1. PKP shouting “en français svp!” at an Anglo band’s concert

2. Stephane Bergeron insinuating that Couillard was brainwashed with Islamic values while in Saudi Arabia

3. PQ members actually considering declaring a PQ election victory as a vote for sovereignty (I still almost) can’t believe that one.

4. PKP openly admitting that he is still in full control of Quebecor.

5. PKP hammering that his campaign is about SUCCEEDING…on the same day that he shut down the Sun News Network.

6. Once the domain extension, .quebec, became available to the public, the PQ chastised the Liberals for not changing the government website over to the new domain, and yet the PQ website remains a .org extension.

Well, no more missing out on the good times.

We’re now two months away from the election of the next PQ leader and not only will I be hounding these mofos…

…I’m becoming one of them!

For reals, yo!

And I implore you to do the same.

I will be buying a PQ membership in order to have the right to vote on who becomes the next leader of the seps.

And my choice will of course be, PKP.

He’s everything federalist could want in a PQ leader:

1. Despite being 55 years old, he has the maturity level of a teenager

2. Despite years of being a business leader, he has the poorest public speaking skills of the five candidates

3. When Jean-François Lisée called PKP a time bomb, he meant it – he hasn’t even been elected leader yet and some damaging evidence keeps surfacing. You can be sure that over the next three years, you can expect even more.

There’s also a theory that I have. You might not like it, but just follow me on this one – PKP is actually a federalist shill charged with sinking.

Let’s keep in mind that one of his closest friends and #2 at Quebecor is Brian Mulroney, a staunch federalist.

PKP has also met with Stephen Harper in the past (with his wife being solicited for a position as a senator).

I can’t help but feel that Harper had Mulroney sit PKP down for a chat and tell him “Look, we’ve done a lot for you and your company over the years, you were set for life before you were even born, now we need you to take one for the team.

It won’t be easy, we’re going to make you look a little bad, but it’s a necessary part of the plan. Once our mission is complete, you can always reclaim some face by telling everyone it was all an act.”

I really don’t find it that far-fetched.

Anyway, if you want to play a part in how the PQ leadership elections play out, you can buy a membership here and it’ll cost you as little as $5.


4 thoughts on “Back & Ready to Watch The Separatist Movement Burn

  1. Welcome back. Hopefully the employment issue has been resolved 🙂
    As for Groenland, funny hearing the lead singer tell him off, diplomatically that is.
    Check out the video if you’ve not seen it yet.

    • Thanks for the kind wishes, and yes, I’ve seen the video and it never ceases to amaze me just how incredibly immature PKP happens to be.

      Much as it would be nice to be rich (the easy way), it makes me happy to not have been born into it, as inherited wealth seems to corrode an individual’s ability to fully develop.

  2. Yes I too am glad to see you back and I sure hope that the job problem is straightened out. We need this blog and I hope people will participate more with the comments section. Thank you and good luck.

  3. PKP is a fine example of your typical garden variety Plutocrat. He just wants to be the leader of a political party, any party! JFL is correct to be concerned, the PQ party rank and file will tire very quickly of PKPs leadership style – and everything that will come out of the woodwork about PKP once he is crowned leader will just add to the clusterf#@k that will be his leadership.

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