The Emperor’s Still Naked

I recently heard a couple of people referring to PKP as PFK (the French acronym for KFC in Quebec).

Remarkably fitting, really.

Our favorite man-child has some pretty PFK-class views of the outside world, and now, after hiring a spin doctor to monitor his thoughts and run them through a filter before he opens his mouth, PKP is officially a Meat Puppet.

It’s for those two reasons that from this point forward, I will also refer to PKP as PFK.

Real Entrepreneurs VS. Fake Entrepreneur

Not sure about you, but I love listening to some of the commentary soundbites on CJAD, namely Jean LaPierre and Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary.

Since PFK hit the scene, it’s been even more intriguing hearing O’Leary’s insights given the “same differences” between he and PFK.

O’Leary is a self-made man. His massive wealth was built on a solid idea and countless hours of blood, sweat and tears.

PFK on the other hand, never had to work a real day in his life. He inherited a position he was never worthy of and as a result, has made many mistakes that have blemished his father’s legacy.

If O’Leary ever screwed up, there were consequences. If PFK shit the bed, papa would simply sweep the stool beneath the nearest carpet.

While O’Leary is no longer a Dragon (he’s now only on Shark Tank), another Dragon (QC version), Mitch Garber went after PFK’s track record and called him out as a poor leader who can’t be trusted with power.

It’s not an accusation – it’s a matter of public record.

If you don’t watch the QC version of Dragon’s Den, here’s the low-down on Garber – he’s the only Anglo Dragon on the squad and his wealth wasn’t generated by a trust fund.

So then…take a wild guess HOW the seppies reacted when this dirty Anglo bastard lambasted their sovereignist messiah.

Actually, there’s no guessing required. Just click on that link above and scroll down to the comments.

So much for those seppies who insist they really have no issues with Anglos and immigrants.

Then again, I sympathize. Must be hard when your brightest hope is the dimmest bulb in the house.

PFK — The Saddest of Final Hopes

Despite being socially awkward and displaying and displaying a lacklustre intellect and maturity level, PFK is still the leadership candidate with the most real world business experience.

The longer the  leadership race for the PQ crown stretches out, the worse all the other candidates come off,which extends as equally to their understanding of the economy as much as it does their connection to popular public sentiment regarding their little dream.

Martine Ouellet comes off as a shamelessly clueless hippie proposing Candyland tactics that sound great if you’ve been hitting the bong for several hours, but make zero sense on a balance sheet.

Brain-Drainville is positioning himself almost exclusively on the identity question.

And now you have Alexandre Cloutier declaring that the oil reserves in Anticosti…will forever remain untouched.

What this boils down to is a Mexican stand-off in that separatists.

One on hand, seppies believe themselves to be superior to all other Canadians when it comes to protecting the environment (despite statistics showing the Quebecois have the highest driving-per capita ratio in the country).

On the other hand, any seppie with a glint of intelligence knows that an independent Quebec needs to get its money from somewhere and it surely won’t be coming from Ottawa any more, so exploiting oil reserves will be a must.

Whichever direction the seppies turn their heads, there’s a cold barrel pointing their way.


THIS is what a balanced budget looks like, kids

And so it has been done…the Liberals, true to their promise, have delivered a balanced budget.

The first in close to a  decade.

But here it is and it surely didn’t come without a great deal of turmoil.

As it stands right now, the people of Quebec remain  the most heavily taxed in North America, but they now have a very promising caveat to add to that: they’ve been overtaxed their entire lives. So then, what’s waiting another three years to finally see their taxes go down?

After all, their excessive fardeau didn’t just go up overnight.

It took many moons for the nanny state that is the present day Quebec infrastructure to swell to gargantuan proportions.

Let’s take weight loss as an example, shall we (especially since I’m kicking my ass to slim down as much as possible before summer arrives).

Weight loss, as with reigning in debt, takes sacrifice and fundamental lifestyle changes.

Anyone who’s undertaken a campaign to slim-down knows that getting accustomed to the treadmill isn’t the hard part – changing your diet is.

You can’t spend 45 minutes on the treadmill and expect to lose weight if you scarf down a lasagne with a bottle of Pepsi once you get home.

The government is already on the treadmill, burning off that fat, but taxpayers, like those trying to shed the excess weight, will have to sustain the sacrifice for a short while longer, but the ultimate payoff will be well worth it.

Sure would be sweet if governments could come in and just slash taxes away, but there has to be accountability.

Over in Ontario, the provincial Conservatives were primed to take leadership of the province. Know why they failed?

Because then-leader Tim Hudak promised to cut 100,000 public sector jobs, which is highly-appealing to those who see the public sector as a bloated entity littered with redundant positions that are responsible for millions of misspent dollars.

Great initiative but…what did Tim have planned for those 100K workers he planned to flush?

Were they all to go on welfare/EI?

Did he measure what the impact would be of suddenly flooding the job market with 100K new bodies?

There was no counter-balance to his prized measure.

Couillard on the other hand, is remarkably more pragmatic than Hudak.

All this to say, bravo to the Liberals for steering the ship back in the right direction. Sure, the destination is a little ways off, but Quebec can now finally see the horizon.

As for former PQ finance minister Nicolas Marceau criticizing the balanced budget, might I remind him:

When Immigrants to Quebec Actually DO Suck

Looks like I couldn’t have possibly come back at a better time to this blog – just in time for the fireworks and it just keeps on getting better.

In the last post, I did what any self-respecting individual who understands how lucky they are to be living in Canada would do:

I took a turn at crucifying PKP for his anti-immigrant comments.

This time around I (sorta) jump on his bandwagon.

OK, let me explain – to all good things, there is some bad. It’s an inevitable fact of life.

For reasons beyond human explanation, some episodes of The Walking Dead actually suck.

Once in a while the cook at your local restaurant doesn’t follow the recipe and your favorite regular meal tastes like ass.

And that pick-up line that always scores you the girl’s number? It scores you a slap across the chops instead.

This law applies to immigrants too.

When PKP made his statement, he made it abundantly clear that >>> ALL <<< immigrants are detrimental to Quebec’s ambitions for independence.

Let’s flip that around, shall we?

Howzabout right now, we take a look at the few immigrants who actually cause strife to their host nation upon arrival and have done little more than profit from our system while sticking a cold hard knife in our collective backs.

I’ve got three prime examples for you, so let’s dig right into them.

Just one thing – open this link in a separate window and size up the traits in that list with our profiled subjects.

Maka Kotto

“Dude, what happened to my acting career?”

With Kotto being on social media and all, by now someone must have pointed out the whole Uncle Tom / Django Unchained parallels to him.

Then again, maybe not since the following soundbite came from Kotto just this week in regards to PKP’s xenophobic statement:

“C’est un système qui fait que lorsqu’on vient de l’étranger, tous les symboles à travers le parcours qu’on traverse nous inculquent de façon subliminale une notion d’appartenance au Canada, pas au Québec…Les immigrants, plongés à leur arrivée dans la symbolique canadienne, entrent dans le giron fédéraliste.”

I’ve never had any love for this man.

A great deal of my anti-love for Kotto stems not just from his position as the PQ’s resident Uncle Tom, but the man’s sheer arrogance.

First of all, there could be nothing more natural for an immigrant to adhere to CANADIAN values upon arrival and to feel like he or she is a CANADIAN.

Because Canada is a country.

Quebec, Mister Kotto, is a province…that belongs to Canada, thereby making it…



…a Canadian territory.

For those of you who aren’t yet aware of it, Kotto is a failed actor. After years of trying to “make it”, he never got past supporting role status.

So he did what so many has-beens, wannabes and wash-ups do in Quebec – he turned to politics in order to secure himself a future. 

Sadly, the riding of Bourget, which Kotto represents, has been a PQ stronghold since 1994 and therefore is likely to remain with the party after the 2018 election, so we’ll have to hear this moron for a while yet. Though on the bright side, the PQ scored its lowest tally in 20 years in the last election, so there is some hope.

Next up to bat is…

This woman is about as self-righteous as they come.

Now while I sympathize with her plight (her family was put on a kill list by the Jihad in her native Algeria, forcing them to flee to France for safety).

Trouble is, once she got to Quebec, she started drawing parallels to Quebec’s geo-political landscape and that of Algeria’s.

She’s not the first to pull this shit.

I once read a piece in which a journalist questioned immigrants who voted “Yes” in the 1980 referendum why they chose to do so.

The answer that most appalled me came from a lawyer who was originally from Chile (70’s version). Wanna guess what she likened Ottawa to? That’s right – the Pinochet regime.

Through a combination of tragic backgrounds, and the unwillingness to explore the rest of the country and see it for what it really is, you can almost understand a separatist immigrant for making the following statement:

“Le multiculturalisme est un suicide collectif. Dans un pays, il nous faut une langue, des valeurs et des principes communs. C’est fondamental dans une société.”

That statement was made this Benhabib.

I wonder how this multicultural mass feels Benhabib’s statements:

That’s Kensington Market in Toronto – probably the most multicultural neighbourhood in all of Canada.

Somehow…some way (it’s a cosmic fucking mystery), all those different races, cultures and skin colours get along and love the place.

And finally, we have…

Evelyne Abitbol

Abitbol is originally of Moroccan descent – and a Jew.

She’s so proud of her Hebrew heritage that when class-A wingnut Louise Mailloux was running in the 2014 election and made statements along the lines that Kosher food is used to finance genocide and that Jews are “rapists” for circumcising their children, Abitbol swooped right in to back her up.

The biggest problem with loose cannons like Mailloux is that since they’re in the public eye, they have the power to generate permission-based racism.

When the unwashed plebes see one of their own in a position of leadership spouting off garbage, they feel as though they’ve been granted a license to echo the sentiment, and once that ripple effect kicks in, that’s when we start having problems.

After the plebes indulge in their bloodthirst, it’s only a matter of time until pundits pick up on this collective sentiment and jump right in to stoke those flames for personal gain. Just read this piece from Daniel Laprès on the subject of Jews. I don’t know about you, but that piece reeks of an isolationist perspective.

The man clearly has never spoken to any members of the Jewish community and clearly views this community with suspicion. The undercurrent of resentment is quite is palpable.

That could’ve been Abitbol’s moment of truth and glory – to overstep Marois’ support of Mailloux (even at the cost of her own candidacy) and protect her community from the animosity Mailloux’s statements generated.

Instead, she Uncle Tom’ed it and posted pics of her chilling out with Mailloux on her Facebook page.

Adopting Isolationsim

The first thing I can accuse all three of these subjects of is pure laziness.

They chose to anchor down in the territory where their second tongue is spoken by the majority.

Instead of making an attempt to gain a better grasp of English and use it to explore the other parts of Canada, they, like so many native separatists who wouldn’t dare leave the confines of Hochelaga or Saguenay, talk about Canada via pure speculation.

Just as Daniel Laprès speaks of the Jewish community from the perspective of someone with 0% connection to that community, these three separatist immigrants condemn the country that embraced them from an artificial perspective.

They condemn multiculturalism, yet have never experienced it upfront and first-hand on a daily basis.

Just as the world is now taking measures to stave off the threat of Jihadist recruitment, Canada has it’s own duty to stave off the recruitment of immigrants to the separatist camp and having them indoctrinated with the idea that Quebec is already its own nation and therefore new arrivals should shun their official host nation.

In closing, I just wanted to point out a “conspiracy theory” floating around separatist circles that Ottawa is doing all it can to flood Quebec with immigrants who’ll help the federalist camp out-vote the separatist camp.

All I’m going to say is, I sincerely wish it were true – it’s a measure well worth supporting.

Le Vote Ethnique – Part II

pkp immigrant vote

“Those Who Forget The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It.”

Oh Pierrot – just look at the shit you’ve gotten yourself into now.

It’s bad enough that the PKP effect is starting to wane somewhat and that Alexandre Cloutier and Bernard Drainville have been making gains as a result.

But after months of being criticized for being too silent during the PQ leadership race, after months of being prodded to offer up more content when speaking to the press or appearing in debates, PKP finally opens his mouth with a from-the-heart statement and…

…shoots himself in the foot.

Actually, to say he “just” shot himself in the foot indicates injury.

Nope in this case, he just shot the whole damn thing off and you can now count on the man hobbling his way to the PQ finish line.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

This race is still PKP’s to win, but if this were a WWE wrestling match, Pierre essentially gave himself a piledriver then rolled over on his back for his opponents without even realizing what he did.

I can only really sit back and watch with awe at this specimen.

Here is a man born to such wealth and privilege and yet he’s so intellectually and emotional stunted like something out of the movies (check out Really Bad Bosses and you’ll see what I’m talking about), one has to wonder if my theory of him being a federalist shill holds true.

The Cold Hard Facts:

I personally really like Couillard as premier.

He’s leagues ahead of Jean Charest, who was a spineless little bitch, but got by all the same on his strength as a soundbite artist.

Couillard on the other hand, is intellectually superior not only to his predecessor, but also to his opponents and isn’t afraid to throw some hard punches and that’s why I’m stepping aside and letting his sum up PKP’s comments and what they really mean to Quebec as a whole:

“Depuis la charte, il y a une dérive très malheureuse. Il n’y a plus d’argument financier ou économique pour la séparation du Québec. On essaie de s’accrocher à n’importe quoi. Ce qu’on a actuellement, c’est une déviation claire vers le nationalisme ethnique depuis la charte qui, d’après moi, doit faire frémir ceux qui ont fondé ce parti.”

Thank heavens that the mouth-breathing troglodytes that piped up with “Je suis d’accord avec PKP” fall into the minority, otherwise, history could have a very real way of repeating itself.

Super-Douche of the Month

Maka Kotto has long been one of the most shameless opportunists in the Quebec political circuit.

He came to Quebec from Cameroon with hopes of striking it big in Quebec cinema (heh…hehehe…hahaha!).

He came up snake eyes (surprise!!).

But he did have leverage, though.

When he chose to run for politics, he knew people would be like “Dude, I know that guy’s face, but from where?”

“Oh wait, he’s that guy from Comment faire l’amour avec un nègre sans se fatiguer (How to make love to a nigger without getting tired – I’m NOT making this shit up, it’s the actual translation of the movie title).”

Whatever Maka was thinking, it worked. He secured a seat with the Bloc, then after a few years, got bored and decided to jump ship to provincial politics so he could be closer to his girlfriend (now wife, Caroline St-Hilaire).

During his political career, Kotto has done a spectacular job of selling visible minorities and immigrants down the river without a glint of shame.

Yesterday, he carried on in this tradition by standing by PKP’s comments and affirming them as truth…despite PKP retracting said comments.

So here’s to you Mister Kotto:

……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…\………. _.·´

Mid-Race Review: What’s Going On With The #PQ Leadership Candidates

So there I was enjoying myself a little walk in the nice weather and thought to myself, “Wow, this is nice, that brutal icy weather actually feels like a distant memory already!”

And then it dawned on me that the passing of the winter’s brutality signals that we’re nearing the finish line in the sham that is the PQ leadership election.

Now while we all know who’s bringing it all home, don’t for a second think that there isn’t some fine juice to be squeezed from the soundbites and exploits of the PQ leadership hopefuls.

Howzabout we indulge in their lesser moments, starting specifically with the Parti Quebecois’s calling card:


1. We all saw what happened to Jean-François Lisée when he dared speak against the separatist movement’s messiah. It’s like one of those TV shows that doesn’t even bother killing off an unwanted character or even writing them out – everyone kinda pretends like they never happened.

A couple of days ago, Alexandre Cloutier revealed in an interview that he is opposed to “Weekend at” Bernie’s revamped “Charter of Values”. Uuuuhhhmmm. Just as PKP is the PQ’s messiah, the COVs is the party’s ‘last stand’ campaign ace.

We know it, they know it.

In fact, Drainville is so vividly aware of this fact that he fully admitted to Le Devoir that without the COV, the PQ could fade in history :-(. If the rest of the party shares Drainville’s thoughts, count on Cloutier getting Lisée-d. In fact, Drainville even went so far as to warn Cloutier that personal attacks could well be imminent.

2. We all know the story with PKP and his many, many, many violations of the law and conflicts of interest, but this most very enlightening piece from Don McPherson outlines how PKP’s leadership run might be doomed long before he goes toe-to-toe with Couillard, or even his fellow leadership hopefuls.  

3. Did you know PKP is very passionate about cycling? Of course you do. You probably chuckled like I did when he had to be wheeled into the National Assembly after a bike accident (heh!). You’ve probably also heard a few critics say that he hasn’t gotten a grasp of the political life yet. 

Well, bullshit , I say. Not only is PKP becoming very adept at the ways of the political life, he’s learned how to incorprate cycling backwards into his political M.O. Oopsy!

I’d talk up Martine Ouellet and Pierre Céré, but both are so totally going nowhere and just downright marginal, that they could drop 10 N-bombs on prime time TV and no one would give a shit or talk about it.

Before we finish up here, I just wanted to point out that Bernard Drainville need not fear the end of the Parti Quebecois, because it seems François Legault and the CAQ are quite adamant with picking up the mantle.

So while the CAQ might not adopt the spirit of sovereignty (merely because it’s not in public favor), it will become the equivalent of the Republican Party in Quebec. The GOPq.

Note to François Legault: If Pat Buchanan couldn’t sell himself to Americans, you will not be able to sell his brand of politics to Quebec.

Return to the Planet of the Plebes

This blog centers largely around the acts, words and positions of politicians.

Today however, we will examine the deepest depths of separatist retardation among the common populace.

The exhibit in question is one Manon Lessard, who you can follow on Twitter at the following handle: @ManneLess

Let’s start things off with a picture that Manon posted on Twitter that speaks a thousand words:

retarded quebec separatist

From what you already know about the separatist mentality, what do you think is wrong in this picture?

Or, to put it another way, if YOU were a sep, which one of the things in this picture does NOT belong?

I’ll give you two seconds.


Instead of saying it, I’ll give the floor to Manon (BTW, all text from Twitter on Manon’s feed will be published directly into this site’s files so she can’t delete any embedded posts to cover up her errant stupidity):

“Pourquoi le titre de ce jeux n’est il pas traduit en français puisque vendu au Québec? Navrant, insultant

Anyone in the class want to answer the question?


Bueller? Bueller?

OK, Twitter user  @LucCG answers for us:

“Achète le pas et on aura la paix

Exactly! If you’re so hellbent for TOTAL 100% domination of the French language in Quebec, why would you buy the game in the first place?

Once again, the floor goes to our dear Guenon, oops, I meant Manon:

“Ma petite fille voulait ce jeu ! Par contre les instructions sont aussi en français. La paix et la traduction, pourquoi pas ?”

So much for integrity. Her granddaughter wanted the game, so to hell with upholding Bill 101, we’ll appease the kid and just go whining about it on Twitter.

HOWEVER, we will get an admission from Manon that all of the copy on the front and back of the box (including safety warnings) as well as the instructions are all…bilingual.

But pauvre Manon, she needs the whole damn thing to be French.

I was going to launch into a tirade about how long it takes to trademark a name and how many millions of dollars go into both building the brand of a board game’s name as well as protecting it (did you know that the counterfeit board games trade is a multi-million dollar industry?).

The fact of the matter is, the game IS available with a French title in Europe.

So then, one might argue, why can’t it in fact be available in both titles here in Quebec?

Glad you asked, major Tom.

1)  There are 90 million Francophones in Europe versus 7 million in Quebec. Creating a production run of French-only versions for the European market makes total financial sense. 

2) Canada (which includes Quebec), is an officially bilingual country. Whatever happens, the game’s manufacturers will have to print the box copy and instructions as well as any game pieces featuring text in both official languages. So then, with such a small consumer base in Quebec, what’s their incentive to go ahead with the time and effort of a title change? (The answer in point three).

3) From a common sense standpoint, there’s a mantra shared by all successful companies, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it“. After all, Manon sure is kicking up a good fuss…but she still bought the fucking game, which means she’ll buy other games! So what’s the problem?

Finally, I’ll let off with a little nugget that Manon gave us, which reveals where her true insecurity lies:

@LucMatte9 Ma petite fille est parfaitement bilingue de par sa mère anglophone et mon fils francophone, mais le Québec est francophone!

Ahhh, isn’t that sweet? Her little granddaughter is already bilingual, meaning she’s already surpassed her grandmother in terms of basic skills. And the reason she managed to do this is because Manon’s son married an Anglophone, which must burn like the most unshakeable rash on a steaming summer day.

That tweet is most telling of the angriest of separatists – no matter how dumb and/or indoctrinated they might be, they see the writing on the wall. Party’s over – sweet dreams.

Will Richelieu Be Another Levis?

Last year, the by-election in Levis salted not only the wounds of the PQ, but the entire sovereignist movement.

The CAQ brought the victory home while the separatists (PQ, QS and ON) pulled in a cumulative total of 8% of the vote.

Of course, the PQ spin doctors tried their best to explain the situation away and insist that their strength is largely drawn from other parts of the province, but you simply can’t polish a turd.

Levis was a damning indictment of separatist movement’s health.

Despite coming close to finding themselves back in the 2nd opposition position a year ago and suffering a humiliating loss in Levis a few months later, the PQ leadership hopefuls continue to plug away at holding a referendum.

So then, the question begs to be asked – if Richelieu proves to be another Levis, the PQ leadership hopefuls will truly look like buffoons if they continue to insist that an appetite for separation exists.

When Élaine Zakaïb retained her seat in Richelieu this time last year, she did it with close to 40% of the vote.

But there’s another intriguing factor to point out: in the 2012 election, she captured her seat with 43% of the vote.

Her PQ predecessor, Sylvain Simard, secured his seat with 47% of the vote.

That’s not all. Mr. Simard had also won previous elections in that riding with 56% in 1998 and 55% in 1994.

Yup, I think you see where I’m going with this.

Outcome & Impact:

Personally, I think the CAQ will take it home again.

While I’d love to watch the PQ flame out in spectacular style like they did in Levis, Richelieu is a different animal and worst-case scenario, they’ll come out with somewhere around the 26% mark.

If the CAQ succeeds in capturing Richelieu, they will be within 6 seats of the official opposition.

As I’ve predicted in the past, I see Jean-François Lisée calling it quits soon enough. He’s already pretty much a phantom deputy and he’s been treated as a pariah by his team ever since he came out against PKP. His riding is staunchly Péquiste, but if the Bloc Québecois can be usurped in the riding of Hochelaga, anything can happen.

Furthermore, since PKP WILL land the leadership and given his spoiled-brat nature, you can count on him turning on his opponents soon afterwards.

This will result in either resignations or defections.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see François Legault spearheading a campaign to snap up the disenfranchised leadership hopefuls and their supporters.

I can totally see Alexandre Cloutier in the CAQ.

If that happens, you can count on Cloutier selling his protégéLéo Bureau-Blouin, on switching sides and managing the CAQ’s youth base, while also promising him a riding in the next election.

All this to say, no matter which side you’re on, there’s no arguing that Québec politics are an excellent spectator sport.

Back & Ready to Watch The Separatist Movement Burn

OK, break time’s over and it’s time to get back on track.

When I posted the last time, announcing I needed a break, there was a very good reason for that…

…I got laid off.

It was very unexpected and I needed time to make sure my finances were in check and now that all is sailing smoothly, I want to engage readers in the present Parti Quebecois leadership race.

In my absence, I’ve allowed for some pretty choice moments to go by without the required ridicule:

1. PKP shouting “en français svp!” at an Anglo band’s concert

2. Stephane Bergeron insinuating that Couillard was brainwashed with Islamic values while in Saudi Arabia

3. PQ members actually considering declaring a PQ election victory as a vote for sovereignty (I still almost) can’t believe that one.

4. PKP openly admitting that he is still in full control of Quebecor.

5. PKP hammering that his campaign is about SUCCEEDING…on the same day that he shut down the Sun News Network.

6. Once the domain extension, .quebec, became available to the public, the PQ chastised the Liberals for not changing the government website over to the new domain, and yet the PQ website remains a .org extension.

Well, no more missing out on the good times.

We’re now two months away from the election of the next PQ leader and not only will I be hounding these mofos…

…I’m becoming one of them!

For reals, yo!

And I implore you to do the same.

I will be buying a PQ membership in order to have the right to vote on who becomes the next leader of the seps.

And my choice will of course be, PKP.

He’s everything federalist could want in a PQ leader:

1. Despite being 55 years old, he has the maturity level of a teenager

2. Despite years of being a business leader, he has the poorest public speaking skills of the five candidates

3. When Jean-François Lisée called PKP a time bomb, he meant it – he hasn’t even been elected leader yet and some damaging evidence keeps surfacing. You can be sure that over the next three years, you can expect even more.

There’s also a theory that I have. You might not like it, but just follow me on this one – PKP is actually a federalist shill charged with sinking.

Let’s keep in mind that one of his closest friends and #2 at Quebecor is Brian Mulroney, a staunch federalist.

PKP has also met with Stephen Harper in the past (with his wife being solicited for a position as a senator).

I can’t help but feel that Harper had Mulroney sit PKP down for a chat and tell him “Look, we’ve done a lot for you and your company over the years, you were set for life before you were even born, now we need you to take one for the team.

It won’t be easy, we’re going to make you look a little bad, but it’s a necessary part of the plan. Once our mission is complete, you can always reclaim some face by telling everyone it was all an act.”

I really don’t find it that far-fetched.

Anyway, if you want to play a part in how the PQ leadership elections play out, you can buy a membership here and it’ll cost you as little as $5.