Lack of Posting + Joyeux Noel, maudit!

I know, I know…lack of content up this way lately. But it really isn’t my fault, I assure you.

See, I don’t like being repetitive, but lately that’s all the PQ/separatist brass/hordes have given me to work with – same old smoke-show, desperate attempts at remaining relevant.

I mean seriously, how many times do I need to repeat the many reason PKP is not apt pretender to the throne of a political party, much less a province/would-be nation?

How many times do I need to go over why the Charte Des Valeurs died a fiery, pathetic death?

What should I go after?

How about the radio-silence from the sovereignist camp over Quebec receiving $7.833 billion in equalization payments this year (and that’s 50% of the equalization pie for the whole country)?

Naw, even the dumbest dumb-fuck in PQ-ville couldn’t contest that one.

I was totally expecting to do a write-up on the ‘backlash’ to that one, but nothing materialized from the pitchfork-raisers in blue. Por Favor, just one comment, seppies – just one! Please. SVP.

THEN came word from the Charbonneau commission declaration that the PQ can be expected to be held in equal parts guilty for much of the corruption in Quebec.

Once again, I was fully expecting to hear some kind of backlash from the separatist shit-hawks defending their party, but all I got were crickets.

C’mon Jean-Guy!

C’mon Marie-Josée!

You’ve spent years calling the PLQ a bunch of corrupt leg-humpers to the mafia, but…your party is no different. Por Favor, just one comment. Please. SVP.

I get flack from people telling me they don’t like me proclaiming the death of the sovereignist movement, but when you look at the whole movement’s position from this position, it’s a little too easy to see why it’s so very doomed to die.

The separatists can justify chastising Sugar Sammy up-and-down for mocking Bill 101, but let’s face it, when someone gives you close to $8 billion, even the biggest mouth-breather knows that’s their cue to STFU.

I digress.

I wish you all the very best over the holidays.

I caught a nasty cold, plus have some holiday travel ahead of me and therefore don’t foresee a return until January, so in the meantime, enjoy whatever time off you can score off work and be well.




3 thoughts on “Lack of Posting + Joyeux Noel, maudit!

  1. Oh well… at least we got to see how much work was involved for Philip Berlach to regularly blog interesting posts three or four times a week for several years… I know that I certainly couldn’t have done such a thing myself.

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