A Very Stiff Argument Against Another Charte Des “Valeurs”

Don’t get me wrong here folks, I don’t mean to pick on poor old Jonathan here, but he’s a gleaming example of Western white privilege being SO privileged, it can dismiss all history.

In the digital, globalized sphere, the majority of the population (not just Quebec’s) is essentially…retarded.

Our young ones already have enough of a problem with being bothered to broaden their horizons on the outside world, culture and history.

By implementing a charte des “valeurs”, Quebec would be placed at serious risk of being populated with mouth-breathers who can’t identify iconoclasts such as Nelson Mandela.

(It must be mentioned that if he can just brush up on his history and world events, Jonathan’s ability to spin a great big yarn of bullshit with a straight face could net him a place in politics, post-hockey).


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