I can hit you, but you can’t hit me back Part II

I was going to chill for the holidays, but was roused from my inclination to relax by the gall of some anonymous coward to call in a death threat against Sugar Sammy this week.

I’m not totally surprised by this. After all, we did have the FLQ show us the true face of the separatist movement.

That face has not evolved with time, ladies & germs.

I’m alluding to the comments section of the Gazette, where a few separatists actually showed up to justify / excuse the death threats.

Hence another edition of I can hit you, but you can’t hit me back has arrived.

I’d like to provide our little friends (you know that 28% who are carrying on with this tripe), that you can’t excuse your way out of this one.

For years, Francophone comedians have mocked Anglos, immigrants and federalists alike.

Reaction from those communities: crickets.

A brown-skinned immigrant who can speak four languages (which includes perfect/flawless French) pokes fun at nationalists.

Reaction from that “community”: Please step into your time machine and refer to 1970.

“On va toujours trop loin pour ceux qui ne vont nulle part.”

That quote is credited to Pierre Falardeau.

Not sure if he’s the first to utter it, but regardless, it was pointed at his foes.

How ironic that it applies so perfectly to the soveriegnist movement?

It explains perfectly, really, why even going into 2015, a people can actually pardon death threats against a comedian.

If we refer to PKP’s launch speech, the people in attendance were all grey-tops.

And we all know that attrition has a way of chewing up grey-tops and spitting them out.

When I look at the condition Bernard Landry is in these days, I’d say his tank is certainly closer to empty than full.

Social-economic shifts also signal the end of the of the movement.

While some separatists are predicting a huge PQ win in 2018 based on the backlash resulting from the heavy spate of spending cuts, I’ve got three words for you: Mike Harris Conservatives.

History lesson: When Mike Harris became premier of Ontario, he did exactly as the Couillard Liberals is doing now.

Hilarity ensued: mass protests, occupational shut downs, riot police beating protestors.

Everyone thought, “No one’s ever going to forget this shit – Harris will be buried for his actions in the next election.”

Uh, wrong – Harris got right back in, without much of a fight.

You might not like hearing me say this, but people’s pocketbooks mean a whole lot more to them than the political allegiances.

After Couillard implements a couple more rounds of cuts and the government inches closer to solvency, he’ll be in a position to either reduce income tax rates or offer more tax credits.

When voters are told that in four years, Couillard has reduced their tax payments by X-percent just before an election is called, they’ll be hungry for more.

 The FLQ Can’t Help You Now

The death threats against Sugar Sammy reek of desperation.

But now you can see why these things will continue to happen.

There will be more death threats and there will be more proposals for bills along the lines of La Charte Des Valeurs.

In the four years to come until the next election, several grey-topped sovereignists will have passed away.

Soft-Separatists will have turned once they perceive that they can take home more of their paycheques.

And if the end result is not only a PQ loss, but a massive one at that (especially with PKP polarizing the vote), and that vastly-reduced team having to sit in opposition for a total of eight years, it’ll be curtains for an entire generation of sovereignists.


5 thoughts on “I can hit you, but you can’t hit me back Part II

  1. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic… death threats against a comedian. A comedian! It’s not like it was an actual politician like Marois, who had the power to ruin Quebec society even more than it already has…

    And in Sherbrooke, no less… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was that useless dingbat S.R that was responsible.

    Quelle gang de losers eternels… they well deserve their perpetual loserhood.

      • Just for fun ABSA, has the blog attracted any of the old trolls from Nodogs? Wish more of the old gang would post comments. Thank you though for continuing the work.

      • @Brodie

        The trolls I think know better than to come here. One of them did and I discovered quite a bit about him.

        I promised a troll-free experience here, but it’s beginning to look like the trolls were one of the elements
        that kept people commenting over at No Dogs.

  2. Was that the only source of excitement out of quebekistan in the past week?

    Really have to wonder how flippin’ dumb one has to be to accept to live in that 1/3 world province.
    I decided NOT to return to the “bien petit village quebecois” and just bought tix to go back to Calgary for a condo check up and party with my friends there. Imagine that! My quebecoise gfreind and me a pure laine decided NOT to vacation in that insignificant province.
    BTW I found a new site at antagoniste. net so I do not comment here too often. Also I’m busy planning my Calgary return next summer from the uber Fatherland.

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