Lack of Posting + Joyeux Noel, maudit!

I know, I know…lack of content up this way lately. But it really isn’t my fault, I assure you.

See, I don’t like being repetitive, but lately that’s all the PQ/separatist brass/hordes have given me to work with – same old smoke-show, desperate attempts at remaining relevant.

I mean seriously, how many times do I need to repeat the many reason PKP is not apt pretender to the throne of a political party, much less a province/would-be nation?

How many times do I need to go over why the Charte Des Valeurs died a fiery, pathetic death?

What should I go after?

How about the radio-silence from the sovereignist camp over Quebec receiving $7.833 billion in equalization payments this year (and that’s 50% of the equalization pie for the whole country)?

Naw, even the dumbest dumb-fuck in PQ-ville couldn’t contest that one.

I was totally expecting to do a write-up on the ‘backlash’ to that one, but nothing materialized from the pitchfork-raisers in blue. Por Favor, just one comment, seppies – just one! Please. SVP.

THEN came word from the Charbonneau commission declaration that the PQ can be expected to be held in equal parts guilty for much of the corruption in Quebec.

Once again, I was fully expecting to hear some kind of backlash from the separatist shit-hawks defending their party, but all I got were crickets.

C’mon Jean-Guy!

C’mon Marie-Josée!

You’ve spent years calling the PLQ a bunch of corrupt leg-humpers to the mafia, but…your party is no different. Por Favor, just one comment. Please. SVP.

I get flack from people telling me they don’t like me proclaiming the death of the sovereignist movement, but when you look at the whole movement’s position from this position, it’s a little too easy to see why it’s so very doomed to die.

The separatists can justify chastising Sugar Sammy up-and-down for mocking Bill 101, but let’s face it, when someone gives you close to $8 billion, even the biggest mouth-breather knows that’s their cue to STFU.

I digress.

I wish you all the very best over the holidays.

I caught a nasty cold, plus have some holiday travel ahead of me and therefore don’t foresee a return until January, so in the meantime, enjoy whatever time off you can score off work and be well.




A Very Stiff Argument Against Another Charte Des “Valeurs”

Don’t get me wrong here folks, I don’t mean to pick on poor old Jonathan here, but he’s a gleaming example of Western white privilege being SO privileged, it can dismiss all history.

In the digital, globalized sphere, the majority of the population (not just Quebec’s) is essentially…retarded.

Our young ones already have enough of a problem with being bothered to broaden their horizons on the outside world, culture and history.

By implementing a charte des “valeurs”, Quebec would be placed at serious risk of being populated with mouth-breathers who can’t identify iconoclasts such as Nelson Mandela.

(It must be mentioned that if he can just brush up on his history and world events, Jonathan’s ability to spin a great big yarn of bullshit with a straight face could net him a place in politics, post-hockey).

I can hit you, but you can’t hit me back Part II

I was going to chill for the holidays, but was roused from my inclination to relax by the gall of some anonymous coward to call in a death threat against Sugar Sammy this week.

I’m not totally surprised by this. After all, we did have the FLQ show us the true face of the separatist movement.

That face has not evolved with time, ladies & germs.

I’m alluding to the comments section of the Gazette, where a few separatists actually showed up to justify / excuse the death threats.

Hence another edition of I can hit you, but you can’t hit me back has arrived.

I’d like to provide our little friends (you know that 28% who are carrying on with this tripe), that you can’t excuse your way out of this one.

For years, Francophone comedians have mocked Anglos, immigrants and federalists alike.

Reaction from those communities: crickets.

A brown-skinned immigrant who can speak four languages (which includes perfect/flawless French) pokes fun at nationalists.

Reaction from that “community”: Please step into your time machine and refer to 1970.

“On va toujours trop loin pour ceux qui ne vont nulle part.”

That quote is credited to Pierre Falardeau.

Not sure if he’s the first to utter it, but regardless, it was pointed at his foes.

How ironic that it applies so perfectly to the soveriegnist movement?

It explains perfectly, really, why even going into 2015, a people can actually pardon death threats against a comedian.

If we refer to PKP’s launch speech, the people in attendance were all grey-tops.

And we all know that attrition has a way of chewing up grey-tops and spitting them out.

When I look at the condition Bernard Landry is in these days, I’d say his tank is certainly closer to empty than full.

Social-economic shifts also signal the end of the of the movement.

While some separatists are predicting a huge PQ win in 2018 based on the backlash resulting from the heavy spate of spending cuts, I’ve got three words for you: Mike Harris Conservatives.

History lesson: When Mike Harris became premier of Ontario, he did exactly as the Couillard Liberals is doing now.

Hilarity ensued: mass protests, occupational shut downs, riot police beating protestors.

Everyone thought, “No one’s ever going to forget this shit – Harris will be buried for his actions in the next election.”

Uh, wrong – Harris got right back in, without much of a fight.

You might not like hearing me say this, but people’s pocketbooks mean a whole lot more to them than the political allegiances.

After Couillard implements a couple more rounds of cuts and the government inches closer to solvency, he’ll be in a position to either reduce income tax rates or offer more tax credits.

When voters are told that in four years, Couillard has reduced their tax payments by X-percent just before an election is called, they’ll be hungry for more.

 The FLQ Can’t Help You Now

The death threats against Sugar Sammy reek of desperation.

But now you can see why these things will continue to happen.

There will be more death threats and there will be more proposals for bills along the lines of La Charte Des Valeurs.

In the four years to come until the next election, several grey-topped sovereignists will have passed away.

Soft-Separatists will have turned once they perceive that they can take home more of their paycheques.

And if the end result is not only a PQ loss, but a massive one at that (especially with PKP polarizing the vote), and that vastly-reduced team having to sit in opposition for a total of eight years, it’ll be curtains for an entire generation of sovereignists.

Why the PQ could easily nab a majority in the next election

Let’s not kid ourselves – there is no PQ leadership race.

When PKP announced his candidacy last week, he might as well have crowned himself as the PQ’s leader.

At the time I write this, Martine Ouellet and Alexandre Cloutier have locked down the 2000 signatures required to qualify for the race. Jean-François Lisée hasn’t even collected a full 600.

PKP on the other hand is close to 3500 signatures, so it gives you a pretty clear picture of how much the game is in favor of Senior Péladeau.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that we’ll be seeing PKP leading the fanatics into the next election.

Why He’ll Win:

With the measures of austerity being put into place, Couillard is doing all the dirty work that’s been begging to be taken care of for many moons.

To the leftwing, Couillard is the devil incarnate.

He’s slashing the throats of the sacred cows that are responsible for Quebec’s debt, which make it look like the political equivalent of a deadbeat gambler selling his mom’s wedding ring for another crack at the roulette wheel.

No matter how brutal you might see Couillard’s work as being, it is necessary.

But there is a caveat to all of this – while Quebec will finally see a balanced budget and financial status elevate, it will also make an easy argument for PKP to state that the financials are now in place to make Quebec a country.

Finally, a separatist will be able to say that Quebec is indeed economically poised for separation with a straight face. Losing those transfer payments would still sting, but nowhere close to the way it would have otherwise.

The irony is that it’ll be the good, hard work of the federalist Liberals that will give the sovereignist option its sheen.

Despite what you might hear in his soundbites to the media or what you’ll see on his Twitter line and Facebook page, PKP is not a leftist…not even close. He’s loving every moment of the Liberal’s austerity push, because it’s exactly what he would’ve done in their place.

The proof is in his track record running Quebecor. It’s also in the fact that he won’t place his shares in a blind trust.

What I’m going to say next might make you chuckle, but I seriously believe that PKP could lure some QS votes over to the PQ.


Because as left-leaning as some of these people are, they will hastily put independence ahead of their personal values.

Trust me, I know these people and they’re pretty nutty to say the least.

You can be sure that the CAQ would lose the traction it’s gotten.

If PKP becomes victorious, it’ll be based on his ability to shape-shift and sell the electorate on the beautiful lie they wish to see.

Why He’ll Lose:

Hearing PKP’s discourse at his official campaign launch, it’s clear that he only inherited his father’s capital, not his leadership skills or acumen.

The separatist rhetoric was cranked to maximum levels as Pierrot peddled out all the goodies from the 70s. Over the course of an hour he referred to Couillard as Ottawa’s water boy, alluded to the people of Quebec as ‘colonized’ who are living without ‘liberty’.

When does eventually Péladeau cross swords with Couillard four years from now, he’ll be in for the fight of his professional life. In Couillard, he faces a self-made man who achieved success by his own hand.

He will also be facing a man who was able to fend off the attacks of three other opponents in the last debates and made them look rather insufficient, with the exception of Legault.

Another element that will take PKP out of his element is that he’s not the boss. When the debates roll around, he’ll have 0% power over his opponents and doesn’t have any form of leverage over them.

His opponents can come down on him as viciously as they wish without fear of repercussion.

Some separatists applaud PKP’s foot-in-mouth syndrome, passing it off as someone speaking earnestly in a sea of losers who only tell us what they think we want to hear.

Couldn’t agree more – I’m just as fed up as the next guy with pandering politicians who can’t think for themselves.

I love hearing honest utterings from our folks in office – so long as it’s born of maturity.

So far in, PKP has been comporting himself like a spoiled teenager.

With everything I’ve seen on his Facebook page, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised to see a post along the lines of “Just took a dump and realized the turd is shaped like Philippe Couillard’s head.

So the big question will be…can PKP take Couillard’s hard work and the resulting success and pass it off as his own, like he did with his father’s company? Or can Couillard make such a mess of him that no one will ever be able to take him seriously again?