Where was the English media for Sugar Sammy?

All the usual suspects have come out swinging against Sammy le Sucre, including our favourite buffoon, Mathieu Bock-Côté and the SSJB. (Any surprise that it’s PKP’s news rag that’s leading the charge there?)

Dutrizac’s on board as well.

We all saw that coming.

My only question is…who’s got Sammy’s back in the English media (with the exception of Global TV).

If any separatists are reading this and wondering why the Anglo/immigrant community hates the OQLF so much, here are a few reminders:


Biftek, not steak

Beef with Joe Beef


One thought on “Where was the English media for Sugar Sammy?

  1. Do you see how the SSJB head contradicts himself?

    Le français est une langue internationale, c’est la cinquième plus parlée au monde. Il faut cesser de dire qu’on se folklorise en voulant préserver notre culture distincte. Si Sugar Sammy veut continuer dans cette voie, il va me trouver sur son chemin.

    If French is such an international and important and widely-spoken language, why does it need over-protection like Bill 101?

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