This Isn’t Star Wars, Pierrot!

You’ll never find me shedding any tears for PKP.

Not under any circumstances.

Do I even need to go over his recent gaffe over proclaiming that the Bloc Québécois is useless and irrelevant…and then backtrack 48 hours later?

You probably heard all about it.

Probably even sick of hearing about it.

But this most recent gaffe is the symptom of something far deeper.

For months now, PKP’s been dodging and weaving reporters since entering into the National Assembly and hiding behind Facebook to address the plebes.

Sorry, Pierrot – that’s not the way politics works.

You’re not a CEO anymore where people answer to you according to your schedule.

I’m your boss now.

Anne-Marie Dubé in Laval is your boss.

Raynald Fortier in Sept-Iles is your boss.

Damien Philpot in Trois-Rivières is your boss.

What this means is, when you have the powers to help execute new laws we must adhere to or set new tax rates we’ll be forced to pay, you will respond to the scrum that meets you outside the chamber you had just participated in.

You want to play around on Facebook and Twitter?

You’ll do so on your time…not on our dime.

C’est aussi simple que ça.

Poor Little Rich Kid, Part Deux

I’ve seen a few references to Richie Rich when PKP’s critics talk about him in social media.

The more PKP continues in his ways, it’s becoming quite evident that they’re very right with their comparisons.

PKP is in his fifties, but is carrying on like a 19-year-old with no regard for the machinations of the real world.

It’s really not entirely his fault…I’ll give him at least that much.

He was born into wealth, and this can be a dastardly trap.

It’s the reason why Gene Simmons of KISS will not bequeath his vast fortune to his kids – he wants them to make it on their own.

Now that he’s in politics, the coddled egg that is the future king of the PQ (c’mon, let’s not kid ourselves), sees himself as Luke Skywalker…his mission is to liberate to good, oppressed people of Quebec from the tyranny of Darth Harper.

As you’ll see in the picture at the very top of this post, it depicts that famous scene in Star Wars where Ben Kenobi places a helmet on Skywalker’s head that deprives him of site in order to give him his first lesson in the ways of the force.

Trust your instincts” Ben tells Luke.

And right there, in just three words, PKP’s illusion of himself as a Jedi liberator is smashed.

If he’s to adopt any movie persona, it’s that of Richie Rich, because the silver spoon he uses to pry his foot from his mouth each day shows us that as a coddled egg, he never developed instincts.

Born leaders are powered by many traits – bold thinking, acumen and empathy, which are channeled through instinct.

Beware of Landry, Pierrot!

With Marois now out of the picture and the leadership race driving a wedge between PKP and many other more experienced MNAs who could’ve guided him along, he’s sought out a mentor.

Such is the way of the coddled egg – it always needs a hand to hold.

After his father left this earthly realm, PKP sought help from Brian Mulroney.

To help him navigate the treacherous waters of the political world, Pierrot has turned to Bernard Landry.

Toxic fit – Landry epitomizes a man who never could grow into something bigger and better with age.

Unlike other former PQ leaders such as Parizeau and Bouchard, who’ve mellowed with age and no longer champion the idea of ‘sovereignty at any cost‘, Landry still toes that line.

I’ve already mentioned that he’s actually gotten worse with time, growing ever more frustrated and bitter as another year on his mortal lease expires and he realizes he’ll be taking the big sleep without having realized his life’s work.

Instead, Landry will pass his anger, frustration and bitterness onto a 53-year-old teenager who’s innate gullibility will soak up every last drop of the venom.

Think I’m being too hard on old-man-Landry?

You tell me.

Take a look at this picture:

Recognize the bald guy with his arm around Landry?

That’s Michel Brûlé, author of the book Anglaid, wherein he describes why the English language is an ugly language.

This man hates English so much, that a bar he owned was prohibited from playing ANY English music.

Now how about this man:

Yes, that’s Pierre Falardeau, uber-racist, about to get a nice big hug from our separatist teddy bear.  Quick reminder: Falardeau is the guy who referred to David Suzuki as a ‘Japanouille’ (Japa-noodle).

What I’m pointing out here is that Landry unashamedly holds company with the most radical and racist elements of the separatist movement.

Though Landry and René Lévesque were very close friends back in the day, I get the feeling that if Lévesque were still around now, he would have put distance between himself and his old chum.

Leaders Are Made & Born

I’m believe that quite sincerely.

Some men and women are born with alpha characteristics that drive them to take charge from the very beginning. While other kids get a paper route, there’s that one kid who gets a ton of them and farms them out to the other kids.

Then there are those who are more beta in the beginning, but circumstances and events gradually mild them and ultimately transform them into a far stronger entity than they started as.

PKP is neither.

He never had a paper route – his daddy published papers and Pierrot would sip lemonade while watching other boys deliver the news and wonder what it must be like to have to work for such little money.

PKP never faced true adversity. The proof is in the way he’s handling life as a politician. Some may argue that his time at the helm of Quebecor may have shaped him, but he always had directors and yes men to guide him along.

Pierrot is left with only two choices – STFU and endure your trial by fire (jeez…middle aged and it’s only NOW that he faces his first true challenge in life)…

…or quit politics and go back to surrounding himself with yes men who cater to his every whim without question.


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