Stéphane Bédard’s dreaming of a white Christmas (like his papa & grandpapa used to know)

Stéphane BédardA few years ago, the president of the National Assembly took it upon himself to forbid then-premier Jean Charest from referring to Stéphane Bédard as a tête de Slinky (Slinky Head) because of his habit of bobbing his head up and down looking for an opportunity to make what he believes in his own mind would be a hard-hitting point.

While we all know that the PQ is pretty weak in the integrity department and trip over their past statements on a daily basis, Slinky Head out-does them all (which makes him a risky choice for interim leader).


Here goes:

Back in the day when PKP was still a media magnate and not a C-rate politician, Bédard was one of his most ardent opponents and really set fire to his name whenever a lock-out would occur. Today however, you’ll find him overlapping his contradictions.

Not only does Bédard defend his now-beloved PKP, he protects him against the very same acts he forced another politician into retiring for.

Alright – not going to waste time as a broken record here. We’ve already established that he’s a duplicitous slime bag.

But now, he’s given us the delightful opportunity to call him a racist…and be 100% accurate in doing so:

Stéphane Bédard vante les vertus d’un Québec souverain et homogène

All I can say is merci, Stéphane, merci!

Look, we already know that the very foundation of the movement in rooted in a strong dislike/hatred/suspicion of ‘les autres’.

But every once in a while, you get a nice bright shiny, gleaming example of it.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term homogeneity, it’s the fundamental goal that is applied to all nationalistic movements.

Simply put – it means that a society that is in favor of homogeneity is not a big fan of people who are different than them.

Almost makes me wonder how Maka “Uncle Tom” Kotto must feel like right now. Actually, that’s not true – that chump sold his own people down the river a long time ago, so he must not feel anything any more…such is the plight of the shill.

Bédard’s love of the fact that his society is predominantly white and French-speaking cannot be construed as anything less than racist.

See No Evil…

Over the weekend, a group of separatists duked it out with their opponents in the comments section of the Radio-Canada piece that covered the Bédard story. 

As per usual, instead of trying to explain why their leader would make such a heinous statement, the separatists deflected.

One minute we’re talking about racism and then, like magic, we’re talking about Liberal “corruption”.

It was the same thing as when PKP was found to be in direct violation of National Assembly rule by lobbying for Mel’s Studios. The separatists started talking about how much money the Desmarais family had…even though no one in the Desmarais family holds a position in public office.

Ultimately, deflection can only delay the inevitable.

With the pretenders to the PQ throne now distancing themselves from the toxic piece of proposed legislation (Charte des Valeurs) that cost them the last elections, it’s clear to at least some that acting with a suspicion of ‘les autres’ has fallen out of favour with the electorate.

Personally, I believe someone put Bédard up to this. Slinky Head has nothing to lose by making such a statement, but the person who put him up to it has everything to gain from being able to sit back and see if he can sell a vision of a Quebec that is modelled after Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Belgium.

One caveat for anyone trying to sell that vision: Iceland is SO homogeneous, an entrepreneur actually had to develop an app to curb unintentional inbreeding. Food for thought, sucka.


One thought on “Stéphane Bédard’s dreaming of a white Christmas (like his papa & grandpapa used to know)

  1. The fact that this guy thinks Belgium is homogeneous shows that he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. On the other hand, he might find a warm welcome within the Vlaams Belang Party, if he’s willing to brush up on his Flemish.

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