Separatist Speak for Dummies

I’ve gotten a couple of comments regarding the fact that not all readers understand written French, and that’s cool, so today, I’ve created a special guide for you to refer to in the future.

The words and terms listed here are very commonly used by separatists when they’re busy having one of their pity parties offline in a bar or on social media.

Here we go:

Aplaventrisme – Alright, you know when your dog shits on your carpet and knows you’re mad as hell and all he wants is for you to somehow forget all about it, so he lays flat on his stomach, chin flat on the ground too, looking up at you hoping for forgiveness? There you go.

Assimilé – No different than it’s English counter-part. 

Colonisé – Simply put, colonized. Those who’ve accepted federalism are ‘colonisé’ because they accepted the ‘tyrannical rule of the Anglo Saxon’ elite.

Desmarais – This isn’t a word, I know. But it might as well be a noun, as it has become the official emblem of the wealthy Francophone who is quite proud of being a federalist.

Don’t be inquiète – Once again, not a word, but one of the last things an Anglo hears before another of his/her rights are abrogated. When you do ever hear this, be inquiète…be very inquiète!

Émanciper – Once again, sounds just like its English counterpart.

Fédérastes – This doesn’t actually mean anything per se, but for some reason, many separatists seem to think it insults federalists. Used to be that only the welfare contingent used it, but now, the PQ has reached such a low that they feel a need to employ it as well.

Larbin – this is attributed to anyone the OUI camp deems to be a servant or proverbial housemaid, which is basically every single person who has no issue with Ottawa. Think Samuel L. Jackson in Django Unchained.

Maître chez nous – The grand raison d’être that acts as the cattle call for separatist troglodytes to unite.

Petit – Direct translation: small. Why is it here? Refer to this to better understand.

Peuple à genoux – Very popular song that has gone on to become a common descriptor. When you hear a separatist complaining that the Quebecois as a peuple à genoux, they’re telling you they see themselves as a nation on their knees before Ottawa. (yes, really).

Soumis – Submissive.

Vendu – A sell-out, as in, ‘if you’re a Francophone who succeeds in a unified Canada, that makes you a sell-out’. Be sure to also refer back to Desmarais for more details.


One thought on “Separatist Speak for Dummies

  1. Dude…….. Just leave quebekistan.
    Tons of work in Saskatchewan and Alberta. As a bonus there’s no sh%theads there to give you a hard time en francais. No need for this blog….

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