Land of the Petit Penseurs

If you’re an anglophone living in Quebec who hasn’t quite grasped the French language to the fullest, you might be familiar with the word petit.

That’s especially the case if you listen to what separatists have to say.

They accuse the federal government of leaving Quebec with le petit pain (essentially meaning Ottawa takes an entire loaf and leaves them with the dinner roll you see at the St. Hubert’s).

If you listen to what federalist Francophones have to say about separatists, you’ll hear them use terms such as ‘petit penseur’ (mentally weak) and/or ‘petit peuple’ (fickle/insignificant people).

We see at least one example of the ‘petit penseur’ complex in Quebec each day.

A lot of people in the ROC scratch their heads wondering, how can separatists be so utterly ridiculous?

The short answer (to avoid having to write the history book): When France colonized Quebec, they took a page out of Britain’s playbook when they colonized Australia – they sent all their garbage over.

Yes, that’s right – the vast majority of Quebec’s initial population was composed of pimps, thieves, rapists, fraudsters and bank robbers.

When the king of France got wind that his soldiers were copulating with the ‘dirty native’ women that they were instead supposed to suppress, he sent in a legion of hookers.

Fast forward to the military conflict France had with Britain…

…The English kicks the French army’s ass.

Surviving French soldiers round up the French aristocrats and together they abandon Quebec…leaving the pimps, thieves, rapists, fraudsters and bank robbers…and hookers behind.

Like with Australia, time and evolution saw future generations shrug off the ways of their forebears and create good lives for themselves.

There’s no doubt in my mind that some of these criminals took their chance at freedom over a life in jail as a godsend and swore to set themselves straight.

However, for some, breaking away from the mould set by mom and dad ain’t so easy (just look at Pierre Falardeau’s kids) and they carried on in their parent’s ways.

The very fact that their parents were pimps, thieves, rapists, fraudsters and bank robbers (and hookers) was because they had a very limited world view, are obviously cynical and thus are very accustomed to having adversarial relationships.

The fact that the separatist movement is stagnating ever faster is proof that yet another generation is pulling away from the nasty roots cast by the founding pimps, thieves, rapists, fraudsters and bank robbers (and hookers).

But we’re not quite there yet.

Case in point: Mr. Couillard delivering a speech in Iceland…totally in English.

Imagine that – Quebec’s representative to the outside world, speaking to the outside world…in THE language OF the outside world.

Social media lit right up like a big bright KKKristmas tree with the last remaining descendents of the pimps, thieves, rapists, fraudsters and bank robbers (and hookers) calling Couillard a ‘sell-out’ and everything else they have in their arsenal of redundancy.

Of course, none of them had a comeback for this one:

I’m sure that most of you have had the displeasure of seeing at least one animal in your lives in a dying state and seeing how that animal reacts to the fact that it will soon be dead.

With the total sovereignist vote (PQ/QS/ON) garnering just 14% in Levis, things are looking pretty damn grim right about now.

By picking up on non-Franco speech delivered by Couillard, the separatists have shown us just how close their animal is to death.


7 thoughts on “Land of the Petit Penseurs

  1. One expression that underscores this tempest in a teapot, “Ça chiale pour rien”
    In today’s LaPresse, John Tory’s using french in his speech is met with skepticism. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t :-/

  2. “…the vast majority of Quebec’s initial population was composed of pimps, thieves, rapists, fraudsters and bank robbers.”

    Factually untrue (the lion’s share of migrants to New France were skilled artisans and urban labourers), not to mention borderline racist. It’s offensive to suggest that a group of people has a fixed set of characteristics that extends over centuries.

    I’m no fan of PQ or their supporters, but you really don’t need to go back to the 17th century to find fault with them. Nor do you need to insult the great mass of francophone Quebecers, who have always been decent, hard-working people.

    • While my point is indeed exagerrated it was nonetheless drafted to point out one historical fact that is often overlooked, and two, it would be impossible for any country at that epoch to have enough prisoners to achieve what was done in both Australia and Quebec. I have faith in the reader to be able to discern as much.

      As for this post being borderline racist, it was written from the perspective of someone who grew up in a Francophone-Quebec family, so one of the last things I’d want is to insult my own family or even myself for that matter.

      I lived part of my life in a small town that had a lot of racism and xenophobia in it. Some of the kids my age embraced it and carry it forward to this day, others shrugged it off, moved to the city and got educated and left that aspect of their lives behind them – a point illustrated in the post.

      What cannot be contested is that evolving away from ignorance is a long and drawn-out affair when the collective is concerned. Let’s not forget that it was less than 60 years ago that the majority in Alabama considered making blacks ride the back the bus as normal and acceptable.

      Try that today and you’d be met with vigorous backlash.

      But it sure did take time to get to that point.

      The ruing minority, no matter where it is they rule, have always made a point of manipulating the ignorant majority and from that point forward, those who buy into the ruling minority’s propaganda hard-wire it into their children.

      I’m a firm believer that no one is born racist – they are taught to be that way.

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  4. In the English vs French back and forth, A prime example of deux poids deux mesures front.

    Whenever members of the Royal Family visit, they speak French on occasions. The Prince of Wales did it, the Duke of Cambridge did it too. Years ago the Queen of Canada and the Duke Edinburgh also did that.

    This last several day, comes the President of the French Republic. Not a single word in English is ever uttered. Does the Canadian English community complain?

  5. Yeah, we never seem to get tired of kissing their asses – they run rampant over us all the time and we never fight back. We’re gutless cowards (the anglophones of Quebec).

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