And so it begins…

Who cares about a conflict of interest…certainly not #PKP.

Hell, he is so unbothered by it, that despite being investigated by not one, but TWO enquiries into his violation of the rules, he went right ahead and bought Vision Global anyway.

When I say HE bought the company, I really am referring to PKP the man, and not Quebecor, for since he is the majority stakeholder and has yet to place his shares in a blind trust, this is all his doing.

I just CANNOT wait for the next sitting of the National Assembly.

The Liberals and the CAQ are now armed with all they need to finish what they started.

I’m just getting ready to laugh my ass off as I listen to the limp-wristed, hypocritical double-talk that will come from the PQ MNAs as they try to sweep Pierrot’s move under the rug.


Since PKP came into the fold, we’ve watched the seppies piss away any remaining traces of integrity they may have had.

We’ve watched the left, who’ve squared off with PKP for years, suddenly embrace him and laud him as the best future leader of the PQ.

Even the communist party of Quebec has embraced him.

Shit like this…it’s all water underneath the sovereignist bridge:

I promised Troy that I’d translate any French text contained in an image, so here it is.

In the first underlined text, PKP states thanks to the strike [going on at the time of the writing], honest, hard-working employees would pay for the cynical unions that manipulate the strikers by hiding the truth from them. (that was in 2008)

In the second underlined text, PKP applauds the actions of the unions for helping to diminish the ill effects of the medieval king-serf structure of society. (this was written in 2014)

Shit For Shit

There is very good reason for the PQ’s opponents and taxpayers to feel outraged at PKP’s actions.

He is in clear violation of the rules, and he knows it every bit as well as anyone.

However, when you throw these facts to the PQ’s voter base, they not only refuse to accept and admit the wrong…they go digging around for shit that they can pin on their opponents.

Even PKP is doing it.

He tried to tie Jean-Marc Fournier to a former employee at SNC-Lavalin that he had no relation to that was found guilty of fraud and bribery.

That my friends, is what we call du n’importe quoi in French.

Had I been in Fournier’s shoes, I would have sued PKP  for defamation and taught him a lesson.

“The Federalists Fear PKP”

I see this one a lot on social media and in the comments section of newspapers.

Legions of low self-esteemed PQ-voter circus monkeys think we fear PKP.



I think the average federalist can remember as far back as April 2014…when PKP’s proclamations of sovereignty effectively tanked the PQ’s campaign and damn-near cost them their position as the official opposition.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Peladeau is a rich kid and therefore never had to think on his own two feet.

Daddy built the company and absorbed all the strain and stress that comes with building a corporation that size.

Pe-Pe never had to break a sweat of his own.

It also needs to be said that Brian Mulroney was always there to whisper to PKP what his next move should be.

During the campaign, we saw what happens when you take Mulroney out of the equation – you’re left with a dim-witted twit who is led by his emotions – the clear hallmark of a rank amateur.

Just as PKP has shown that he is a remarkably horrible businessman (he sold off his portfolio of Anglo-Canadian dailies at a 70% loss – at a time when they were STILL PROFITABLE), his leadership of Quebec is destined for disaster.

Now, if you say that federalists are scared shitless of flagrant stupidity, you would be 100% correct.

Someone who doesn’t understand that you DO NOT sell a profitable property at a 70% loss should not be in charge of other people’s money.

Seppies, It’s Time To Put Your Big-Boy Pants On

If any seppies are reading this right now, it’s time for you to assume responsibility for your team’s misconduct.

I know some of you are up to the task.

I’m referring to those of you who, despite your sovereignist convictions, refused to support the charter.

How badly do you want your own country?

So bad that you allow an unscrupulous huckster own your entire culture?

It’s time that you look at biographies of people like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein to see where Peladeau’s mind is at.

Hell, even shitty movies like the Star Wars prequels can show you where things are heading.

Listen…Pauline Marois did not give two shits about sovereignty.

With the fortune she and her husband have, they are already sovereign.

Same goes for Peladeau – with the money he has in his accounts, the man is already sovereign.

Marois only wanted to be the leader because she’d spent her whole career pining for it and she also wanted to go down in history as the first woman to lead the province.

Peladeau is even worse than Marois. Marois wanted the helm for ego – Peladeau wants to use the power and privilege that comes with governing a province to take full control of his market.

That’s it, that’s all.

PKP doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Quebec or making it into a nation.

Just think about that – by voting PKP into the leadership position, you’re selling yourselves down the river.


7 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Hopefully even hard core separatists will see through the BS of PKP – they just can’t be THATstupid! Glad to see that the Cat is contributing to the comments on the blog. I hope you attract even more of the crowd from the old nodogs blog including the author! Keep up the good work.

      • I miss her too – I do not know how to reach her – hopefully she is keeping up with us and will come back on line. I know she said she was moving out of Quebec so perhaps she is just plain busy getting on with her life outside this disaster of a province. Surprised that complicated hasn’t put in his/her two cents worth as yet. I just know he/she has big opinions on this.

  2. Agree 100%, PKP is not the noble QC nationalist he makes himself out to be. His thought process is very much WIFM. That said, I am floored that Quebec seperatis are so eager to jump on his bandwagon! Will this bunch of Terminal Losers ever learn! Why do these people constantly shot themselves in the foot time after time. MBC should do another PHD paper on this.

    • Unfortunately they NEVER seem to learn from anything. No big surprise that the two nut cases we had killing our armed forces personnel last week come from this mixed up place! They had a profile on TV of another nut case fighting for ISIS and just guess where he comes from? I really have to wonder about our water and air here.

  3. “Peladeau is a rich kid and therefore never had to think on his own two feet…. a dim-witted twit who is led by his emotions – the clear hallmark of a rank amateur.”

    Whenever I see PKP, I’m reminded of Hugh Laurie’s turn as Bertie Wooster. Am I the only one who finds the resemblance uncanny?

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