Not even 4 months before PKP’s corruption begins

I doubt you haven’t heard the story yet, but in case you missed it, PKP’s been found guilty of influence peddling to enrich his company.

Of course, most separatists tried to excuse this, despite chastising any federalist who would do the same.

The most common excuse I’ve been seeing is not even an excuse, it’s changing the subject to the Desmarais / PowerCorp camp.

You’ll never (and I mean NEVER) find a separatist with integrity.

I’ll leave you guys to speculate as to how this will all play out for the PQ…


5 thoughts on “Not even 4 months before PKP’s corruption begins

      • Hey Un Gars,

        I do agree with you – but only to an extent.

        See, while some of the readers here might have the means to uproot and start over elsewhere, I think many
        stay out of principle.

        The entire sovereignist movement just doesn’t make any sense and I think that they are rallying against
        the sheer and utter stupidity that powers the idealism behind it.

        I also believe it’s a case of regular folks seeing the irony that the only reason the sovereignist movement
        can afford to behave the way it does is because of Canada’s luxuries.

  1. @BOSA

    Canada’s luxuries…
    I agree as it allowed quebec society to evolve into being lazy (where’s my gov’t cheque), demanding (sovereigntists, $7 daycare, etc) and corrupt, all because of a 50 year running social-democrat approach to governance. Pretty tough to change things when two generations were brain washed in the schools by Marxist leaning teachers and professors. quebecois perceive themselves as morally superior because they hate dirty oil, won’t exploit their natural resources and are heavily anti-capitalists.
    Get out before quebec becomes a 1/3 country. Ontario is not better…

  2. The best description for PKP in French is “Enfant roi”. This guy is so self centered he is freaking scary. The seps are jumping on his bandwagon because the see him as their last an best chance. In other words the seps are searching for an easy fix. Well ladies and gentlemen, I do not know about you, I’ve rarely seen an easy fix work out.

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