PKP’s Moment of Truth

Today, Quebec’s biggest spoiled brat, Pierre Karl Péladeau, will face the ultimate truth – that daddy’s money can take him far…very far – but even vast fortunes can be hampered by limitations.

The stage is set for the CAQ’s proposed amendment to be pushed through quite rapidly and with that, we’ll see PKP being forced into staying in the National Assembly at the cost of relinquishing his shares in Quebecor or pulling out of his quest to lead honky vote to their fabled promised land.

I don’t know Péladeau personally. What’s going on inside his head is known only to him (and perhaps a few close confidants).

However, if I go with a character profile, my bets are on PKP leaving politics.

See, I’ve known a few people who were born into privilege over the years, and if there is ONE thing they all share in common, it’s the fear of losing what was bestowed upon them since birth.

Self-made men do not fear failure. That’s why, even after becoming wealthy, they keep taking risks in order to continue growing their empires.

Take Richard Branson for example.

Branson started out selling records…then he got into transportation…and then mobile phones and now he’s developing space travel.

Not all of the ventures Branson tries out are successful, but he doesn’t care. He knows he possesses the required acumen to repair any damage he causes to his asset base.

PKP on the other hand, simply does not possess the same acumen. When you size up his resume to that of Branson’s, his achievements are laughable.

While entrepreneurs like Branson continually hit the white board to brainstorm new ideas and conceive a myriad of ways to make these ideas happen in a profitable way, people like PKP constantly whine like the rich kids they are when their desired outcome isn’t met.

Example: think of all the times PKP has gone crying to the CRTC about a competitor’s ad spends.

How about how he opposed the Bell Media / Astral merger?

Any success Quebecor sees is based on a spoiled brat crying out about something being ‘unfair’ instead of hitting the white boards to come up with a profitable alternative to these challenges.

Theoretically, Quebecor could keep up with Bell Media / Astral if PKP could make nice with a profitable rival and put together a merger of his own…but like a true spoiled brat, that would mean having to share power and profit and PKP just ain’t down wit’ dat.

As I write this, hundreds of angry separatists are burning up social media claiming that this “conspiracy” against their not-yet anointed king is yet another in a long line of federalist slights against their movement.

In PKP, they really thought they finally had THE MAN who had a realistic shot of making their pipe dream a reality.

There is no doubt in my mind that PKP has his team of lawyers lined up to work around the clock between Wednesday night and late Thursday morning to find any kind of loophole to the proposed amendment that would allow him to have his cake and eat it too.

I have no background in law, so I cannot speculate as to what the chances are of his legal team finding a loophole.

But I can tell you that if they fail to find a loophole and PKP is faced with a black and white ultimatum to sell up or leave, he’ll choose the latter.

Sure, if he sold up, he’d have all the money one could ever need for the rest of his life, however, PKP has a lavish lifestyle.

We’re not talking two-garage suburban living here – we’re talking picturesque mansion and drop-of-a-hat jetsetting.

While PKP would have a huge reserve of cash post-sale, that cash would be idle cash…it would no longer be generating the ongoing revenue stream he is now addicted to.

In the end, PKP will resign himself to the notion that with his Quebecor empire, he is something of a sovereign country in his own right…so why bother with pursuing Quebec’s independence?

He’ll tell himself that the bulk of the sovereignist movement is composed of “common people” anyways…

…and Daddy didn’t hand him a fortune so that he could live like common people do.


One thought on “PKP’s Moment of Truth

  1. Nothing but an ego tripper that wants to be “King” of Quebec = so much money that he’s bored with everything else and this is all that’s left for him to amuse himself. What a sad commentary for a man of power. Just think of the good he could do if he put his mind to it – wish I had the same opportunity! I can think of so many projects that would help society if I were in his position.

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