CNPP overview – feeding of the jackals | Jean-François Lisée v. Pierre Karl Péladeau

pekissWe all know how notorious the PQ is for to playing dirty.

From trying to steal referendums via spoiled ballots, undermining negotiations with Ottawa, dumping their leaders only seconds after defeat, attempting to pass bills they know will discourage immigration and even talking shit against one another in the media, there is just about NO low the PQ isn’t capable of reaching.

The PQ is well aware of this fact of its existence.

That’s why they needed to hold a convention in Sherbrooke to determine the rules of war.

Nice, huh?

A party is openly preparing for war within its own ranks like this is perfectly common and acceptable practice.

So how did this collection of trailer park boys and philosphy-diploma-degree-detaining-welfare-reciepients unfurl?

Much as you’d expect from any pseudo KKK rally.

Right off the bat, interim leader Stephane Bedard opened with some good ‘ol fashioned Canada-bashing, claiming that the St. Lawrence would be controlled by an independent Quebec and accused Couillard of wishing to turn the Quebecois people into a lower caste of Canadians. (classic)

It was also decided that all leadership candidates would require a $20,000 fee in order to participate.

No problem for PKP.

Big problems for those candidates who aren’t so financially endowed.

You Heard It Here First

The crushing defeat the PQ suffered at the polls in April was only a hint of the devastation to come.

As I write this, they are already down one candidate by way of Elaine Zakaïb bailing out of the PQ with the intention of bailing out the failing clothing retailer, Jacob.

Should any more existing MNAs drop out, the PQ is on the tightrope to third-party status, but this reality does not faze the terminally egotistical.

If you were a No Dogs reader, you might have noticed that I predicted the leadership elections to replace Marois would have some of the most divisive results in the party’s history.

I predicted that as many as three KEY players in the PQ camp would pack up and leave either during or after this exercise.

It’s already started.

Jean-François Lisée has already openly attacked Pierre Karl Péladeau in the media and so far, the bulk of the PQ is siding with Péladeau in this debacle. If the tempo continues this way, it’s only a matter of time until Lisée bails not on hte grounds of failing to gain the leadership, but from the feelings of alienation and isolation he seems destined to be met with at the National Assembly from now on.

Just check out this 10-second example of anti-love between JFL & PKP.


I don’t know about you, but there’s something just gross about that scene.

Oh, and be sure to take a gander at this little gem…from the very LEADERS who were elected to run our society:


The PQ side of the NA is officially grade 9 gym class.

True Colours

Parti Quebecois RacisteThis weekend’s exercise in futility didn’t just shine a light on why a new leader will bring nothing fresh to the PQ, it also shined a light on it’s drying cesspool of a voter base.

All weekend long on Twitter, PQ members split up into warring factions, with the left turning on the sellouts.


Well, let’s face it – much as the PQ would love to paint itself as a party of united factions, it’s a mostly leftist party anchored by a center-left base.

Very few count as true right-wingers.

That’s why I find that those who are licking PKP’s boots are little more than sellouts.

They hate PKP’s guts and are repulsed by everything he stands for, however, since the polls indicate that he’s got the best chances to leading the PQ to victory (RE = promised land of unicorn/fairy dust sovereignty) they’ll back him every step of the way.

Much I as I personally revile Lisee, he was still the perfect model for the party – he really does represent all it’s meant to be about.

However, the bloodthirst is overwhelming and they will sacrifice their own without a second thought.

This is why the lions are the kings of the jungle, and not the rabid jackals.


11 thoughts on “CNPP overview – feeding of the jackals | Jean-François Lisée v. Pierre Karl Péladeau

    • Who’s bashing the Quebecois here? Last time I checked, all bashing was relegated to separatists.

      If you’re looking for Quebec bashing on this site, you will find SOME of it in the comments section…for example,
      would you care to guess who wrote this comment?:

      I am a quebecois (franco) who had enough of the retards that live there. I moved to Calgary and now Germany. The quebeckers are a very small people and insignificant. They depend on handouts from Ottawa which is indicative that quebekistan is a 1/3 world province. Only quebecois think like the tweets that we published. Stupid is as stupid does. Bravo mes champions!

  1. Thank you for pointing out that nothing has changed for un gars ABSA! Split personality for sure; always has been and makes no sense 99% of the time. Thank you for keeping up the articles – we can sure use them. Peaceful right now but that will not last.

  2. Once again you show your ignorance. You know nothing, absolutely nothing about me and/or my family situation. Why don’t you just stay to hell in Germany, do us all a favour (including our francophone friends) and keep your opinions to yourself. You’re nothing but an ignorant, know nothing, that we, as Canadians, would be ashamed to ever admit belonged to a decent Canadian society. Get your handler to put you back in your cage where you belong.

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