And so it begins…

Who cares about a conflict of interest…certainly not #PKP.

Hell, he is so unbothered by it, that despite being investigated by not one, but TWO enquiries into his violation of the rules, he went right ahead and bought Vision Global anyway.

When I say HE bought the company, I really am referring to PKP the man, and not Quebecor, for since he is the majority stakeholder and has yet to place his shares in a blind trust, this is all his doing.

I just CANNOT wait for the next sitting of the National Assembly.

The Liberals and the CAQ are now armed with all they need to finish what they started.

I’m just getting ready to laugh my ass off as I listen to the limp-wristed, hypocritical double-talk that will come from the PQ MNAs as they try to sweep Pierrot’s move under the rug.


Since PKP came into the fold, we’ve watched the seppies piss away any remaining traces of integrity they may have had.

We’ve watched the left, who’ve squared off with PKP for years, suddenly embrace him and laud him as the best future leader of the PQ.

Even the communist party of Quebec has embraced him.

Shit like this…it’s all water underneath the sovereignist bridge:

I promised Troy that I’d translate any French text contained in an image, so here it is.

In the first underlined text, PKP states thanks to the strike [going on at the time of the writing], honest, hard-working employees would pay for the cynical unions that manipulate the strikers by hiding the truth from them. (that was in 2008)

In the second underlined text, PKP applauds the actions of the unions for helping to diminish the ill effects of the medieval king-serf structure of society. (this was written in 2014)

Shit For Shit

There is very good reason for the PQ’s opponents and taxpayers to feel outraged at PKP’s actions.

He is in clear violation of the rules, and he knows it every bit as well as anyone.

However, when you throw these facts to the PQ’s voter base, they not only refuse to accept and admit the wrong…they go digging around for shit that they can pin on their opponents.

Even PKP is doing it.

He tried to tie Jean-Marc Fournier to a former employee at SNC-Lavalin that he had no relation to that was found guilty of fraud and bribery.

That my friends, is what we call du n’importe quoi in French.

Had I been in Fournier’s shoes, I would have sued PKP  for defamation and taught him a lesson.

“The Federalists Fear PKP”

I see this one a lot on social media and in the comments section of newspapers.

Legions of low self-esteemed PQ-voter circus monkeys think we fear PKP.



I think the average federalist can remember as far back as April 2014…when PKP’s proclamations of sovereignty effectively tanked the PQ’s campaign and damn-near cost them their position as the official opposition.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Peladeau is a rich kid and therefore never had to think on his own two feet.

Daddy built the company and absorbed all the strain and stress that comes with building a corporation that size.

Pe-Pe never had to break a sweat of his own.

It also needs to be said that Brian Mulroney was always there to whisper to PKP what his next move should be.

During the campaign, we saw what happens when you take Mulroney out of the equation – you’re left with a dim-witted twit who is led by his emotions – the clear hallmark of a rank amateur.

Just as PKP has shown that he is a remarkably horrible businessman (he sold off his portfolio of Anglo-Canadian dailies at a 70% loss – at a time when they were STILL PROFITABLE), his leadership of Quebec is destined for disaster.

Now, if you say that federalists are scared shitless of flagrant stupidity, you would be 100% correct.

Someone who doesn’t understand that you DO NOT sell a profitable property at a 70% loss should not be in charge of other people’s money.

Seppies, It’s Time To Put Your Big-Boy Pants On

If any seppies are reading this right now, it’s time for you to assume responsibility for your team’s misconduct.

I know some of you are up to the task.

I’m referring to those of you who, despite your sovereignist convictions, refused to support the charter.

How badly do you want your own country?

So bad that you allow an unscrupulous huckster own your entire culture?

It’s time that you look at biographies of people like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein to see where Peladeau’s mind is at.

Hell, even shitty movies like the Star Wars prequels can show you where things are heading.

Listen…Pauline Marois did not give two shits about sovereignty.

With the fortune she and her husband have, they are already sovereign.

Same goes for Peladeau – with the money he has in his accounts, the man is already sovereign.

Marois only wanted to be the leader because she’d spent her whole career pining for it and she also wanted to go down in history as the first woman to lead the province.

Peladeau is even worse than Marois. Marois wanted the helm for ego – Peladeau wants to use the power and privilege that comes with governing a province to take full control of his market.

That’s it, that’s all.

PKP doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Quebec or making it into a nation.

Just think about that – by voting PKP into the leadership position, you’re selling yourselves down the river.


Mathieu Bock-Côté – I Coulda Been a Contendah’


Alright, I know I’m late on the follow up to the last piece.

I’m sorry about that.

However, there’s nothing quite like a good ‘ol separatist honky-tonk love-in like this latest piece from Mathieu Bock-Côté to spur me into action. 

I haven’t read this latest piece of ass-wipery (blocked to non-subscribers).

Don’t need to. That, and I won’t give that turd PKP my money for the ‘privilege’ of reading his henchmen’s smearing of all those who aren’t part of ‘Le Club’.

Over the years, I’ve seen enough of this closet hate-monger to know exactly what lies beneath.

Playing the role of Mathieu Bock-Côté today is your host, Anonymous Buster of Shit Arguments.

MBC: “Only the federalists could celebrate something as odious as colonialism”

But what about what French colonialism did for Quebec?

Was Quebec not once known as ‘New France’ for it’s intended use as a colony which was to derive the same first-world amenities and luxuries as its European mother-state?

MBC: “On this day, federalists will celebrate what they did to the French in order to dominate Quebec”

Hmmm…this was a war right? As mindless and ridiculous as war happens to be, we do at the very least have them to determine a winner, don’t we?

If that example don’t tickle yer fancy, let’s imagine if the African slaves used to colonise Haiti didn’t overthrow their French masters – what would the neo-French community there have to say about that nation then…Hmmmm?

“By celebrating ‘Canada Day’ Ottawa is driving the final nail into the coffin of Quebec’s artistic community”

Easiest of them all.  In one breath, separatists love using films such as the Elvis Gratton series to chastise both Canadians and Americans alike in the most narcissistic fashion.

Americans, according to separatists, are fat, lazy monster truck loving, McDonald’s-worshipping racist war-monger assholes and Canadians wish they were just like Americans.

Faced with that kind of logic, who could ever blame any desire for separation?

Oh wait..slight discrepancy:

When American culture is transplanted into Quebec’s mainline (RE: Star Académie), it’s all good and it’s all in the name of fostering upcoming home-grown talent.

Oh shit…the seps almost had it there…or did they?

“Canada Day is a celebration of multiculturalism”

Yes, and…what’s the problem, byatch?

How many seppies have told us, they’re “sovereignist, but that does not in any way” make them racist?

Then how do you explain that argument – that multiculturalism is a ‘bad word’?

They are “not racist” yet they deem multiculturalism to be an anti-Quebecois trait.

Oh Mathieu, Mathieu, Mathieu…mon cher GROS Mathieu…

…you really have nothing else going on in your life, do you my frustrated friend.

Friends, as I finish this, the PQ has drawn less than 8% of the popular vote in the provincial by-election in Levis.

Put all the separatist parties combined (PQ, QS and ON) and together they got…14%.

Mathieu Bock-Côté is merely the symbol of a dying animal and much resembles the literally dying animal that is Bernard Landry, who is getting progressively more hateful and venomous as his life winds down.

The worst of the worst

Given the recent events surrounding PKP,  I wanted to address the redundancies commonly regurgitated by separatists.

It never ceases to amaze me just how hypocritical e sovereignist camp happens to be.

For the sake of brevity however, I’m going to bust this up into two pieces.

Today I’m going to line the ducks up for you.

Once those ducks have been lined up, part two is where we start playing a very fun little game.

The Pandora’s Box Is Now Open Wide

Now that PKP has readily admitted that he contravened the code of ethics, many seppies are not only finding ways to justify his actions, they’re also trying to point the finger at the Liberals, La Presse, the Desmarais family/ Power Corp and claim that they’re fairly picking on Peladeau.

To date, I’ve only found ONE avowed separatist bring PKP’s behaviour into question…just one.

Even the ragged, toothless hick known as Victor Levy-Beaulieu came out in defence of PKP. Seriously, are you fucking kidding me?

Anyhow, PKP’s support base in this matter looks like it’ll be relegated to the lunatic fringe, and not from his cabinet.

So far, Stephane Bedard and Agnes Maltais have been (wisely) remaining silent on the matter.

A radio station broadcasted recorded footage of those two PQ MLAs pressuring David Whissel for the exact same thing back in 2009.

While separatists are notorious for their short memories, I think this is recent enough. With the Whissel affair so clearly out in the open, Maltais and Bedard had best keep mum if they value their political careers.

The Knuckle-Dragging Contingent Takes Arms

People are silently begging to be led.

Not sure where I first heard that one, but with the seppies, they aren’t silent about the fact that they want a strong sovereignist leader to shackle their necks and lead them to the “promised land.”

Yet, with their leaders in Quebec City remaining mum about the whole PKP affair, they feel abandoned and therefore, their frustration has reached new heights.

Now this is the part where I line up the ducks for you, as mentioned earlier in this post.

The peeps you’re about to meet truly define the term ‘militant’.

Believe me, when you bring it up straight facts that paint an unfavourable image of one of their sovereignist leaders on Twitter, they get pretty upset.

Feel free to badger them…

Michel Laurence

Jean Nasse

Helene O’Hara   Don’t let the Irish name fool you, this sovereignist cow has been begging for the pasture for a while now.

Francois Lemay

Madeleine Millette


Benoit Lajeunesse

Ode BoShe’s a poet and a visual artist, which effectively means she’s on welfare and has a hate-on for anyone who might suggest she pull her socks up and start earning her own money.

Sophie Stanke Like other washed-up, unaccomplished actors before her, Stanke took her frustrations to the sovereignist movement.

Robert Deragon

Marie Imalta P-Lys 

David Doyon

Just so you know…these guys are the worst of the lot, so if you fire an arrow into their court, get ready to have them dog you with relentless rhetoric for a good long while.

Alright, so you’ve got your ducks.

Until part two of this piece goes live, I invite you to take a glimpse at how we’ll be playing our little ‘game’.

Tell me if the descriptions in this link sound familiar to you. 🙂 

Next post, I’ll be taking that description apart piece-by-piece and applying it to Quebec’s separatist movement.

Not even 4 months before PKP’s corruption begins

I doubt you haven’t heard the story yet, but in case you missed it, PKP’s been found guilty of influence peddling to enrich his company.

Of course, most separatists tried to excuse this, despite chastising any federalist who would do the same.

The most common excuse I’ve been seeing is not even an excuse, it’s changing the subject to the Desmarais / PowerCorp camp.

You’ll never (and I mean NEVER) find a separatist with integrity.

I’ll leave you guys to speculate as to how this will all play out for the PQ…

PKP’s Moment of Truth

Today, Quebec’s biggest spoiled brat, Pierre Karl Péladeau, will face the ultimate truth – that daddy’s money can take him far…very far – but even vast fortunes can be hampered by limitations.

The stage is set for the CAQ’s proposed amendment to be pushed through quite rapidly and with that, we’ll see PKP being forced into staying in the National Assembly at the cost of relinquishing his shares in Quebecor or pulling out of his quest to lead honky vote to their fabled promised land.

I don’t know Péladeau personally. What’s going on inside his head is known only to him (and perhaps a few close confidants).

However, if I go with a character profile, my bets are on PKP leaving politics.

See, I’ve known a few people who were born into privilege over the years, and if there is ONE thing they all share in common, it’s the fear of losing what was bestowed upon them since birth.

Self-made men do not fear failure. That’s why, even after becoming wealthy, they keep taking risks in order to continue growing their empires.

Take Richard Branson for example.

Branson started out selling records…then he got into transportation…and then mobile phones and now he’s developing space travel.

Not all of the ventures Branson tries out are successful, but he doesn’t care. He knows he possesses the required acumen to repair any damage he causes to his asset base.

PKP on the other hand, simply does not possess the same acumen. When you size up his resume to that of Branson’s, his achievements are laughable.

While entrepreneurs like Branson continually hit the white board to brainstorm new ideas and conceive a myriad of ways to make these ideas happen in a profitable way, people like PKP constantly whine like the rich kids they are when their desired outcome isn’t met.

Example: think of all the times PKP has gone crying to the CRTC about a competitor’s ad spends.

How about how he opposed the Bell Media / Astral merger?

Any success Quebecor sees is based on a spoiled brat crying out about something being ‘unfair’ instead of hitting the white boards to come up with a profitable alternative to these challenges.

Theoretically, Quebecor could keep up with Bell Media / Astral if PKP could make nice with a profitable rival and put together a merger of his own…but like a true spoiled brat, that would mean having to share power and profit and PKP just ain’t down wit’ dat.

As I write this, hundreds of angry separatists are burning up social media claiming that this “conspiracy” against their not-yet anointed king is yet another in a long line of federalist slights against their movement.

In PKP, they really thought they finally had THE MAN who had a realistic shot of making their pipe dream a reality.

There is no doubt in my mind that PKP has his team of lawyers lined up to work around the clock between Wednesday night and late Thursday morning to find any kind of loophole to the proposed amendment that would allow him to have his cake and eat it too.

I have no background in law, so I cannot speculate as to what the chances are of his legal team finding a loophole.

But I can tell you that if they fail to find a loophole and PKP is faced with a black and white ultimatum to sell up or leave, he’ll choose the latter.

Sure, if he sold up, he’d have all the money one could ever need for the rest of his life, however, PKP has a lavish lifestyle.

We’re not talking two-garage suburban living here – we’re talking picturesque mansion and drop-of-a-hat jetsetting.

While PKP would have a huge reserve of cash post-sale, that cash would be idle cash…it would no longer be generating the ongoing revenue stream he is now addicted to.

In the end, PKP will resign himself to the notion that with his Quebecor empire, he is something of a sovereign country in his own right…so why bother with pursuing Quebec’s independence?

He’ll tell himself that the bulk of the sovereignist movement is composed of “common people” anyways…

…and Daddy didn’t hand him a fortune so that he could live like common people do.

CNPP overview – feeding of the jackals | Jean-François Lisée v. Pierre Karl Péladeau

pekissWe all know how notorious the PQ is for to playing dirty.

From trying to steal referendums via spoiled ballots, undermining negotiations with Ottawa, dumping their leaders only seconds after defeat, attempting to pass bills they know will discourage immigration and even talking shit against one another in the media, there is just about NO low the PQ isn’t capable of reaching.

The PQ is well aware of this fact of its existence.

That’s why they needed to hold a convention in Sherbrooke to determine the rules of war.

Nice, huh?

A party is openly preparing for war within its own ranks like this is perfectly common and acceptable practice.

So how did this collection of trailer park boys and philosphy-diploma-degree-detaining-welfare-reciepients unfurl?

Much as you’d expect from any pseudo KKK rally.

Right off the bat, interim leader Stephane Bedard opened with some good ‘ol fashioned Canada-bashing, claiming that the St. Lawrence would be controlled by an independent Quebec and accused Couillard of wishing to turn the Quebecois people into a lower caste of Canadians. (classic)

It was also decided that all leadership candidates would require a $20,000 fee in order to participate.

No problem for PKP.

Big problems for those candidates who aren’t so financially endowed.

You Heard It Here First

The crushing defeat the PQ suffered at the polls in April was only a hint of the devastation to come.

As I write this, they are already down one candidate by way of Elaine Zakaïb bailing out of the PQ with the intention of bailing out the failing clothing retailer, Jacob.

Should any more existing MNAs drop out, the PQ is on the tightrope to third-party status, but this reality does not faze the terminally egotistical.

If you were a No Dogs reader, you might have noticed that I predicted the leadership elections to replace Marois would have some of the most divisive results in the party’s history.

I predicted that as many as three KEY players in the PQ camp would pack up and leave either during or after this exercise.

It’s already started.

Jean-François Lisée has already openly attacked Pierre Karl Péladeau in the media and so far, the bulk of the PQ is siding with Péladeau in this debacle. If the tempo continues this way, it’s only a matter of time until Lisée bails not on hte grounds of failing to gain the leadership, but from the feelings of alienation and isolation he seems destined to be met with at the National Assembly from now on.

Just check out this 10-second example of anti-love between JFL & PKP.


I don’t know about you, but there’s something just gross about that scene.

Oh, and be sure to take a gander at this little gem…from the very LEADERS who were elected to run our society:


The PQ side of the NA is officially grade 9 gym class.

True Colours

Parti Quebecois RacisteThis weekend’s exercise in futility didn’t just shine a light on why a new leader will bring nothing fresh to the PQ, it also shined a light on it’s drying cesspool of a voter base.

All weekend long on Twitter, PQ members split up into warring factions, with the left turning on the sellouts.


Well, let’s face it – much as the PQ would love to paint itself as a party of united factions, it’s a mostly leftist party anchored by a center-left base.

Very few count as true right-wingers.

That’s why I find that those who are licking PKP’s boots are little more than sellouts.

They hate PKP’s guts and are repulsed by everything he stands for, however, since the polls indicate that he’s got the best chances to leading the PQ to victory (RE = promised land of unicorn/fairy dust sovereignty) they’ll back him every step of the way.

Much I as I personally revile Lisee, he was still the perfect model for the party – he really does represent all it’s meant to be about.

However, the bloodthirst is overwhelming and they will sacrifice their own without a second thought.

This is why the lions are the kings of the jungle, and not the rabid jackals.