What Liberal Popularity Means to Quebec Society

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Had myself a sweet surprise when I visited the La Presse website this morning…in a big, bold headline, the lead piece in the Politics category announced that despite massive cuts to public spending, the Couillard-led Liberals are riding the wave, baby.

Music to my ears.

Here’s the breakdown in two easy bullets:

  • 43% of voters approve of the job Couillard is doing (this is the six-month point in the Liberal mandate). To put that into contrast, when Marois’ mandate hit the six-month mark, she had only 21% of public support.
  • 36% of Francophones have adopted the CAQ as their preferred party – proof that the general nature of a people can change and we may see a more conservative nature in the next generation of the Quebecois.

It was just yesterday that I was listening to the parliamentary debates (online) between the three major parties and it just keeps on becoming more clear why the separatist movement is over…

First it has to do with points made in this article.

Second, the Parti Quebecois, in being a party of ONE purpose (sovereignty), is desperately grasping at straws to define itself, as exemplified by their interim leader.

I watched on as Stéphane Bédard tried in vain to play down the planned TransCanada pipeline that is slated for construction.

Bédard hates Canada, but he sure is Canadian when British Columbia refused to have a pipeline built through it’s back yard.

Couillard, it was clear to see, was trying his best not to bust out and laugh right in Bédard’s face.

If I had been the one fielding Bédard’s questions, I would have immediately pointed out that most of the members of his caucus ARE CAR OWNERS themselves.

Sure is fun to use gas for one’s own uses, but God forbid you should be the one funnelling the shit, huh?

So in effect, I think I just f’d up – the PQ does have an identity beyond sovereignty…they’re the Have-My-Cake-And-Eat-It-Too party.

So Much For 2015…

The PQ’s opponents aren’t the only ones to smell blood – the members of the party know they’ve gone from waist-deep in shit to being nose-deep.

They recently watched on as a powerful YES campaign in Scotland got massively derailed.

With sovereignty on the Quebec side is inching closer and closer to 25% support and now, their interim leader is getting only 7% public support, what happened in Scotland was the last thing they needed.

The PQ’s original plan was to elect a new leader in or around April 2015.

With the Scottish dream dead, that plan just got tossed out the window.

Prime candidates (Véronique Hivon comes to mind) are dropping out of consideration to clear the way and accelerate the process.

But it appears to already be too late.

Take the Journal de Montreal website, for example.

The panels you see on the index page are controlled by an algorithm that shuffles the stories up, down and off the page based on the story’s popularity and age.

It used to be that ANY articles about the election of a party leader would spark debate and conversation in general, and as such, spark repeat visits to the same article, keeping it higher up on the JdM index page.

Yet lately, all stories pertaining to PKP, Lisée, Drainville or Cloutier taking the helm have been biting the dust considerably fast.

The only thing worse than hatred is indifference and the PQ can clearly see that no one gives a shit about what goes on in their camp, save for the same old typical Neanderthals that attend anti-shindigs like this one.

Just one word of advice to our friends – when you find yourself in quicksand, struggling just makes you sink faster. 😉


5 thoughts on “What Liberal Popularity Means to Quebec Society

  1. Hey, sorry for being out of topic. I have a question for those more knowledgeable on Quebec culture.

    I came across this posting on Imperatif-francais. There, the poster posted:

    1) on y proposait également l’espresso à base de café noir (et pas seulement de brun, au goût vraiment quelconque à fève de qualité égale. Mais c’est une question de goût, bien sûr. Mais voilà ! Tous n’aiment pas le brun. Bien au contraire…);

    Now I really do not understand what her concern is. What is the significance of the darkness of coffee in Quebecois culture?

  2. Hey Troy,

    I checked it out and the coffee thing is not that big a deal. The owner of the cafe she was talking about appears to be showing preference for one particular brand of coffee, which she thinks is not the greatest idea. Last thing I would ever do is take business advice from someone at IF.

    At the end of the day, it’s really got nothing to do with coffee and everything to do with the language of the music being played in the cafe. Just another hot cup of frothy Franco-supremacy.

  3. I’ve been enjoying the greater depth of commentary by BOSA lately.

    Personally, I’m not sure why Troy enjoys paying any attention to a radical fringe group like IF, since nobody else pays the least bit of attention to them/him). I presume that drawing attention to its excesses and heaping even greater mockery upon such a farcical organisation is his goal.

    In any event, what a treat it’s been for the past 6 months to live without the PQ trying to fuck up Quebec society like they did during their dismal, short-lived minority government last year. No more assaults on minority women on city buses; no more assaults by transit staff against anglophones trying to buy tickets on the Montreal metro; no more tomato sandwich throwers in hospitals by English-haters; no more screaming matches by drunken fedora-wearers downtown…

    I’m curious whether outside observers (such as Yannick) have noticed the difference.

    • R.S,

      I admit that I frequent the sites of those whackjobs like IF, MQF, SSJB or Vigile. Just for my own amusement. However, my question is genuine. I fail to see the connection between Quebec / French language / separatism and whether a cup of coffee is black or brown. Really, I have no idea. Therefore my question. Remember that I am a relatively new in Quebec and in Canada.

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