So instead of writing an insight on what happened on D-Day, I’m letting other people do my work for me, namely, Quebec’s separatist community.

For ages, I’ve had to hear separatists whine about why no one likes them and why no one wants to be a part of their cause. Take it away, boys!!

separatiste quebec

referendum vole

chialeux separatiste

pequiste raciste

separatist loser

quebec separatists hate everyone


‘Nuff Said

4 thoughts on “‘Nuff Said

  1. One minor nitpick..

    I know that most Anglos in Quebec are bilingual and can speak French. I also know that more of them are bilingual than Quebec francophones.

    Still, for the benefit of other anglophones who DON’T speak French, could you please post a translation of these comments? (The Editor was good with that on his NDOA blog?) If you would rather not, I understand and I’ll go to Google Translate.

  2. Agree with eddiejc1. Also, information about the original sites would be appreciated. For example, commentator Martin L mentioned about a photo on a first page. But which first page? In addition, they are all pictures. Thus we can not copy and paste the comments to Google Translate. If we want to translate we need to type the words.

  3. I am a quebecois (franco) who had enough of the retards that live there. I moved to Calgary and now Germany. The quebeckers are a very small people and insignificant. They depend on handouts from Ottawa which is indicative that quebekistan is a 1/3 world province. Only quebecois think like the tweets that we published. Stupid is as stupid does. Bravo mes champions!

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