Why a Scottish YES does not equal a Quebec OUI

In the last post, Mr. Cunningham wrote: “This is slightly off-topic, but although I doubt this will happen, IF Scotland votes to become independent in a few weeks there will instantly be talk in Quebec of following Scotland’s example.”


Where do I even begin with this turd?

Well, first I’d like to address Mr. Cunningham’s statement.

There’s no doubt that a win for Scotland would breed some excitement for the sovereignists.

Keyword here = sovereignists.

A Yes victory in Scotland would invigorate those who already have a desire to split from Canada…and those who wish to part ways with Ottawa are dropping in numbers.

We need to factor in two very key elements:

1) No matter what happens, the Parti Quebecois will not lead the province of Quebec until 2018 at the very least. That’s four long years for the raving herd to calm down again.

2) Unlike the Charest government, Couillard is showing some Couilles and doing what needs to be done. It’s brutal, it’s not pretty, but it’s what Quebec has needed for a long time. He’s even about to slice the throat of one of Quebec’s most sacred cows: subsidized daycare. By the time the Liberals’ four-year mandate ends they will have undercut a huge part of the sovereignists’ main argument that ‘Le Federal’ is keeping them poor.

It was just last April that less than 26% of the population voted for the Parti Quebecois, whose #1 article for existence is independence. For those of you who’ve forgotten, a Liberal victory was confirmed within about 15 minutes of the polls closing.

A Liberal majority was declared within the hour. The last time I saw something so devastating was in 2011, when Gilles Duceppe was sent to his political grave, courtesy of the NDP.

Depending on where you get your stats from, but support for sovereignty is hovering between 28% to 31%.

In a ‘better’ year, the rate will be closer to 40% to 45%.

But for the time being, we can reasonably assess sovereignist support at the 29% mark.

That’s a far cry from the 50% + 1 formula those wavers of the habitant flag pine for so much.

“Les Francos se réveillent!!”

We all know who uttered those words and which group was originally mentioned in place of ‘les Francos’.

But it’s the for the very reason that the Francos are waking up and smelling the bullshit that the separatist dream is dying.

If you take the time to visit the comments section of the Sol Zanetti video, you’ll see that several pro-Canada commentors are Francophones dutifully debunking the pre-programmed mess of canned claims from the seps.

As you pour through the comments you’ll find the separatists churning out fudged numbers over how much Quebec pays out to Ottawa versus what it gets back.

You’ll read about how ‘they’ trusted Canada on two occasions and got screwed in the end as a result. Which brings me to one key point in Zanetti’s tirade that I haven’t seen anyone call him on.

He proclaims that the Quebecois “trusted” Canada twice, yet are we to believe that he voted NON in the ’95 referendum? Let’s face it, we don’t need a copy of his ballot to know which box he checked off, so he has no place playing the deceived victim.

‘Les Francos’ are waking up to the fact that it wasn’t Canada that screwed them.

They got screwed by incompetent separatists like Zanetti.

They got screwed by the very bi-partisan criminals who are getting grilled one-by-one at the Charbonneau Commission.

Most voters are finally starting to get it: the people who push for Quebec’s sovereignty the hardest, are those who couldn’t give two shits about it. They only want it because to stand to make massive personal gains should the event come to pass.

I’m not done with Sol Zanetti yet…

Before wrapping up, I wanted to list my favourite nuggets from the Zanetti video and invite you to add your own comments. 

Zanetti is the perfect example of the lowest common denominator among separatists: he’s arrogant, assumptive, xenophobic and dishonestly skews stats to suit his arguments.

Here. We. Go.:

1. “The Scottish battalion defeated the French troops to capture Quebec. How thoughtful – now we share a queen.”

2. “We have tried to change things with democratic referendums.”

3. “We lost veto powers, health care spending, education spending is down to the dogs of war”

4. “Vote NO and you’ll be the laughing stock of the world…and me”

One comment that summed up the separatist opinion on Scotland quite perfectly:

Et dire que quand le Fédéral se “mèle” des dossiers du Québec, Nos séparatiste et quelques Libéraux déchire leurs chemises sur la place publique et crie au Québec Bashing et que le monde devrait se mêler de leur affaire et laisser le Québec régler leur dossier…

Le deux poids deux mesures de notre chère gogauche…

And you can read many more like it here.


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