Alpha Elites vs. Bottom-Feeding Bums: A look at where federalism is going vs. where the sovereignist movement is not

So tell me, are you tiring of the theme of this blog’s last few posts?

You know, the theme that points out just how hurting the separatist movement happens to be?

Well, I’m not.

I’ve waited for what feels like ages to brutally kick the separatist movement while it’s down – it deserves every strike.

I (quite easily) predicted in-fighting for all those aspiring to lead the PQ, and though we won’t find out who the party’s next leader will be until April 2015, the bickering and clanning has already begun.

But that’s not today’s topic.

Today’s post is inspired by coincidental contrasts.

Just this morning, three members of the CAQ publicly declined the invitation the federal Conservatives extended to have them run in the 2015 elections. 

The three members of the CAQ who were approached are Gérard Deltell, Éric Caire and François Bonnardel.

Doesn’t matter what political banner you fly, you have to admit that these three men are top-shelf performers and it’s no mystery why Stephen Harper’s people coveted their presence on the C-Team.

Where you hit the contrast point is when you match up where the Conservatives are going and where the Couillard Liberals are already at with their team, and size it up to the recent headlines in the separatist camp, which come across as little more than pathetic and laughable.


Just as the three CAQuistes politely declined Harper’s advances, it also became public that Rambozo Gauthier has been approached by Mario Bealieu‘s team to run in the federal election.


By the time the elections do come around the Bloc Quebecois will be a team of one (Claude Patry has stated he will not seek re-election, leaving Louis Plamondon as the only sitting member of the party).

After watching the party he adopted dissolve within months of his taking the helm, Bealieu is making it clear that he is completely out of touch with his audience.

Instead of trying to mend fences with the big separatist players he’s alienated, he’s bringing on the biggest fruitcakes he can find.

I was one of the few federalists to be overcome with glee when Beaulieu became an official figurehead for the movement, but to have a trailer park goon like Gauthier would truly be from heaven.

And of course, how could we forget about our favourite heretic, Michel Brûlé, who recently expressed interest in taking over the Parti Québécois?

At the rate things are going, the separatist movement will soon be inextricably tied in with uneducated redneck racists, which will ultimately prove to be a sour turn-off to separatist-sympathizers who rank above the poverty line.

The “premium” seps have either flown the coup and moved on the greener pastures or are gradually coming to terms with the fact that if they do have another referendum, it won’t be for a long time…which of course always bring them back to the starting point.


8 thoughts on “Alpha Elites vs. Bottom-Feeding Bums: A look at where federalism is going vs. where the sovereignist movement is not

    • I think that with the landslide victory the Liberals attained over the PQ, a lot of them felt vindicated and don’t see much cause for worry.

      For me personally, this is both a time to gloat, but also to take heed of what could be.

      After seeing Sol Zanetti’s words for Scotland today, there’s no chance in hell I’ll be letting the ball drop.

  1. This is slightly off-topic, but although I doubt this will happen, IF Scotland votes to become independent in a few weeks there will instantly be talk in Quebec of following Scotland’s example.

      • True. The obstacles to Quebec becoming independent are huge, especially the fact that most of the separatists have alienated many people who aren’t part of their ethnic group—even people who have become or are already fluent in French.

        But if Scotland goes, you can bet some people will start talking about how if they can do it there, why can’t we do it here? They’ll even note the similarity between the colours of the Scottish and Quebec flag.

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