Quebec, a two-party province sans sovereignty?

“Mercredi, le chef caquiste François Legault a répété que son parti «nationaliste moderne» sera l’alternative aux libéraux à la prochaine élection.”

This statement was featured in the JdM.

While this is standard pre-party convention fare, it’s a very realistic outcome nonetheless.

For years, federalists in Quebec have asked themselves…

“Why can’t we just have a system like all the other provinces where we get to choose between left-center-right and have them govern over areas such as the economy, health and infrastructure instead of national status?”

Looks like we might actually see this reality for the first time since the UN – Lesage era.

While some separatists are likely to hit back at Legault with claims that he’s engaging in some partisan poo-pooing, the numbers have a life of their own:

In 2012, the PQ took the win, but with only 31% of the vote, they were little more than lame-duck champions.

In 2014, they took only 25% of the vote, making them a lame-duck opposition.

So can anyone blame Legault for making his projection when the CAQ came so close to forming the opposition?

Of course not.

If anything, it’s more of a question of who will make up the left.

Let’s not kid ourselves – Quebec Solidaire is a clown caucus. I’ve known a few of its members/supporters and I am telling you we’re talking welfare-wignut city here.

Thomas Mulclair can clearly see the opening in the field and that’s why he called for the development of a Quebec provincial NDP.

One problem:

Next Quebec elections will be taking place in 2018.

Next Federal elections are set for next year.

Should the NDP take the ass-whooping that’s expected at the hands of the Liberals, it could severely hamper their attempts to set up a camp in Quebec in time for the 2018 race.

At least they can console themselves with the fact that the BQ won’t even be around to take a face-plant.

Whether or not the NDP makes it to the dance in 2018, it sure will be refreshing to watch the bulk of the votes go to the centre and right-wing parties.

In wrapping up, my question is, how long until the CAQ absorbs this party?


One thought on “Quebec, a two-party province sans sovereignty?

  1. Is the person in the picture holding that Democratic People’s Republic of quebekistan flag a guy or a girl?

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